Nate Silver
You are my rock
During this turbulent presidential election season
When the race has appeared so close
And Apocalyptic Predictions persist that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan
Might actually occupy the White House come January
Your daily blog
Has been my anchor
Assuring me that Barack Obama remains the favorite
To carry the Electoral College on November 6.
Your reporting and analyzing virtually every political poll
In the Swing States using micro, adidas superstar New England Patriots Jerseys adidas messi astro Canotta NBA adidas superstar hombre and
Frankly often incomprehensible methodology
Has given me Hope and Solace throughout the campaign
Even if I often did not understand
What the heck you were talking about.
In the Darkest of Dark Days
Otherwise known as “After the First Debate”
When Mitt Romney seemed ascendant and
The President went into free-fall
And amongst Democrats there was a
Great Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth
You were there with your Statistics
Your unemotional, uggs buy uk Washington Redskins Jerseys

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    To grant us Perspective.
    To show us that while Obama’s odds of victory
    Had fallen from over 80 percent
    To around 60 percent
    He still remained the Favorite
    And that Romney’s “bounce” might well soon fade.
    Which it did.
    And during these Final Days
    When Wolf Blitzer and his ilk declare the race a “Dead Heat”
    And the pundits call it a “Toss-Up”
    And “Neck and Neck”
    You steadfastly insist that it’s Not So.
    That Obama has an 80 percent chance of carrying Ohio.
    And an 85 percent chance of being re-elected.
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  • Nate Silver
    You are the rock I cling to when I am buffeted about
    By waves of a rising Red tide
    The website I return to for comfort
    When I hear the race is “tightening”
    The nebbishy statistician that I embrace
    Amidst reports that Romney is cresting
    In Colorado or Florida.
    And come Judgment Day
    This Tuesday
    If election results start to pour in that look ominous
    I will keep you in mind
    When Obama supporters around me begin to succumb to panic and despair.
    I will soothe them by saying
    “Don’t worry. air max 2016 Womens Air Jordan 3

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  • for giving me succor and
    Keeping me sane these past weeks.
    But there is one caveat.
    If on Wednesday morning we wake up
    To President-Elect Mitt Romney
    There is a 100 percent chance, nike air max thea

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    That your credibility is shot
    And an 85 percent chance
    That you will be blamed
    For making us Obama supporters over-confident and complacent.
    So bless you,

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