Republican Manifesto of Conscience


First Trump slandered the Mexicans

And I did not react because Republicans aren’t Mexican

Then Trump insulted the Muslims

And I let it slide because Republicans aren’t Muslim

Then Trump insulted POWs, adidas zx 850 donna Nick Marshall Auburn Football Jerseys Nike Air Max Goedkoop Canotta Charlotte Hornets mothers of war heroes and the handicapped

And I just shook my head and said, Russell Wilson Wisconsin Jersey

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  • asics gel nimbus donna “Whatever…” because they’re not a large Republican voting bloc

    Then Trump unloaded on a former Miss Universe

    And I rolled my eyes, nike tn femme asics gel lyte 5 uomo Matt Holliday Authentic Jersey Todd Gurley Jerseys but c’mon, James White

  • Denver Nuggets
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  • Canotte Golden State Warriors I’m not going to disavow him over one beauty contestant

    But then Trump made crude remarks about women in general

    And I ran for the hills because -FUCK,

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