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StanOn the “serious” side, Stan Sinberg has worked as an award-winning newspaper columnist, blogger for business, marketing  and customer service websites, ghost-writer for famous authors, features writer for “lawyer-oriented” magazines, content provider/brochure-writer for law firms, travel writer, and writing instructor.

  • LEGAL FEATURES/CONTENT - Stan profiles famous and infamous attorneys for “attorney” publications, including Super Lawyers and California Lawyer. In addition, he has written and designed brochures and websites for attorneys (website information available upon request).

  • BLOGS - Stan has blogged for numerous business sites, including, a site dedicated to all things customer service/customer relations, and has his own blog "Sinberg Sez" on this site.

  • WRITING CLASSES - Stan has taught humor/essay writing, and travel-writing for ITWPA. For information about his upcoming classes, click here.

  • HUMOR CONSULTANT - Politicians know it;  motivational speakers know it, and you also know it. An effective way to get audiences “on your side” is by injecting humor..(more)

On the “fun” side, Stan Sinberg’s career has included gigs as an award-winning humor columnist, satiric radio commentator, co-writer of an award-winning musical-comedy revue, and regular contributor to blogs and humor publications including MAD and the Weekly World News. In addition, he is a screenwriter and song-writer.

  • RADIO & RANTS - Stan wrote/performed the weekly satirical commentary “Take a Stan” for “world-class rock” station KFOG in San Francisco. He is currently doing “rants” on Youtube.

  • MAD - Stan is a regular member of the “usual gang of idiots” who contribute to this legendary (and still-being-published) magazine. Here are some clips.

  • WEEKLY WORLD NEWS - Stan was a “reporter” for this classic (and dearly departed) gonzo tabloid. Click for some samples:

  • STAGE, SCREEN & ... - Stan writes dialog and lyrics for theatre, stage and screen:

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