6/8 – Futz around in the morning, do my exercises for first time in a while. Kånken Laptop 13 new balance 530 homme prix I tend to get very late starts- 4-5 hours after awaking. nike air max pas cher Miami Heat Of course I “do” stuff – in this case, I had to book my flight to Shanghai – even though my plane stops in Beijing they won’t let me board there – so I have to leave about 8 hours early and spend about $120 just to come back to Beijing airport – pretty ridiculous.

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  • Then go to Summer Palace. Boston Celtics At first I’m not that impressed – the big lake dominates it, and I’ve been to Hangzhou, which has the best lake, but getting away from the lake and going up the hills makes it much more interesting, including Souzhou (?) Street, which is a recreation of an old village along the canals. There are also good views of Beijing from the hillside temples. It’s another preening example of the self-indulgence/aggrandizement of the emperors. Taylor Martinez College Jerseys Vast temples/buildings are constructed for “single use” facilities. Jordan 11 Sale Canotta Los Angeles Clippers One palace was constructed for the empress who had a bad dream the first night she slept there, thought the Buddha was sending her bad vibes, and then, if I understand correctly, she only slept there once a year.

  • nike air max 2017 femme blanche Another time she thought she saw snakes, even though there were no snakes, and after berating her staff, had carvings or something made to ward off the snakes. new balance running homme soldes asics gel quantum 180 damskie Air Max 2016 Dames So clearly, a lot of wasted work – and probably lives – transpired because of a crazed ruler. Nike Seattle Seahawks jerseys Many examples of excessive opulence, while, one imagines, the peasants starved.

    Then I met Law Shu. Nike Air Max Thea Dames She was wearing a flannel shirt and I just liked her presence, and I asked her “Aren’t you warm?” as it was very hot.

  • She laughed and said yes, but on the plane it was cold and she’d just arrived. And from that moment, we just started walking together and it was very natural. Jordan Flight Canotte Milwaukee Bucks new balance rouge et bleu marine She’s probably 30 or 32 and if, well, pretty much everything had been different, she could’ve been my “Chinese girlfriend.” The different things being she has a boyfriend who she lives with for 7 years and “I trust him and he trusts me,” and also that she was only around for a couple days and after that returns to Chonquing (I think) where her vacation time is severely limited, although she told me that “all” Chinese get two weeks off a year at the same time – once in the spring and once in the fall, and you can piggyback your five days off on top of that to have 12 days concurrent vacation. Adidas NMD Runner Italia We also share our disdain of noisy tour groups and the noise bubble they travel in. sac kanken She’s a very ‘modern’ woman, traveling alone, and doesn’t think it’s brave to do it, just like me. asics gel pulse 7 damskie We’re 30 years and thousands of miles and a cultural divide apart, but I feel like we’re kindred spirits, and I want to spend more time with her. Anyway, within 15 minutes we’re asking each other which way we want to go, and if I want to go into a temple, she’ll “wait” for me. Adrian Peterson – Oklahoma Sooners goedkoop nike air max 2016 We talk about how we both like to travel solo because we don’t like being with other people who want to “rest” or spend two hours eating or go to the hotel early, etc, and she also likes to walk and walk and walk and see as many things as possible. store locator for new balance shoes Nike KD 9 She came to Beijing this time just to see parks.

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  • I start joking about the “single use” facilities of the Palace and Forbidden City and she finds it funny, and picks up on it and makes her own jokes about it, which are pretty good. Nike Air Max Goedkoop So we walk for several hours – way past when the park is supposed to “close” although while they shut down the buildings, concessions and attractions, they keep the park open a few more hours, and past the sunset.

  • Georgia Bulldogs Then we go to a local restaurant to eat and she insists on paying for me, because without me the day would’ve been “boring.” Then we go our separate ways. sac fjallraven kanken Unconsummated, chaste, have no idea if she would’ve been interested in me, but I feel like I “met” someone in China.

    Law Shu tells me her American name is “Linda.” Why does she have an American name? I tell her I don’t have a Chinese name! She said her teenage students gave it to her. Angel Pagan Jersey Many of them have American names that they choose from a celebrity that they admire, and that they will change it when they have a new favorite. New Balance 420 męskie It’s very odd. Koop Fjallraven Kanken Don’t they have Chinese idols? I’m sure they do.

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