5/15 – The airport shuttle bus I’m on to catch my plane is lingering at the railway station and I decide I have to take a taxi, but the driver and baggage guy are very nice and tell me to cough up my ticket and they give it to a passenger getting on and give me his unused ticket and they point me to the ticket office to get my 20y back. Denard Robinson College Jerseys They certainly didn’t have to do that, and it’s hard to imagine people in the US doing that voluntarily for a foreigner.

Hail a taxi to the airport with a couple other people. Fjallraven Kanken Infantil Driver is very sociable and not driving fast. A couple times when cars were ahead of us, I’m thinking “Why don’t you use your HORN?” The cab driver puts on his seat belt two seconds before coming to a toll booth, whereupon he immediately unbuckles it when we pass through. It’s a miracle I make my flight, but it turns out to be a mixed-blessing. It’s raining hard. Mine was virtually the last flight to make it to Guilin without being delayed/canceled. Air Jordan 3 sac lancel pas cher So there were no airline shuttle buses into town because “they only go when full,” and I was the only one waiting.

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  • Andrew Luck – Stanford Cardinal I wonder about people who want to make it TO the airport. asics gel noosa mujer What do they do?

    I also realize (not for the first time) that I make bad presumptions sometimes, and am not a close reader. asics gel kayano 21 męskie I assumed that I could arrive in Guilin mid-day and hop on a boat down the Li River anytime. Canotta Houston Rockets Canotte Milwaukee Bucks WRONG! They all go at 9-9:30AM and after that, you are SOL. I make that assumption simply because I didn’t see anything to the contrary. Nike Air Max 2016 Heren blauw Asics 2017 Goedkoop So now, I have to “kill” the day. Todd Gurley College Jerseys I duck into a wifi café without wifi and then another place WITH wifi and book my hotel, but spend an inordinate quantity of time in the rain searching for the place, which makes it a good time for a rant on…

    OBSERVATION: STREET ADDRESSES – These make no sense! One block is 4-18, 4 -16, which leads one to think you’re heading towards the lower numbers, but the next block is 30-12, and you’re nowhere. Nike Air Max 2017 Dames wit Then the next block is 15-4 and WTF? When I ask anyone directions, even if they’re two blocks away from the place, they invariably consult their smart phones. new balance shop firenze One wonders what they did before GPS? Wander the streets endlessly? Maybe this is how China’s great migration started: people helplessly looking for their homes? I go into a a store with 3 girls and they all point me in the direction from which I’ve just come, and say ‘taxi.’ I backtrack and have no idea how far so I go into an electronics store and they point me pretty close to where I’d asked the girls for directions. Canotte Detroit Pistons I take a taxi – it’s a short ride – and the hotel entrance is around the corner, on the side street.
    The room is probably the biggest $20 room in the world. It’s HUGE – no window, but I think it makes its own climate. The only room I’ve seen where the wifi connection works off the TV. Turn on the TV, get a network on your computer. nike air max 2017 rosa donna New Balance 574 Pas Cher

  • I change into dry clothes and wander around and discover I have landed in the world of Seriously Cheap.

    Chonsang’s, a very popular noodle place, sells bowls of noodles with beef or pork (no other options I could ascertain) for 3y-8y. cheap fjallraven kanken New Balance 515 mujer My good sized bowl cost 4y. Danny Amendola Jersey I wander to a side street and it’s so cheap, I get another bowl of noodles, more substantial, with more stuff in it (what, I’m not sure) for 6y. Got a little dried mango and some other chewable substance for 1 ½ y.

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  • The following morning I get a grilled pastry with greens and some other pancake thing with diced chicken (I think) and other fillings for 6y total. Air Max Pas Cher Canotte nba Bambino Even coffee is cheaper. Emmanuel Sanders Jerseys At KFC the coffee that was 13y in Guilin is 6y, and maybe I’ve been away from “coffee” for too long, but it’s not bad.
    So, here’s a Valuable Travel Tip: CHECK THE WEATHER!!! Maybe you should alter your itinerary for a few days.

    Ok – here’s a test: My e-book says, regarding visiting the rice paddies near Guilin, “the best time to go is after the May rains.” Question: Does this make May a good time to go there? BZZZ! NO! I got that wrong, too. New Balance 515 męskie Scarpe Adidas Online The operative and key words being “May rains” – it RAINS in May, and “after.” After. nike air jordan 10 chicago Not “during.” Like, go in JUNE. Nick Marshall Jerseys Unfortunately, this cogent level of analysis and scrutiny was only applied when I’d already landed in Guilin in a maelstrom of puddles and rain. Ergo…
    I book a tour for the next day to go see the rice paddies, but I get a call a bit later informing me it’s postponed due to numerous accidents on the road that day. I guess it was very muddy.

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  • nike goedkoop online nike tn femme The river also will be “yellow” so she suggests waiting another day to book a tour. Johnny Manziel – Texas A&M Aggies So I’ve had two pretty boring days in a row, with another to follow, it seems. I suppose we can call it “interlude.”

    NEXT MILLION DOLLAR IDEA: A pedestrian horn – just like the drivers incessantly use, except I’ll use it on the streets as a pedestrian. Asics Pas Cher It would be a great joke, only problem is, it would probably catch on, and I’d be responsible for a whole new level of noise pollution. nike free 5.0 hombre Back in the States, it could be marketed as a Twalker Alert, or Twalker Stopper – to scare the &*^% out of people who are obliviously texting or tweeting while walking down the street. Instead of side-stepping them, just blast them with a honk.

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  • Could probably have them made for fifty cents, sell for six or seven bucks with clever packaging, and maybe could contribute to solving the plight.

    OBSERVATION: BEDS – You know that bed company in the US where you can dial the firmness number you want? In China, their settings would be “Rock” and “Hard Place” with one setting in-between. Air Jordan 12 (XII) Every single bed in more than two weeks has caused me to emit an involuntary “Oomph” from the resistance I encounter plopping down.. There’s no “sinking in” to be had. While I think they’re too hard, I must say that I generally sleep well, and don’t wake up with pains in my back from a sagging mattress. So maybe there’s something to it, although if I had the option, I’d dial the setting down a notch or two.

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