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Commute Your Way to Success (MP3)
Stan wrote the audio self-help book 'Commute Your Way to Success.' ( Click the link above to play an excerpt.)

I Don't Want Your Pity (But Beggars Can't Be Choosers) - vocal MP3
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Text: Stan Sinberg Art: Crowden Satz
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Watch This Space (But Wear Protective Eyewear)


Taco God (pdf ) (LA Stage Best One-Act Play Award runner-up)
an except from my one act play: God snaps. He realizes that He has gone from Creator of the Universe to Universal Accountant – the absolute worst job in the world! God has his Howard Beale “I’m mad as hell and can’t take it any more” moment and quits - while ruminating how this long, sad, progressive descent occurred – but not before making a surprising discovery about Himself, as well.

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