5/25 – I arrive in Zhangjijie at 6AM so do some “paperwork” in McDonald’s.

  • I can see cable cars nearby so follow them go to buy a ticket up Mt.

  • Tatian (?) It’s supposed to be the world’s longest cable car, and I can believe it. Compra Zapatillas Adidas Baratas Online It’s also supposed to be ½ price for over 60s, but they tell me that’s only for “Chinese.” Discriminatory and prejudicial! After putting up a fight, I reluctantly fork over 261y – that’s like, $45! – for one attraction.

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  • In China that’s major money. adidas neo męskie But it’s hard to claim it’s a rip off – the views at the top are spectacular and the cable car ride takes 25 minutes and rises at seemingly impossible angles. Air Jordan 13 Adidas Gazelle Heren It boggles the mind how it was constructed. sac à dos fjallraven kanken Also, at the top there are trails that include glass walkways (which make you feel tentative walking on it, even though it’s an illusion, as it’s as sturdy as the rest of the path) a suspension bridge, and you walk a path along the side of the cliffs that is just staggering in its beauty. Asics Gel Noosa męskie Nike Air Max 2017 Femme asics homme pas cher negozi new balance milano Then, going down first you A) walk, then b) Take six successive LONG escalators each one taking 3-4 minutes, then 3) come out at the mid-way point and walk down 999 steps. Zach Mettenberger – LSU Tigers THEN take a bus down this windy, narrow road, and THEN take the cable car ride to the bottom.

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  • With the help of this guy I met up the mountain, I grab a bus to Wulingyuan.

    TRAVELING WITHOUT PLANS – I pull into Wulingyuan – a place I’d never heard of four days ago – about 7:30PM, and a man with a motorbike immediately asks me if I want a place to sleep, nearby, for 120y – about $20 – and I turn him down. nike tn chaussure adidas superstar uomo miglior prezzo I realize that I’m very unconcerned about finding a place to sleep. An internet search earlier already showed that economical rooms were to be had, so I’m sure I can secure one. Nike Air Max 2017 Dames zwart ray ban homme It’s very similar to how I traveled in my 20s, except that back then I was hitch-hiking in the US and I would TURN DOWN FREE ACCOMMODATIONS because I knew SOMEONE “BETTER” WOULD OFFER! Now THAT’S “brave.” I can’t imagine doing something like that today.

    But while the country and culture are different, there’s still an internet, there are still hotels and restaurants and “civilization” still holds forth, so for the most part, it doesn’t feel brave to be doing this. Almost a month into “winging it” there have been relatively few hitches. Aside from frequently wondering if I’m on the right bus, hiking trail, things like that – which would occur anyway since things are in Chinese – my plans have seldom backfired, because I have no plans! Like with booking the Yangtze cruise, I’ve had my share of luck, and I’d be nowhere without the help of the people here at times, but that also would be true if everything was planned out in advance.

    One major reason this type of itinerant itinerary is possible is because airlines and trains barely raise their fares as the departure time grows imminent. That allows for maximum flexibility without incurring a major financial penalty.
    Sure enough, I get off the bus in Wulingyuan by a park where a large group of people are dancing – it’s an exercise class. nike air max 2016 donna Women Air Jordan 3 After a short time this young girl Ginny comes up and asks if she can help me. adidas zx 850 mujer Another aspect of traveling without plans is trying to hone an instinct on who to allow to help you.

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  • Sure, she COULD be leading me to some dark alley where muggers await, but considering how few lone tourists pass through here and stop at this particular park, the odds that anyone is lying in wait is pretty miniscule. adidas tubular donna She leads me to a hotel for 100y a night, and then the lobby quickly resembles a sitcom. Roshe Run For Womens
    Nike Free 5.0 I want to do laundry and the old lady in the lobby who works there volunteers for 30y even though it’s a load of smelly stuff.

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  • hogan scarpes italia I think she’s asking for too little. adidas stan smith dziecięce Not to worry. chaussures asics pas cher She quickly starts complaining that it’s too little even though that was her price, and asks for 40, and I’m happy to give it to her.

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  • Then this woman offers to carry the bag to the room, but she goes two floors too high, and there’s more commotion between her and the guy behind the desk. asics mexico patike So once again I set off a “scene” which is entertainment. Nike Air Max Norge Nettbutikk

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  • I go for a walk and pass by a coffee/wine café. adidas scarpe 2017

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  • I go in, look around, and tell them I will be back “later.” The guy asks “When?” I laugh, and say ‘In an hour or hour and a half.” When I return about 1:45 later, the guy says, “Finally.”

    Wulingyuan is beautiful. asics schoenen A river runs through it, it’s surrounded by mountains, it has a lot of upscale hotels and many tour buses, but the streets are pretty westernized. Go for a delicious street meal – beer, grilled mushrooms, grilled squid, grilled eggplant with garlic, another fish filet, and a tofu square – and it’s 33y.

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