Humor Consultant

Humor Consultant
Politicians know it;  motivational speakers know it, and you also know it. An effective way to get audiences “on your side” is by injecting humor. People love someone who doesn’t take himself too seriously, and it has the added advantage of keeping them listeners engaged, and even, oddly enough, increasing your credibility.

While not everyone can be Chris Rock (sometimes not even Chris Rock), many people can be “funny enough” once they learn a few simple techniques. For a group, learning humor techniques and engaging in exercises stimulates creativity, brainstorming and enhances trust.

Stan Sinberg has written funny stuff (often inadvertently) for 30 years. His humor has manifested as columns in many newspapers (USA Today, LA Times, SF Chronicle), magazines (MAD, Weekly World News, Penthouse), radio (“Take a Stan,” KFOG), stage (“For Whom the Bridge Tolls,” others), blogs and live performances.

He has taught countless people (he forgot to count them) how to add humor to their presentations, speeches and workplace. And in case you’re really dim-witted and need to be bludgeoned over the head with a shovel with the point, Stan is available to add humor to your presentations and/or conduct workshops.

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