6/1 – Go to see the Terracotta Warriors. Actually saw an exhibit of them in San Francisco where you could approach them more up close, but, of course, that was of a relative handful, this was a couple thousand of them, at the actual excavation site. They were only discovered in 1974 when a poor farmer digging for water struck proverbial gold, hitting literal pay dirt. cheap nike air max He was only paid 10y at the time for his discovery, but subsequently became very famous in China and now he sits at a table aside the merchandising goods and – I don’t know – signs his name, shakes your hand – whatever – probably for a small fee. Nike Free Run Femme Not sure, because he was sleeping sitting up at the table when I passed.

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  • It’s over 40 years ago, and he’s apparently living off that single, fortuitous tapping ever since. Nike Air Max 2017 Dames Womens Air Jordan 4 Canotta Squadra USA

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  • You’d think there would only be so much you could mine from this incident: “I was searching for water, and – I hit something. adidas zx 700 damskie Air Max 90 Dames I instantly knew it wasn’t water, because it was hard, and it was way too hot for it to be ice, but I dug a little more. Nike Air Max 2017 Dames roze

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  • Asics Pas Cher And suddenly I was face to face with a fearsome clay soldier. nike air max italian camo I was scared, but I didn’t flinch.” And that’s pretty much it. But, good for him, I guess.

    Anyway, the exhibit was fascinating, and of course, owes itself totally to militarism, this time to protect the psychotic emperor whose idea this was, in the after-life. Adidas NMD PK Runner The workers (slaves) who built these figures knew they would be killed when they finished working (to protect the location and nature of the project), so they probably kept asking for overtime. Asics Gel Lyte 3 męskie Canotta Detroit Pistons air max pas cher Not much of an incentive to do a good job or work quickly, I’d imagine.

    At night I go to “China’s biggest water fountain show” with Francisco, a Portugese guy I met on the tour who is staying at the hostel. Nike Air Huarache Heren

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  • Similar to the one in Hangzhou, and way too long and doesn’t “build,” but still impressive. Goedkoop Nike Air Max There was also a crazy “sky” screen in the nearby mall, that looks, I suppose, like the one they have at Caesar’s Palace in Vegas, except this one changes: one is a psychedelic aquarium, another a surrealistic planetarium night sky, a third a “scroll” of ancient Chinese civilization. Pretty over the top, and totally great.
    Stay up way-yy to late talking with guys from the hostel and debating with myself if I want to traverse “the most dangerous hiking trail in the world” at Hua Shan (Mountain) (Spoiler alert: “No.”)

    Pretty much the whole trip there have been tours passing to and fro, led (usually) by women who (almost always) squawk loudly and shrilly into a megaphone and yap on and on about what they’re looking at. asics italia cuneo

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  • Clearly I’m missing a lot of information! I am the Man Who Knows Not What He Sees. Kanken No.2 Still, I am extremely glad not to be a part of these groups, because they sacrifice experiencing for fact-gathering. asics gel stratus hombre Nike Air Max 90 Donna Maglie Philadelphia 76ers While “learnin’” is good for historical sites, when it comes to gazing at mountaintops and being amidst nature, I gotta say: Understanding is over-rated. Asics Gel Lyte 3 Pas Cher The guides, for instance, point out the various names the “ancients” gave to the oddly-shaped peaks.

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  • But guideless, I’m free to visualize my own fabled scenes, fantasize my own anthropomorphic rock relationships.

  • Certainly the “ancients” who were devoid of guides had no problems invoking their subconscious. Brooklyn Nets T.J. Yeldon College Jerseys At Tianzi Mountain range alone, various peaks carry names like Mouse Watching Sky, Dragon Flying Out of the Water, Birds Worshipping Phoenix – which involves the double-task of first imagining a phoenix, Latent Celestial Bridge (I have no idea what that is), and Peacock Spreading its Tail. ASICS Gel Pulse 7 pour Femme Clearly everything looked like animals to the ancients. Nike Air Max 2017 Goedkoop Then there is “Pigsy Looking in the Mirror.” Who is Pigsy? A beloved childhood storybook character? An exceptionally ugly child? A misspelling of the word “piggy?” I need context!

    Context would also provide a lot when viewing One Finger Peak. Nike Air Max 2017 Heren rood

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  • Clearly the ancients thought this spire resembled a finger. But which finger? Is the peak a giant “Thumbs Up?” Or is the peak piqued, and thrusting us The Middle Finger? Is the entire park giving us tourists a big “Fuck You?” “One Finger Peak” is an exceptionally ambiguous name.

    Finally, some peak names hint at romantic liaisons, such as Sweethearts Tryst and Expecting Lover’s Return Peak.

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