6/2 – I buy a first-class train ticket to Pingyao for $6 more than second-class, but mid-way in the trip, the compartment suddenly becomes second class, and new passengers come swarming in. basket asics igs new balance 996 beige homme Sheesh. basket air jordan soldes

  • Today I read about a passenger boat on the Yangtze River capsizing with 450 people aboard! It wasn’t near my route, so it wasn’t exactly a “close call” but it feels a bit like one. New Balance 999 hombre asics gel stratus hombre Horrible disaster. 250 kids from the same high school were onboard. Hard to imagine what that will do to the community.

    Arrive in Pingyao about 5PM. Goedkoop Adidas Schoenen This driver picks up people at the train station and brings them to the Harmony Hotel, which I was planning on checking out anyway. He says it’s a free pick-up, but it’s not, but that’s a different story. He’s driving a mini-van, and turns onto this narrow alley/street where the hotel is. Adidas Ultra Boost Dames Coming in the other direction is a three-wheeled vehicle lugging a little wagon behind. Womens Air Jordan 14 There’s a place for one car to pull over and let the other pass, but neither does that. new balance 501 Nike Pas Cher

  • My driver accelerates so that he’s directly in front of the hotel. Asics Gel Lyte 3 Then he parks the mini-van, berates the other driver for something or other –probably trying to do the same thing he just did – and the poor dim bulb just sits and takes it and can’t come up with a witty retort. adidas nmd r1 damskie Then my driver gets out of the car, takes my bags into the hotel, and starts looking for the manager. asics grey Nike Air Max 2017 Heren air max pas cher

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  • Meanwhile, the poor soul other driver is stuck there, waiting. asics gel kinsei Boston Celtics So instead of slowing down and pulling over for 10 seconds and letting the dim bulb guy go through first, my driver speeded up to get there first and waste 10 minutes of the guy’s time.

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  • asics mexico damskie Unreal.

    Based on the first few hours, PIngyao is lovely but a disappointment. jordan 2 nike air max 1 donna Miami Heat new balance 737 damskie new balance 530 online shop My book described it as “the China of your dreams,” because of the old town and red lanterns and pagoda styled buildings. Fjallraven Kanken Mini

    Canotta Dallas Mavericks Soldes Chaussures Nike It has all that. adidas sneakers But the streets are grid-like, not meandering alleyways, there are three (or four) main commercial streets that have flat stone sidewalks, all the buildings are the same height, and it’s not nearly as mysterious or “of the past” as the book suggests. Matthew Stafford Jerseys Nike Air Max 1 męskie asics italia sede Tomorrow I’ll go to a bunch of attractions here, so hopefully my mind will change.
    I did see my first “only ocarina” store. air jordan 18 nike air max nettbutikk adidas hamburg hombre Yes, it sounds like a Saturday Night Live sketch, but this store sells nothing but ocarinas. new balance 1980 zante roma In dozens of sizes and shapes. New Balance 990 damskie goedkoop nike air max 2016 Ironically they don’t have the kind I’m looking for.
    That’s a joke. NIKE CORTEZ Shoes
    Not the store part. That I was looking for an ocarina.

    The other night in another town I passed a store after 11PM on a not particularly busy street that was an “eyeglass” store.

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  • Optometry. Why were they still open? Are there that many people close to midnight who suddenly think, “You know, I think I need a new pair of eyeglasses,” or “This night blindness is starting to drive me nuts. asics gel nimbus 14 hombre I need glasses now!” Or is it that they just stay open hoping, hoping, hoping for that one last sale? Many stores here, particularly restaurants, but others as well, stay open till all hours, I think, because that’s their home.

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