May 13–Go see another sunrise, and wake up ridiculously early – the sun’s not even out yet, for God’s sa – well, I guess that’s the point. Huston Street Baseball Jersey nike air max 2016 goedkoop Windy, but not as cold. Compra Mochilas Kanken Baratas Nike Air Force 180 Mid Sunrise is all right, doesn’t live up to the hype. The woman next to me watched the entire thing through her 3 inch viewfinder on her camera. Ridiculous. asics homme pas cher There are people so intent on photographing it, that they miss the entire oomph of the event. She’s not the only one who was doing it.

Stop at adjacent Shilin Hotel for big – and pretty good – breakfast buffet for 50y. Big attraction is unlimited coffee, where a single cup can cost 40y. Adidas Pas Cher fjallraven kanken mochilas So have a few needed jolts to the head. After lingering for a bit, I take the cable car down. New Balance 446 męskie But even getting to the cable car involves walks not for the timid – over a mile, and a lot of steep up and down. En route, I go up “Starting To Believe Something Really Great Is Going On Here” peak or a name similar, and it’s breath-taking, with a sheer drop that’s dizzying despite the low-wooden fence that discourages any sudden urges to fling oneself off the side. new balance 996 femme bleu gold Then onto the cable car, which, going down, makes me wonder how the hell I ever walked up. new balance 1600 online store If I’d taken it up, I’m sure I would’ve been convinced that walking up was IMPOSSIBLE.

  • So-ooo high and sheer.

    CHANGING MONEY: Before I leave, I change the last of my US money at the bank. For all its modernity, the banks here change money like it’s 1954. Forms are “carbon copied” in triplicate, hand-stamped with a big red stamp, inserted into something that looks like the Original Fax Machine, the bills are minutely examined, the clerk stares and stares and stares into a computer screen, and at least five times I was moved to mutter, “WHAT could be taking so long?” with breaks in between each outburst. Nike Air HUARACHE Pas Cher The process easily takes 15 minutes, and it doesn’t matter how small the amount. new balance 577 damskie It just takes forever.

    Now I’m the bus to Hangzhou and something must be said about the HONKING in this country! It’s ridiculous! Out of control! It’s jarring for all the wrong reasons, and disturbs even the most placid environments. Nike Air Jordan 7
    Maglia DeMar DeRozan I would tend to think that “good” drivers know better, but some of the worst offenders are bus drivers, like the ones I had coming and going here, who honk INCESSANTLY when they’re on city or town streets (they’re better on the “highway.”) I can’t help but mutter “Shut the FUCK UP!” numerous times, and it’s probably good that they don’t understand me. Womens Air Jordan 4 They honk like it’s a driving aid, like a turn signal. Only it’s an “all-function” horn: to tell the driver that he’s approaching (NOTE TO DRIVER: YOU’RE A BIG *^%% BUS!!! HE CAN SEE YOU!!!!); to tell them to move over, get going, drive faster, or I haven’t honked in thirty seconds and my hand is getting antsy. asics gel kinsei 4 donna And there’s no polite “beep beep” to gently alert the driver in front to stop texting, or the light turned green. Everything is a full-on BLARE, a full-fledged HONK, often two or three times in a row. hogan outlet

  • air max 2017 rosso uomo
  • Followed by an encore performance to the very next driver. asics gel lyte 3 donna Often these honks are met with retaliatory honks, like the “Fuck you” honk or the “My honk is louder than your honk” honk, which sets off a chain reaction. ADIDAS TUBULAR SHADOW KNIT Mochilas Kanken Big It’s maddening. I was standing still on a sidewalk and was looking at a motorcyclist creeping towards me (as they’re wont to do if they feel like it) and we made eye contact, so clearly I saw him, and he STILL honked at me. nike air max 1 qs What is the freaking point??? It’s virtually impossible to be on the street and not hear honking for over a minute. Nike Air Max Goedkoop Maybe less. scarpe asics tiger bambino I’ll have to run a test one day. adidas superstar donna And the bigger the vehicle – like a truck – the more incessantly they honk. Maglia Tracy McGrady

  • Like they think they’re driving in a Cloak of Invisibility and no one can see them.

    Get back to Hangzhou surprisingly fast. asics a4 uomo Lake is HUMMING! Like it’s a Sunday afternoon. Nike Air Jordan Baratas People are dancing in that same spot (they’re also dancing there the next afternoon. chaussures pas cher nike nike air max 2016 goedkoop Maybe it’s all the time.) Performers are out. Mike Trout Baseball Jersey Fantastic dancing water show goes on every little while. asics gel nimbus 17 hombre I listen to William Tell Overture set to dancing water. fjällräven kånken Laptop 13 Eat eking duck & potatoes for $5 from street stall. new balance 574 sonic femme bordeaux At least I think that’s what it was. nike air max 1 premium mujer Detroit Pistons Go back to hotel where I stored my luggage. adidas donna It’s sold out! This never occurred to me.

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