DAY 36 – Not A Dream, Not an Hallucination…

6/5 – Looking for the North Gate bus station for bus to Jeu Jei – en route bus to Mianshan, I can’t find it, get exasperated and jump in a taxi. Nike Free Run Mens Shoes
I think the guy understands where I want to go, but I’m wrong.

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  • He takes me to the railway station, and then a bus passes us, and I point to the bus, and he stops at the bus. Then I take out my translator, which says “Bus station” and he takes me to the next bus STOP. Like I just happened to want to go there. What a dimwit. Maglia Scottie Pippen Get another taxi who brings me back where I was ½ hour ago, just didn’t notice the bus station in the back. Boise State Broncos Turns out there’s a bus straight to Mian Shan which nobody, including the guide books, seemed to know about. nike air max pas cher Bus starts out as the slowest bus ever. Picks up a little bit, but mostly he was just toodling along. Washington Redskins Jerseys Get to Mian Shan. It’s very hard to figure out because English is pretty much non-existent there, but finally get going and there were parts about it that were hard to believe actually exist. They seem the thing of myths and legends. Julian Edelman Jersey Entire monasteries and temples built centuries ago high onto and out of mountain cliffs, so grand and splendid and remote it boggles the mind. Took a cable car up to see one temple. As I was coming off the cable car, a photographer took my photo and was quite aggressive about showing it to me so I’d buy it. I waved him off a few times. billige Nike sko norge Several minutes later this guy comes up huffing and puffing. I didn’t recognize him. asics gel noosa online I thought he’d just finished ascending the mountain walking, but he actually ran after me to show me the photo. cheap fjallraven kanken He even tried to use his being out of breath as a point to get me to buy it. But I didn’t.

    Taking the cable car, though, led to me taking the “chutes and ladders” part of the hike in the opposite direction from most people. asics gel nimbus 17 donna This was a section of metal steps mounted into the mountain, along a cliff’s edge, overlooking a rock-strewn river. Yadier Molina Jersey new balance 373 bleu orange Canotta Minnesota Timberwolves Sometimes there was quite a high elevation. asics onitsuka tiger hombre The only support is a metal chain that’s also clamped to the mountain. It’s similar to the “most dangerous hike in the world” trail that I opted not to do the other day because it was, well, too dangerous. Canotte New York Knicks But while that one got that designation apparently because beneath the steps was a precipitous drop that would surely kill you, a fall from this parapet would’ve certainly, at the very least, broken bones and damaged internal organs, if it didn’t downright kill you, which I actually think it would’ve done. nike air max pas cher The direction I was going in was “down” which made it much more hazardous – and very scary.

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  • And unlike that other “dangerous trail” this one went on and on – section upon section – interspersed with suspension bridges whose first steps were almost at 90 angles. nike air max goedkoop They looked impossible to descend. Plus they were wet. kanken baratas Bart Starr Packers Jerseys Obviously I survived, but there was one long step where I actually closed my eyes as I descended – like I was afraid I was going to fall into the void. I’d venture that section took ½ hour and while it wasn’t physically exhausting as much as challenging and mentally taxing, after that I was spent.

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  • It was also Very hot, and while I did manage to trudge up to one more Taoist monastery after that – with many residual temples – it was definitely a slog.

    At the Taoist temple there were monks there and they invited me to sit down. Asics Kinsei 5 męskie Being enlightened and all, they asked the same questions that everyone else asks – where I’m from and my age. Air Jordan 7 One of the monks gave me a double-DVD of some movie with “earth-shattering lessons” so I had to make an offering When I was going to put money in the donation box, all the monks got up from what they were doing and watched me intently. Pretty funny. Kanken Mini Asics 2017 Goedkoop Also, they noticed that my tablet is broken and found that amusing and then asked what it cost and the fact that it was somewhat expensive made it being broken even funnier. cheap adidas uk for sale Stupid monks. Milwaukee Bucks adidas neo hombre I don’t know how it is that I never even heard of this place until yesterday. It’s staggering.

    I also think I might’ve been propositioned. It’s very, very hard to know, but this woman who was in a small group went out of her way in a couple different places to talk with me, and was pretty persistent, and I thought she was looking me up and down quite interested. Ryan Kerrigan Redskins Jerseys It’s possible this has happened other times as well, but I have no idea how to pull these off without anybody speaking a word of the other person’s language.

    As in other Asian countries, people are working at the crack of dawn, and stay there until well after nightfall. Day after day after day. They play cards, talk with their friends and co-workers – they seem to have an amazing amount of stuff to talk about all the time, considering they don’t go anywhere or do anything and nothing is really “new,” but I don’t know how they do it, on an existential level. Nike Air Max 2017 schoenen A.J. Green Jerseys Every day seems exactly like every other.

    Other businessmen/entrepreneurs seem to believe that blasting –and I mean blasting – the same incredibly loud, irritating message or jingle in constant repetition will get customers to buy it.

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  • nike air max 90 pas cher One store I heard today from blocks away – just some crazed, excited recorded voice repeating the same message every 10 seconds at earth-screeching volume. LUNAREPIC FLYKNIT

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  • One old guy riding his bicycle and hauling a small trailer of goodies had a perpetual message machine playing the same tune and slogan every 15 or so seconds, also at a din.

  • Hour after hour, day after day, the same loop goes through his brain. Either he’s the most enlightened, peaceful man on the planet or he’s completely insane.

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