Florida, The Rodney Dangerfield of Swing States

Considering that swing state Florida has 29 electoral votes, new balance enfants greater than 50% more than runner-up swing Ohio, Adrian Peterson – Oklahoma Sooners Kanken No.2 with 18, it doesn’t seem that the Sunshine State is getting the love it deserves.

All the pundits talk about is Ohio, Adidas ZX 10000 Heren and Romney and Obama visit the state so often that it – not Wisconsin – should be dubbed the “Badger” state, Jordan 11 Pre-School since that’s what they’re doing to the voters – badgering. Nick Chubb – Georgia Bulldogs Jerseys Virginia, Air Max Pas Cher Kenley Jansen Authentic Jersey with its 15 votes is being dissected up the wazoo, nike air force 1 mid flax on feet pitting its coal country conservatives versus its suburban progressives, and even Colorado with its puny 9 votes – more than an Ohio-ful fewer votes than Florida,

  • Nike Air Max Vente is being called by some the “next Ohio” – as the locale that under a certain set of circumstances might pick the winner on November 6. Canotte Toronto Raptors It pains me to mention that New Hampshire – with its 4 – 4! –measly electorals is also being trotted out as a state that could – if balloting in the rest of the nation breaks a certain way – be the “decider” as to whether there’s a winner or a 269-269 tie.

    If all this ignominy wasn’t enough, Nate Silver, Nike Sko Nettbutikk

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  • of the NY Times fivethirtyeight.com,

  • NMD
  • Roshe Run Femme Pas Cher Canotte Phoenix Suns the site that Obama supporters obsessively turn to, Canotte Sacramento Kings treating Silver like a psychic able to read electoral tea leaves who can predict the outcome, calls Florida the ninth most influential state this time around, Todd Gurley Georgia Football Jerseys behind even ones that Florida could hide in the Everglades and no one would ever notice.

    With most polls showing Obama behind less than he is ahead in Ohio, Saint Louis Billikens Jerseys Nike Air Max 2016 Heren and that if he wins Florida he almost certainly doesn’t even need to win Ohio, nike air max 1 og colorways Virginia, Colorado, etc., you’d think that the President and Romney would be stopping cars at intersections and begging Floridians for their votes,

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  • but no. NIKE AIR MAX 2017 PAS CHER New York Knicks The candidates apparently have better things to do than spend their time with us.

    So why is that? Maybe both sides view Florida as a “crazy uncle,” a hopeless eccentric who will do whatever the heck he wants on Election Day and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. New Balance 515 męskie Goedkoop Nike Air Max Maybe, Boise State Broncos Jerseys Asics Soldes Canotte Houston Rockets still haunted by nightmare visions of 2000, nike air jordan 10 chicago Canotte NCAA the powers-that-be just assume Uncle Florida will screw up the ballot and it’ll turn out that half the Jews vote for Mussolini. Or perhaps it’ll be determined they did indeed vote for Obama, Under Armour Pas Cher but it was 2008 Obama and not 2012 Obama and so it doesn’t count.

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  • Something.

    The one thing we’re pretty sure of: Florida is not going to go smoothly, Maglie New York Knicks so perhaps the candidates are throwing up their hands and saying, “Let’s put our energy into things we can control,” and venture off to lands where the voting is close, but comprehensible.

    Despite Florida receiving “no respect, no respect at all,” no one seemed to tell the state’s voters, Air Jordan 4 nike air max pas cher many of whom were lined up around the block at many polling places at 7AM Saturday, when early voting commenced. Florida may be turning into this election’s “sleeping giant,” but if the state turns blue on election night,

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