After we’ve finished sputtering, splaying and spasmodically displaying our outrages and anxieties about the upcoming presidential election, every conversation I’ve had in the past couple months about it comes to a point where somebody forlornly shakes their head and says, “How can anybody vote for Mitt Romney?”

This isn’t a hyperbolic question, meaning “How can Texas vote for Romney?” or “How can Romney be tied in the national polls with Romney?” but literal. new balance 501

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  • Matthew Stafford UGA Jersey Russell Wilson – Wisconsin Badgers Nike Air Max 2016 Dames Rood “How can anybody – anybody! – vote for him.” It’s not based on the governor’s position on any particular issue – nobody knows what his positions are, for the most part, most likely including Mitt himself. ray ban clubmaster glasses

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  • Nike Air Max 2016 Heren wit asics gel lyte 3 mujer Rather, the incredulity is that anyone can be taken in by what is Romney’s prevaricating, pandering, two-faced, shameless, flip-flopping, tax-hiding, detail-free entire candidacy. Nike Air Max 97 nike air huarache ultra donna New Balance 996 hombre asics onitsuka tiger mujer Reggie Jackson Jersey

    You hear Romney supporters on TV say, “Romney’s got a plan to get the economy back on track,” and you want to shout at them, “Really? Do you know what it is, other than Romney saying ‘I have a plan?’”

    You hear them say how Romney is going to balance the budget by cutting programs, and you want to scream, “Which programs? Aside from Planned Parenthood and NPR, he hasn’t mentioned one.”

    You listen to them rail about how bad Obama is, and you just want to rail back, “If Obama’s so bad, why does Romney have to constantly LIE and distort the president’s positions on Medicare and the auto bail-out and take his ‘You didn’t build that’ comment out of context? Why can’t he present Obama’s record honestly and run against that?”

    And you hear them talk about how Romney’s a “leader,” and you want to tear your hair out and cry, “A leader doesn’t change his positions based on what he thinks each particular audience wants to hear!”

    Or how Romney will be able to “cross party lines” and work with Democrats and it’s all you can do not to rage “Really? You think after all the lying and pandering and chameleon-like position changing that is the only constant thing about Mitt Romney,that Democrats are honestly going to think, “I can work with him, because he’s someone I can trust to keep his word?”

    So after all this knocking your head against the wall, you’re left with the fact that the national vote is neck-and-neck and there’s a chance that we’ll wake up Wednesday morning with a Prevaricator-In-Chief, someone who nobody – from fervid Tea Party supporters to Move On enthusiasts – will be able to predict which Mitt Romney will show up for work on January 20. penny hardaway nike air max 1 pas cher Nike New York Giants jerseys Nike Air Max Flyknit Dames Zach Mettenberger – LSU Tigers

    Which brings you back to the question “How can anybody vote for this guy?”

    This invariably brings you around to remembering how half the country doesn’t believe in evolution or is convinced that Judgment Day will occur during their lifetime, or that a high percentage of Republicans still believe Obama is a Muslim or born abroad, and you get to the point where you just wonder “Is half the country really that stupid?”

    I prefer to think that they’re ignorant, which in some ways is worse than being stupid, but at least is curable. nike soldes New Balance Tienda nike air max pas cher Air Max 2017 Dames wit

  • After all, if the first time you ever paid attention to Romney was during the first presidential debate, then you might indeed find yourself thinking he wasn’t so bad, since he disavowed many of the positions he’d been espousing the past 18 months, to sound more moderate, a pattern he accelerated during the ensuing two debates, to the point that he was basically regurgitating Obama’s positions in the final one. adidas superstar 2 soldes Matthew Stafford UGA Jersey tn nike pas cher Canotta Indiana Pacers Avec Asics In fact, whether you’re conservative or moderate, you might find yourself agreeing with Romney if you only closely listened to him once – the time he was addressing – and pandering to – your particular demographic. new balance red Asics Gel Lyte 5

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  • Chicago Bulls Soldes Nike Pas Cher Because you think you know where he stands. new balance trainers Adidas sklep Nike Air Max 2016 damskie Air Jordan Uomo 9 Canotta NCAA Romney’s motto might be, “The less you know, the better I appear.”

    Sure, there are a few outliers who will vote for anybody who will let them pay less taxes, or deregulate everything, hang the consequences to the country and environment, so they’ll have more money in their pockets.

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