More Stan

There are a number of pages which are difficult to categorize. Just so they are all in one place, here are some links:

About Stan- Something of why I am a writer.
I began writing my first novel when I was seven, about a family that inherits a gold mine in Alaska….  (more…)

Take a Speaker -  If you need a public speaker, let Stan Sinberg make you laugh as “Noah Vale”, the world’s leading anti-motivational speaker and founder of ” speaks on  (more…)

Classes – I teach classes to people who want to learn various types of writing. These vary from time to time.   (more…)

Humor Consultant - Politicians know it; motivational speakers know it, and you also know it. An effective way to get audiences “on your side” is by injecting humor. People love someone who doesn’t take himself too seriously, and it has the added advantage of keeping them listeners engaged, and even, oddly enough, increasing your credibility   (more…)

Cartoons – Stan has collaborative with Crowden Satz, to create cartoons.  (more…)

Links – other articles/ sites, some of them mine, that I think are worth listing.   (more…)



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