May 22 – Get up around 5:30, go up on deck and do my boot camp exercises. asics gel kinsei 5 vs nimbus 17 A couple people watch me, but I expected to see ladies doing tai chi or something, but they’re not here. Adidas buty damskie This boat is fine, but if it rained, it could be really confining. Canotte Golden State Warriors Nike Air Max 2017 Heren There are very few places to sit outside one’s room. But the Chinese seem to like staying in close quarters, or are at least used to it. The 3 people in my room – 2 ladies, a man – I don’t believe they’ve left the room the entire trip, including the excursion this morning. Adrian Peterson – Oklahoma Sooners

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  • But they are extremely nice – almost pushing their food on me.

    One teenage girl onboard treats me almost like a rock star – she grins and giggles and gives me a big hello every time she sees me.

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  • Another girl who is kind of sexy talked to me earlier and when she looked at my photos, she leaned in to me, almost like a girlfriend does when she wants to snuggle. Then she got up, and her male companion took her place and did the same thing! It’s just what they do. Air Max 2017 Dames zwart People come over when I’m typing and have no compunction about looking over my shoulder at what I’m writing. Maybe privacy has a different meaning, or concept here.

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  • Many people hang their laundry up on the upper deck. adidas yeezy boost 350 v2 damskie I’m guessing – although I could be wrong – that they don’t do that on the luxury boat.

    Found out that I could purchase all seven meals on this trip for 100y – $16. Cheap Fjallraven Kanken Backpack Lunch was a slab of rice, with green vegetable, mushrooms, and tomatoes in egg. Pretty good, actually. nike air max 2017 femme grise They are served cafeteria style, on a silver tray with five compartments, on which are piled a brick of rice (replaced by bao for breakfast), and assorted vegetables and the occasional meat are dished out from large vats. There is no Column B. You can also buy provisions in the store. Adidas NMD Dames beige One characteristic of China entrepreneurship is when a business has a captive audience, it doesn’t feel (or is ordered not to) jack up their prices. nike air max 90 premium uomo I bought rubber sandals because my sneakers and socks were soaked and I craved dry feet, and bought them on the boat for 15Y.

    One guy who seems to be a group leader, or at least is charismatic and last night briefly sang on the deck, tried to show me the proper way to use chopsticks, which is to get under the food, lower your face to the bowl, and shovel it in. free run 5.0 uomo Washington Wizards It’s precisely the opposite of what we consider refined dining in the US.

    The excursion was good – we went to Benghazi: The Unforgotten Scandal. UNLV Rebels

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  • I mean Fuguzi: The Ghost City. Adidas ZX Flux Heren It’s 2,000 years old, has monumental monuments – the gigantic gold bust of a head at the top of Ming Mountain is certainly a marvel – and would make a great subject for a ‘heist” movie – and we went through The Gates of Hell – which two guards actually ceremoniously prevent us from passing until they’ve judged our character – at least that’s what I think was going on – and then let us through – for a photo op! Kind of like an “Underworld” version of airport security. Scarpe Kobe 11 As far as I know, no one gets turned away. But lots of temples, Buddhas, etc.

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  • Buddha is very jolly. Joc Pederson Authentic Jersey Asics Gel Noosa damskie You never once see a portrait of Jesus smiling.

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  • Lots of uphill walking and more stair climbing. Nike Hyperdunk
    At one point coming down, I see a group of about 20 Westerners walking up stairs and they look like a different species – they’re not particularly large, but compared to my group, which is typical Chinese – they’re huge. New Balance Goedkoop And lumbering. And dragging their butts. Nike air max 1 pas cher nike air max pas cher When I go home, the difference will probably be startling for a bit.

    Pretty interesting, and lasted about 3 hours, then had the ‘optional’ second excursion to see that gold figure up close– which cost another 100y. On this latter excursion, we keep going “up” and it keeps getting later – the boat is supposed to leave at 11AM. Fjallraven Kanken España I recognize a couple people from my boat on this tour, but I get nervous that the boat will leave if we’re not back. Because I understand nothing, I get nervous, and head back before we reach the giant gold head – and then get nervous because I take the jitney bus back to one of two docks – and there are ships docked at each, so I’m not sure I’m at the right one. But all the others appear to be big cruise ships – there seems to only be one “Chinese” boat – so I head to it, and it’s the right one. I arrive 10:56, but in truth the boat doesn’t leave till 11:15 or so, and the other people made it onto the ship, so I guess the situation was under control.

    We just were passed by one of the “luxury” ships – the Yangtze Something or Other. asics femme Certainly compares well with our little frigate, but the boats all stop at the same places. Even on the “international” boat, which I assumed would be mostly Westerners, they seem to be overwhelmingly Chinese.
    Our next excursion is not until – I believe -10PM tonight. Air VAPORMAX goedkoop nike air max 2016 I can’t imagine what that is.

    My room is immediately adjacent to the dining room, and when its mealtime, a great ruckus and commotion ensues, with people lining up and pushing slightly forward, like cats who can’t wait for you to open the can. I can’t even get out of the room for a few minutes.
    The way some people stay in their rooms, or don’t go on the excursions, makes me wonder if some people are actually using the boat for transportation, as opposed to a cruise.

    So far, cruising down the Yangtze, we are regularly passing homes and small midsized colorless cities. Michael Wacha Jersey There’s no charm about them. adidas zx flux uomo bianche Goedkoop Nike Air Max The residents have TV, and probably internet, and I’m sure they have their own local music and theater groups, but I can’t imagine they have much “culture” in these places, isolated as they are. Maybe they don’t miss it or need it and get by with friends and family and work. Fjallraven Kanken Baratas The operative word for most of these towns is DRAB. One town had all old, weathered white buildings with exactly one visible red neon sign, either the first burgeoning sign of color or the last gasp of life before being swallowed up by endless white.
    We passed one bridge that could have been the model (or vice-versa) for the Golden Gate Bridge. When 10pm came, we disembarked and walked up dozens of stairs to get to a temple and overlook.
    CFF: In some hotels and tourist attractions there will be a row of squatting toilets with one at the end marked “handicapped.” That’s the western style sit-down toilet we’re all accustomed to. Whether that’s a subtle dig at us or not is impossible to know, but “handicapped accessible” these are not.

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