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Just for a moment, put your critical thinking skills aside, and accept the scenario of Donald Trump’s America, as laid out in his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention. An America that’s under siege, at home and from abroad, where crime is rampant, neighbors live in fear of each other, terrorists lurk around every corner, and ill-meaning immigrants jauntily traipse through our unguarded borders like giddy tourists on Free Disneyland Day.

Just for now, accept this as true, because Donald Trump said it, despite overwhelming evidence that, with the exception of occasional spikes, the crime rate has fallen to historic lows over the past 30 years,  Isis has lost most of its territory and is on the run, and immigration from the south – where that wall is to be constructed – is close to a net zero.

Also accept -again, just for the duration of this rant – that this crime/terrorist threat is so overwhelming that there’s not even a second of a 75minute speech to devote to dangers like global warming or everyday gun violence whose toll is roughly 35 deaths a day, but which would have been booed down if it was acknowledged. Other problems that no time could be spared for include affordable health care, runaway college costs and any other domestic problem not caused by totally rotten trade deals.

OK. Got that? America is a lawless landscape, a veritable Wild West extending North, South, and East.. And Trump promised that as president he will make America safe again, not “soon” but “very soon” and emphasized that, quote– “Only I” – can fix it.

Except that the devil is in the details, and Donald hasn’t told us HOW he’s going to do that.

So, as John Lennon encouraged us to do, let’s “Imagine.”

To prevent every unforeseeable crime and terrorist-inspired attack –  and that’s the goal, since President Obama – and Hillary – are blamed for Every incident that occurs, even the ones done under the radar by “lone wolves” – and police are city and state-run departments -  for Trump to take charge would seem to necessitate a suspension of civil liberties, allowing him to declare a national state of emergency and place armed National Guardsmen on virtually every street corner. The local police, meanwhile, will have to be empowered to stop anyone they deem “suspicious” for whatever reason. If you liked unarmed African-Americans being killed by police and the Black Lives Matter movement that arose in protest, then you will positively LOVE the scenarios that this will bring.

Trump must also authorize the NSA to unconditionally monitor all our internet activity and emails, Edwin Snowden be damned. When you consider that the Republican Party’s platform cites pornography as a public health crisis, well, you just might want to lay off Pornhub for the next 4-8 years, too.

A big part of keeping us safe “very soon” is rounding up those 11 million undocumented immigrants, by way of federal agents going door to door, business to business, mosque to church, scooping folks up unannounced and in waves, breaking up no families, making zero mistakes, and leaving the rest of us happily unperturbed

When the Muslim shooter killed all those people in Orlando, Trump confidently, and without evidence, said “The Muslims knew what was going on. They have to say something.” So, we can expect neighbors to be required to inform on neighbors, with the FBI investigating a lot of “terrorists” who, in reality, just pissed off their neighbor for not picking up after their dog.

Donald Trump, of course, is quick to give credence to conspiracy theories. He’s famous for declaring “Something is going on” and insisting that we get to the bottom of it. There was something going on with Obama’s birth certificate. After the 5 Dallas police officers were slain, Trump said there was something going on with Obama’s body language, which exhibited, he said, sympathy for cop-killers. There is something going on with Muslims, who want to kill us, something going on regarding the Hillary Clinton/Vince Foster murder theories, something going on with Ted Cruz’ father and Lee Harvey Oswald, and many, many more. That’s Good – we want a president with an inquiring mind, after all – even if it’s also nice to have a president who can discern facts from wild paranoid fantasy – but that likely portends a President Trump ordering investigations into the lives of every citizen potentially touched by Alex Jones’ latest bizarre leap off the deep end.

By the way, all this is being brought to you by the party that wants to keep government out of our lives and off our backs. But not to worry, because the government will only be monitoring everything you say and do in order to ensure that our democracy remains safe.

And now, you can open your eyes and stop imagining. Because in a few short months, it could all become a reality.

Are you feeling safe yet?




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