6/10 – My last day! Off on an excursion to The Great Wall. asics gel nimbus 14 mujer On a tour with the hostel, to a distant part of the wall. Oregon Ducks Janshanling, 3 hours away. Nike Air Max 2017 Dames zwart And three hours back. 12th Man – Texas A&M Aggies And 2-3 hours hiking. Canotte Milwaukee Bucks Hogan Uomo Prezzi 2017 nike free run swarovski Going to a relatively untrammeled section to get away from crowds, but there are about 25 people I’ll be hiking among.
The last week or two – ever since I re-discovered hostels – I’ve been talking with a lot more people, or at least over-hearing them. Nike Air Foamposite It’s usually pretty interesting, and makes me question my “thing” about traveling mostly solo and not wanting to insulate myself with westerners. First of all, these folks are international – and, of course, they have their own unique experiences to share about the country. And they’re young and have different perspectives. air max damskie grafika Plus, of course, it’s just less lonely. Maglie Philadelphia 76ers And it’s certainly not like I was able to meet many Chinese people outside of places like Beijing. nike air max 90 soldes And maybe I would’ve gotten more tips earlier on things to do and the culture scene. Texas Tech Red Raiders Asics Mujer Also, I didn’t look up any ex-pat communities online, which probably could’ve pointed me to my dream of fronting for a Chinese business, and engaging in a little “foreign intrigue.”

And now I’ve done the Wall…
Well, I have to say, for an unplanned trip, I couldn’t have planned the ending any better! Spent the last day climbing – yes, climbing – The Great Wall of China. asics gel stratus donna A Wall-op of an ending. Zapatillas Asics Went on the hostel trip to Janshanling, which takes 3 hours to get to, and we walked 6km up majestic, awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping steps, through forts and outposts to ward off the murdering Mongols. Amazingly beautiful, although that’s probably not the first thing that was on the minds of the garrisons defending China. A light rain at first which stopped about 1/3 of the way through, making it perfect because it dampened (!) crowds – we were almost the only ones there – and it wasn’t too hot or humid. UConn Huskies Jerseys billig nike air max Not sure what I was expecting, but this more than lived up to its hype.
It also gets to the essence of traveling: no matter how many videos you watch or what you read, you can’t approach the experience of being there yourself. asics homme pas cher Fjallraven Kanken Mini For impact, atmosphere, ambience and people – you need to be there.

Speaking of people, the local farmer women who saddle up alongside you carrying goods to sell are marvels at what they do. Boise State Broncos Jerseys Nike Air Max 2017 Dames The instinct is to wave them away, but they’re so beatific, non-aggressive, and smile so sweetly – they just walk alongside or ahead of you and smile – and before you know it, you’re talking with them and they’re acting as a de facto guide, and even giving a helping hand – and they’re your companion. And then later on they ask you to buy something. scarpe nike air max My guide was Lisa (I think) and very broad smile and decent guide. Asics Gel Lyte 5 męskie She walks up the wall every single day except in winter. She’s a local farmer with a husband and 18 year old child and she’s 42, and aside from crinkles around the eyes, she could probably pass for 25. Maglie San Antonio Spurs Some of the women hauling stuff up the wall are much – or seem so – older. adidasi new balance barbati pret They have no guarantee you will buy anything or give them anything, but chances are most folks do, because they’re so SWEET. nike air max 2016 dames Women Air Jordan 12 Really masters at what they do.
The wall was insanely steep in places – both steps and flat ground, and both up and down. Fjällräven Kånken Salu nike air max 2017 heren blauw asics sneakers sklep Sometimes going uphill it felt like I was encountering g forces and going down and up at steep angles in quick succession felt like one of those “crazy houses” at amusement parks when I was a kid.

Went back to town, ate again on Ghost Street – had another dish set in a big pot of oil – this was a lot of fish – with squid, shrimp and some fish I don’t know – abalone, maybe? – and of course it was hot and I made a total mess between using a dozen napkins and putting shells everywhere and just slurping onto the tablecloth. Huge. Nike Free 5.0 Hombre No matter how big a dish you order, the waiter always asks “One?” skeptically, like you should be able to put at least two of these puppies away.

Had a bad cough when got back to the hostel. Canotte Los Angeles Clippers Roomie who lives in China says he’s had Beijing cough, too, and it goes away quickly when you leave Beijing. He read some pollution indicator on his phone that read “150” and he said when that number is “30” in LA it’s considered a hazardous day. So pollution is pretty, pretty bad. Adidas Pas Cher Nike Heren So hopefully cough will dissipate. Went to sleep quite late.

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