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If you need a public speaker, let Stan Sinberg make you laugh as “Noah Vale”, the world’s leading anti-motivational speaker and founder of ” speaks on -

“How to Achieve Success By Throwing in the Towel”

“The next time you have a great idea and want to take the plunge, take the PLUNGER instead and FLUSH that idea right down the toilet.”

Do you make a “to do” list every day? Are you on the “fast track to success?” Do you have a list of goals that you check religiously? If so, then you have a big problem! Deep down, you believe that to be worthy of Love, you have to do more than sit around on a couch all day watching “Springer” and eating tubs of Haagen-Dazs.

If this describes you, then you must RUN, not walk to hear Dr. Noah Vale, the world’s leading anti-motivational speaker talk about his revolutionary group, “Goal-Enders.” “Goal-Enders believes that the biggest problem facing America today is this damn incessant need for everyone to want to improve themselves!

In this one step program – 11 steps fewer than all those other programs – you’ll learn how to succeed by throwing in the towel. In fact, Dr. Noah Vale promises that if you listen to him for just twenty minutes, you’ll never feel like doing anything ever again! This, he says, is a prescription for happiness. “Look,” he notes, “If people actually wanted to reach their goals, would they really need to look at them every day???”

In this informative and utterly depressing talk (kidding!), you’ll learn:

1) Why Having Goals Makes You Feel Worse, Not Better

2) How to Give Up Instantly

3) Why the Best Goals To Make Are the Ones You’ve ALREADY reached

4) And Less!

Dr. Noah Vale, one of the world’s leading anti-motivational speakers. Dr. Vale grew up in Eastern Europe under Communism, where, he says, just making a “to do” list got you SHOT!
Dr. Vale achieved his position as an anti-motivational leader (a contradiction in terms, he admits) mainly due to the other anti-motivational experts not being motivated enough to speak.
You have nothing to lose but your ambition! (And maybe your house and family)

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