Obama LIVE! – Florida Swing-State Blog Day 2

Day 2 of “Stan’s Swing State Saga,” which has taken me from California, a presidential electoral non-entity except as far as candidates dropping in to plunder our pockets so they can go buy media coverage in “important” states, to Florida, one of the swingiest of swing states, actually began Monday night, with the 3rd presidential debate, which took place just down the road a bit from my cousin’s house, and over-spilled into Tuesday, when Obama appeared live at a “victory” rally to rally 8,000 or so troops to vote, canvas, call and convince over the next two weeks, on his behalf. Tom Brady Michigan Jerseys (I’ve re-read this sentence several times, and there MUST be something that makes it “not a sentence” but I can’t figure out what). Soldes Asics 2017 Nike Free 5.0

Although I was proximate to the debate, except for being momentarily inconvenienced by a motorcade traffic snarl-up, local newscasters hyper-ventilating on the airwaves about how the debate is HERE, in OUR city and “Morning Joe” broadcasting from Mizner shopping center the morning of the event, there wasn’t too much “advantage” to being close.

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  • Security roped off a VERY large area – blocks long – preventing anyone without an invite or proper creds from getting anywhere close. Fjallraven Kanken Mini UK Maglie Los Angeles Lakers (This was much more extensive than security for either candidate appearing alone. adidas superstar 2 mujer Perhaps the thinking was if they Both get taken out at the same time, we’ll be left without anyone to vote for except “Roseanne” who IS on the ballot as a candidate.

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    Still, the very nature of the debate taking place within (theoretical) walking distance did contribute to an air of immediacy. Asics Soldes air max

    By the way, shoudn’t there be a group “Undecideds for Romney” since HE can never make up his mind where he stands EITHER!
    The much-more-exciting event took place Tuesday morning, when the President himself appeared at a rally in an 8,000 seat stadium in downtown Delray.

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  • Doors for the ticketed (but free) event opened at 7AM, but by the time we got there at 6:10, the line spilled around 3 blocks.

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  • Apparently, 12,000 tickets were distributed, to insure that “no-shows” wouldn’t leave empty seats, leaving potentially 4,000 disappointed supporters locked out, or as Romney’s people might characterize it, “the 33% of people Obama just didn’t care about.”)

    For a presidential appearance, the logistics were amazingly smooth.

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  • Canotte Cleveland Cavaliers nike blazer uomo colori I’ve had more trouble passing through security at a rock concert (of course, we weren’t allowed to bring in anything larger than a pocketbook, so that expedited things), and the atmosphere was anxious, but festive. scarpe nike air bambini

    Some up-tempo rock, with a smattering of hip-hop kept us juiced while the crowd streamed in, and then a few speakers made their way up to the stage, including organizers, the local congressman running for re-election, and once-Republican-turned-Democrat former Governor Charlie Crist, wearing a polo shirt and resembling more a member of today’s Beach Boys than the ex-guv.

    But the guy who personally got to introduce the President was Scott Van Duzer, the pizza guy who bear-hugged Obama a couple months back and whose pizza emporium lies about an hour or so north. nike tn 2017 homme It seemed “cool” that he was picked, and, being a pizza guy, naturally he “delivered.” He was garrulous, charming, enthusiastic and even funny, while declaring that while he was still a Republican, he’d be voting for Obama for the second time, and we should to. Danny Amendola Jersey Hogan Rebel Considering the flack he got from some Republicans in his area (who called for a boycott of his store), it was heartening to see that he embraced the fray. Canotte Cleveland Cavalier

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    And then Obama finally emerged, speaking for 20 or so minutes. Cleveland Cavaliers Nike Free 5.0 Heren Fjallraven Kanken Sale NO.2 He’s getting good at this, as you might expect, after delivering the same version of the speech a zillion times over the past couple months, and as they say in comic-book land, if he ever decided to “use his powers for evil,” it was easy to see how he could make a good demagogue. nike free 4.0 flyknit allegro adidas tubular uomo new balance 1500 homme beige He really relished the “Romnesia” jokes and refrain (whoever thought that term up must have gotten a raise and promotion). polska biega asics Canotte Boston Celtics If Obama’s worried (which he must be, given his frenetic, whirlwind schedule till November 6), he hid it well. bestellen schoenen nike air max 2016 goedkoop

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  • Whoever loses Election Night will have to be completely devastated – after thousands of rallies and phone calls and speeches and appeals for support – and then, in one night, it’s all over and you go home. At least Obama would still go back to the White House for a couple months, but Romney… I don’t know, I’d watch him when he got into his car-elevator…

    The only “bad” part was I can sense “creeping swing-state envy” setting in. Canotta Denver Nuggets Virginia got a free Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band concert.

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