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Just for a moment, put your critical thinking skills aside, and accept the scenario of Donald Trump’s America, as laid out in his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention.

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  • Canotte Los Angeles Lakers An America that’s under siege, at home and from abroad, where crime is rampant, neighbors live in fear of each other, terrorists lurk around every corner, and ill-meaning immigrants jauntily traipse through our unguarded borders like giddy tourists on Free Disneyland Day.

    Just for now, accept this as true, because Donald Trump said it, despite overwhelming evidence that, with the exception of occasional spikes, the crime rate has fallen to historic lows over the past 30 years, Isis has lost most of its territory and is on the run, and immigration from the south – where that wall is to be constructed – is close to a net zero.

    Also accept -again, just for the duration of this rant – that this crime/terrorist threat is so overwhelming that there’s not even a second of a 75minute speech to devote to dangers like global warming or everyday gun violence whose toll is roughly 35 deaths a day, but which would have been booed down if it was acknowledged. Fjallraven Kanken Big Fjallraven Kanken Classic UK Charlotte Hornets Other problems that no time could be spared for include affordable health care, runaway college costs and any other domestic problem not caused by totally rotten trade deals.


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  • air max 1 pas cher nike internationalist hombre Got that? America is a lawless landscape, a veritable Wild West extending North, South, and East.. Air Jordan 2

  • Canotte Dallas Mavericks And Trump promised that as president he will make America safe again, not “soon” but “very soon” and emphasized that, quote– “Only I” – can fix it.

    Except that the devil is in the details, and Donald hasn’t told us HOW he’s going to do that.

    So, as John Lennon encouraged us to do, let’s “Imagine.”

    To prevent every unforeseeable crime and terrorist-inspired attack – and that’s the goal, since President Obama – and Hillary – are blamed for Every incident that occurs, even the ones done under the radar by “lone wolves” – and police are city and state-run departments – for Trump to take charge would seem to necessitate a suspension of civil liberties, allowing him to declare a national state of emergency and place armed National Guardsmen on virtually every street corner.

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  • The local police, meanwhile, will have to be empowered to stop anyone they deem “suspicious” for whatever reason. Goedkoop Nike Air Max 2017

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  • asics femme pas cher Nike Air More Uptempo If you liked unarmed African-Americans being killed by police and the Black Lives Matter movement that arose in protest, then you will positively LOVE the scenarios that this will bring.

    Trump must also authorize the NSA to unconditionally monitor all our internet activity and emails, Edwin Snowden be damned. Nike Air Max 1 Heren groen Johnny Manziel – Texas A&M Aggies

  • When you consider that the Republican Party’s platform cites pornography as a public health crisis, well, you just might want to lay off Pornhub for the next 4-8 years, too.

    A big part of keeping us safe “very soon” is rounding up those 11 million undocumented immigrants, by way of federal agents going door to door, business to business, mosque to church, scooping folks up unannounced and in waves, breaking up no families, making zero mistakes, and leaving the rest of us happily unperturbed

    When the Muslim shooter killed all those people in Orlando, Trump confidently, and without evidence, said “The Muslims knew what was going on. Scarpe air jordan adidas yeezy boost 550 męskie They have to say something.” So, we can expect neighbors to be required to inform on neighbors, with the FBI investigating a lot of “terrorists” who, in reality, just pissed off their neighbor for not picking up after their dog.

    Donald Trump, of course, is quick to give credence to conspiracy theories. Air Jordan 1 asics france He’s famous for declaring “Something is going on” and insisting that we get to the bottom of it. nike air max thea uomo

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  • ray ban pas cher soldes air max 1 There was something going on with Obama’s birth certificate. asics running pas cher Cheap Nike Air Max 2017 After the 5 Dallas police officers were slain, Trump said there was something going on with Obama’s body language, which exhibited, he said, sympathy for cop-killers. Nike Air Max 2016 Dames grijs asic gel lyte iii on feet Air Jordan 11 (XI) There is something going on with Muslims, who want to kill us, something going on regarding the Hillary Clinton/Vince Foster murder theories, something going on with Ted Cruz’ father and Lee Harvey Oswald, and many, many more. Nike Pas Cher Florida State Seminoles Maglie Utah Jazz That’s Good – we want a president with an inquiring mind, after all – even if it’s also nice to have a president who can discern facts from wild paranoid fantasy – but that likely portends a President Trump ordering investigations into the lives of every citizen potentially touched by Alex Jones’ latest bizarre leap off the deep end.

    By the way, all this is being brought to you by the party that wants to keep government out of our lives and off our backs. nike air max 2017 goedkoop Nike Air Max 2017 Dames But not to worry, because the government will only be monitoring everything you say and do in order to ensure that our democracy remains safe.

    And now, you can open your eyes and stop imagining.

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    Republican Manifesto of Conscience


    First Trump slandered the Mexicans

    And I did not react because Republicans aren’t Mexican

    Then Trump insulted the Muslims

    And I let it slide because Republicans aren’t Muslim

    Then Trump insulted POWs, adidas zx 850 donna Nick Marshall Auburn Football Jerseys Nike Air Max Goedkoop Canotta Charlotte Hornets mothers of war heroes and the handicapped

    And I just shook my head and said, Russell Wilson Wisconsin Jersey

  • Canotte LeBron James
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  • asics gel nimbus donna “Whatever…” because they’re not a large Republican voting bloc

    Then Trump unloaded on a former Miss Universe

    And I rolled my eyes, nike tn femme asics gel lyte 5 uomo Matt Holliday Authentic Jersey Todd Gurley Jerseys but c’mon, James White

  • Denver Nuggets
  • New York Knicks
  • Canotte Golden State Warriors I’m not going to disavow him over one beauty contestant

    But then Trump made crude remarks about women in general

    And I ran for the hills because -FUCK,

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    June 7 – Katja and I have breakfast. Asics Homme Pas Cher

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  • I’m struck by how it seems exactly the same as if we’d been intimate the night before. Nothing too revealing, but somehow familiar.

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  • Seems odd in a way. Nike Air Huarache Donna Then, with the subways now open, she takes off. ugg shoe sale outlet Yunel Escobar Jersey Then I make a foray to Forbidden City, which, at least location-wise, is easily accessible. adidas pure boost

  • Plump right in the middle of Beijing. And well, it’s awesome, HUGE, sprawling, filled with wonders man-made (jewelry, jade sculptures, porcelain – which the Chinese invented) and natural (knotted, twisted pine and cypress trees, giant gnarly rocks that look like creatures). And of course, all the splendor of the emperors of the Ming and following dynasties. Mens Nike Flyknit Built in 1420 – at least some of it – and was inhabited by emperors until early 20th century. Not that long ago was it abandoned. nike air max command soldes Chris Jones

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  • Or overrun, really.

  • Air Huarache Donna Verdi
  • Air Max 2016 Goedkoop By a popular uprising. Nike Noir new balance femme 996 bleu et or The three main palaces had different functions. nike air max 1 ultra homme

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  • They were maybe 100-200 feet apart, but, for instance, the middle one, the Hall of Medium Harmony would be used by the emperor to “rest” the day before he was going to an important function in the first hall, The Hall of Supreme Harmony, and I think he dressed or something in the third one, the Hall of Who’s Been Sleeping In My Bed? Like being an emperor was so hard he needed to rest, and prepare to walk the couple hundred steps to the main palace. soldes nike Adidas Dames I guess you get lazy when your main exercise is giving thumbs up or down on whether you’re going to execute someone. nike tn rose femme Asics Gel lyte 3 Dames Then there were other rooms for concubines. adidas nmd rouge adidas ultra boost uncaged męskie One who was put to death by the empress was later “rehabilitated” and raised in status in the Concubine Hall of Fame, although I don’t think that was the official name.

    Spent about 4 hours there, then went across the street to Jinquin (?) Park. It was a Sunday, which is “social” day in China, and all through the park you could hear groups of people singing opera – or at least, operatically. soldes nike air max 1 pas cher Some of them were quite large – 30-40 people. oakley sale 2014 Fjallraven Kanken Kopen They all sound good! Some folks in the group dance – solo or along someone – and they have a great time. Very lovely. Sac Kanken Pas Cher I also ascend a hill for a panoramic view of the city.

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  • Fjallraven Kanken Sale Big So far I haven’t been “downtown” – I don’t even have a clue where that would be – but Beijing so far seems much more down to Earth and livable than I imagined, and certainly more so than Shanghai. nike basketball shoes for sale in south africa More Confident of itself, I’d say – like it doesn’t have anything to prove. Nike Roshe Run Style Homme nike air max 1 ultra moire mujer The numerous hutongs are quite interesting and varied. I accidentally stumble across one I was looking for – on NaningXious – about 1 km long and MOBBED –lots of cafes, bars, shops, but a much different vibe than the lake – and much more attractive. Fjallraven Kanken Mini I find a hostel there and get a bed in a triple room for 110y, and it’s EMPTY! ALL MINE! For just 20 more yuan than living hunched over in a cubicle. ray ban new wayfarer 2013

  • It feels like a palace! HAHAHAHA!

    At night I go out late and get a couple of ‘sticks’ of food – one of them is shrimp – and I bite into the head – which I wasn’t aware was the head OR that you’re not supposed to eat it – and a bone gets lodged in my throat. For a couple seconds, it seems serious.

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  • The Chinese couple I’m talking with laugh, thinking I’m coughing because the food is spicy – but eventually – by turning blue, I suppose – I convey that I’m choking.

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  • Jordan Reed Redskins Jerseys The woman whose food stand it is thrusts a bottle of water at me which helps dislodge the shrimp head – and afterwards tells me I owe her 2 yuan.

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  • First they choke you, then they charge you to cure you. Women Kevin Durant I thought maybe she was giving it to me so I’d live.

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    6/2 – I buy a first-class train ticket to Pingyao for $6 more than second-class, but mid-way in the trip, the compartment suddenly becomes second class, and new passengers come swarming in. basket asics igs new balance 996 beige homme Sheesh. basket air jordan soldes

  • Today I read about a passenger boat on the Yangtze River capsizing with 450 people aboard! It wasn’t near my route, so it wasn’t exactly a “close call” but it feels a bit like one. New Balance 999 hombre asics gel stratus hombre Horrible disaster. 250 kids from the same high school were onboard. Hard to imagine what that will do to the community.

    Arrive in Pingyao about 5PM. Goedkoop Adidas Schoenen This driver picks up people at the train station and brings them to the Harmony Hotel, which I was planning on checking out anyway. He says it’s a free pick-up, but it’s not, but that’s a different story. He’s driving a mini-van, and turns onto this narrow alley/street where the hotel is. Adidas Ultra Boost Dames Coming in the other direction is a three-wheeled vehicle lugging a little wagon behind. Womens Air Jordan 14 There’s a place for one car to pull over and let the other pass, but neither does that. new balance 501 Nike Pas Cher

  • My driver accelerates so that he’s directly in front of the hotel. Asics Gel Lyte 3 Then he parks the mini-van, berates the other driver for something or other –probably trying to do the same thing he just did – and the poor dim bulb just sits and takes it and can’t come up with a witty retort. adidas nmd r1 damskie Then my driver gets out of the car, takes my bags into the hotel, and starts looking for the manager. asics grey Nike Air Max 2017 Heren air max pas cher

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  • Meanwhile, the poor soul other driver is stuck there, waiting. asics gel kinsei Boston Celtics So instead of slowing down and pulling over for 10 seconds and letting the dim bulb guy go through first, my driver speeded up to get there first and waste 10 minutes of the guy’s time.

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  • asics mexico damskie Unreal.

    Based on the first few hours, PIngyao is lovely but a disappointment. jordan super.fly 2 nike air max 1 donna Miami Heat new balance 737 damskie new balance 530 online shop My book described it as “the China of your dreams,” because of the old town and red lanterns and pagoda styled buildings. Fjallraven Kanken Mini

    Canotta Dallas Mavericks Soldes Chaussures Nike It has all that. adidas sneakers But the streets are grid-like, not meandering alleyways, there are three (or four) main commercial streets that have flat stone sidewalks, all the buildings are the same height, and it’s not nearly as mysterious or “of the past” as the book suggests. Matthew Stafford Jerseys Nike Air Max 1 męskie asics italia sede Tomorrow I’ll go to a bunch of attractions here, so hopefully my mind will change.
    I did see my first “only ocarina” store. air jordan 18 nike air max nettbutikk adidas hamburg hombre Yes, it sounds like a Saturday Night Live sketch, but this store sells nothing but ocarinas. new balance 1980 zante roma In dozens of sizes and shapes. New Balance 990 damskie goedkoop nike air max 2016 Ironically they don’t have the kind I’m looking for.
    That’s a joke. NIKE CORTEZ Shoes
    Not the store part. That I was looking for an ocarina.

    The other night in another town I passed a store after 11PM on a not particularly busy street that was an “eyeglass” store.

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  • Optometry. Why were they still open? Are there that many people close to midnight who suddenly think, “You know, I think I need a new pair of eyeglasses,” or “This night blindness is starting to drive me nuts. asics gel nimbus 14 hombre I need glasses now!” Or is it that they just stay open hoping, hoping, hoping for that one last sale? Many stores here, particularly restaurants, but others as well, stay open till all hours, I think, because that’s their home.

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    May 13–Go see another sunrise, and wake up ridiculously early – the sun’s not even out yet, for God’s sa – well, I guess that’s the point. Huston Street Baseball Jersey nike air max 2016 goedkoop Windy, but not as cold. Compra Mochilas Kanken Baratas Nike Air Force 180 Mid Sunrise is all right, doesn’t live up to the hype. The woman next to me watched the entire thing through her 3 inch viewfinder on her camera. Ridiculous. asics homme pas cher There are people so intent on photographing it, that they miss the entire oomph of the event. She’s not the only one who was doing it.

    Stop at adjacent Shilin Hotel for big – and pretty good – breakfast buffet for 50y. Big attraction is unlimited coffee, where a single cup can cost 40y. Adidas Pas Cher fjallraven kanken mochilas So have a few needed jolts to the head. After lingering for a bit, I take the cable car down. New Balance 446 męskie But even getting to the cable car involves walks not for the timid – over a mile, and a lot of steep up and down. En route, I go up “Starting To Believe Something Really Great Is Going On Here” peak or a name similar, and it’s breath-taking, with a sheer drop that’s dizzying despite the low-wooden fence that discourages any sudden urges to fling oneself off the side. new balance 996 femme bleu gold Then onto the cable car, which, going down, makes me wonder how the hell I ever walked up. new balance 1600 online store If I’d taken it up, I’m sure I would’ve been convinced that walking up was IMPOSSIBLE.

  • So-ooo high and sheer.

    CHANGING MONEY: Before I leave, I change the last of my US money at the bank. For all its modernity, the banks here change money like it’s 1954. Forms are “carbon copied” in triplicate, hand-stamped with a big red stamp, inserted into something that looks like the Original Fax Machine, the bills are minutely examined, the clerk stares and stares and stares into a computer screen, and at least five times I was moved to mutter, “WHAT could be taking so long?” with breaks in between each outburst. Nike Air HUARACHE Pas Cher The process easily takes 15 minutes, and it doesn’t matter how small the amount. new balance 577 damskie It just takes forever.

    Now I’m the bus to Hangzhou and something must be said about the HONKING in this country! It’s ridiculous! Out of control! It’s jarring for all the wrong reasons, and disturbs even the most placid environments. Nike Air Jordan 7
    Maglia DeMar DeRozan I would tend to think that “good” drivers know better, but some of the worst offenders are bus drivers, like the ones I had coming and going here, who honk INCESSANTLY when they’re on city or town streets (they’re better on the “highway.”) I can’t help but mutter “Shut the FUCK UP!” numerous times, and it’s probably good that they don’t understand me. Womens Air Jordan 4 They honk like it’s a driving aid, like a turn signal. Only it’s an “all-function” horn: to tell the driver that he’s approaching (NOTE TO DRIVER: YOU’RE A BIG *^%% BUS!!! HE CAN SEE YOU!!!!); to tell them to move over, get going, drive faster, or I haven’t honked in thirty seconds and my hand is getting antsy. asics gel kinsei 4 donna And there’s no polite “beep beep” to gently alert the driver in front to stop texting, or the light turned green. Everything is a full-on BLARE, a full-fledged HONK, often two or three times in a row. hogan outlet

  • air max 2017 rosso uomo
  • Followed by an encore performance to the very next driver. asics gel lyte 3 donna Often these honks are met with retaliatory honks, like the “Fuck you” honk or the “My honk is louder than your honk” honk, which sets off a chain reaction. ADIDAS TUBULAR SHADOW KNIT Mochilas Kanken Big It’s maddening. I was standing still on a sidewalk and was looking at a motorcyclist creeping towards me (as they’re wont to do if they feel like it) and we made eye contact, so clearly I saw him, and he STILL honked at me. nike air max 1 qs What is the freaking point??? It’s virtually impossible to be on the street and not hear honking for over a minute. Nike Air Max Goedkoop Maybe less. scarpe asics tiger bambino I’ll have to run a test one day. adidas superstar donna And the bigger the vehicle – like a truck – the more incessantly they honk. Maglia Tracy McGrady

  • Like they think they’re driving in a Cloak of Invisibility and no one can see them.

    Get back to Hangzhou surprisingly fast. asics a4 uomo Lake is HUMMING! Like it’s a Sunday afternoon. Nike Air Jordan Baratas People are dancing in that same spot (they’re also dancing there the next afternoon. chaussures pas cher nike nike air max 2016 goedkoop Maybe it’s all the time.) Performers are out. Mike Trout Baseball Jersey Fantastic dancing water show goes on every little while. asics gel nimbus 17 hombre I listen to William Tell Overture set to dancing water. fjällräven kånken Laptop 13 Eat eking duck & potatoes for $5 from street stall. new balance 574 sonic femme bordeaux At least I think that’s what it was. nike air max 1 premium mujer Detroit Pistons Go back to hotel where I stored my luggage. adidas donna It’s sold out! This never occurred to me.

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    6/11 – And the part that WAS planned turned into a near disaster. Maglia Anthony Davis nike air max 2017 pas cher

  • Nike Air Bw
  • Had a crack of dawn flight to Shanghai so I could pick up my return flight home, but it was canceled due to bad weather YESTERDAY and I had to go stand-by on another airline. NIKE ZOOM KD 9 When the “Flight Manager” issued my stand-by ticket, he motioned to the ticketing agent to check my luggage – jumping me in front of a lot of people on line, who didn’t see the gesture. Canotte nba Donna

  • ZX 750
  • New Balance 999 mujer One woman gave me the evil eye and I was like “HE told her to take it! I’m not one of THOSE jumping-in-line people!” It was like a “Curb” sketch.

  • nike free run 5 0 nero uomo
  • Nike Air Max Pas Cher But my stand-by flight was delayed a couple hours, so I clearly wasn’t going to make it to Shanghai in time. A.J. Green Jerseys So scurried to the International Terminal, which is like a 15 minute shuttle bus ride away – it’s like a separate airport – I’ve never seen anything like it – to see if I could get the Air China people to just let me board the *&^% plane in Beijing, where it STOPS ANYWAY. asics france

  • Air Max 2017 Uomo
  • Billige Nike Sko The best I could do, after going back and forth between domestic and international terminals three times – and spending about 3 ½ hours – was getting a “change fee” of $200, which is okay because I’m SUPPOSED to get a refund of about $100 for my Shanghai canceled flight. Kirk Cousins Redskins Jerseys Air Max Zero Nike Air Max TN Homme That’s yet to be seen, but spending an extra $100 not to go to Shanghai and spend extra hours on the plane is worth it, even if a few of those hours were tense and shuttling between terminals.

    They kept asking me if I wanted to change my flight and I kept saying, no, I want to KEEP my flight – same everything, except I missed the first part of it, I still want to take the main part. scarpe nuove della nike

  • Air Jordan 5 Uomo
  • If it was a sitcom, I would’ve explained that I was saving the airline money on fuel (my weight) and meals, etc, so they should be paying Me. Goedkope Nike Air Max 90 fjallraven kanken classic Adidas buty sklep It’s crazy. Nike Air Max 90

  • Air Jordan 5 Uomo Buty Asics Damskie Why should I have to pay $300-500 more to sit in the same seat? One girl agent said “You’ve been in China six weeks. Kyrie Irving All Shoes Canotte Seattle SuperSonics nike air max command cuir Why did you wait till today to come to Shanghai?” like I was supposed to stay there for a week before my flight or something. Canotte Orlando Magic A.J. Green Jerseys Air Jordan 3 Uomo I’m exhausted from lack of sleep and this turn of events and still have to work on a place to stay in the next 3 hours, etc. Nike Air Max BW new balance homme u420 bleu vert Women Air Jordan 5 Then it turns out that the plane from Shanghai arrived in Beijing really late, so maybe I could’ve made it after all. Nike Lebron 13

  • Chaussures Femme Air Jordan
  • Anyway, I finally board the plane.

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    May 12 – I don’t think I’ve ever seen the sunrise and sunset in the same day.

  • ZX 700
  • Asics Gel lyte 5 Dames max pas cher It’s pretty rare. You have to be at a very high altitude, for one thing. Fjallraven Kanken Classic UK new balance uomo misure Under Armour Curry One Pas Cher Or have one crazy day flying. Nike Free Run +3 adidas stan smith donna adidas zx 750 damskie But today is the day. Arise 4:30AM to see the sunrise. I believe we have one of the clearest days of the year. Air Jordan 12 Uomo New Balance 1600 mujer Just gorgeous. new balance store buenos aires Cold, though. Ironically, the weather for the next couple days is too good. Washington Huskies It’s the kind of weather that’s perfect anywhere else, but here you actually want some clouds and mist, for that “sea of clouds” effect. Teddy Bridgewater College Jerseys Some people at the top are wearing polar fleeces, others are just wearing little sports coats. ray ban pas cher And they’re skinny! What’s keeping them warm? Sunrise is OK, not tremendous or anything… Come back to hotel, wait for it to warm up, go out about 9AM, to West Canyon walk, which is incredibly dramatic and like what you see in the photos. new balance 574 pop damskie nike air max pas cher Descend quite a bit, but at the bottom of the canyon, there’s a cable car that takes you back up!

    Back on top, I go on another hike which really helps me appreciate the marvel that was built here. Air Jordan 6 fjallraven kanken backpacks sale uk

  • We descend steeply down one side of the mountain and at one point we can see people climbing stairs way-yyy across on another peak. Chaussure Adidas Pas Cher It turns out it’s the same path! We go down, down, down, traverse a path that goes clear to the other side, and then we’re to the spot where we start climbing. USC Trojans And workers carved out steps every inch of the way. Nike Air Max 2017 blanche Homme adidas 2017 pas cher It’s hard to imagine how – or even why, really, it was done, and impossible to imagine something like this being built in the US. Greyson Lambert UGA Jersey New Balance Sklep Auburn Tigers But at some point we get to a peak where I check the map and realize the reason all these people are going in one direction (mostly down) is that this is either the way out of the park or to the cable car going down (I think). nike air max 1 og femme In either case, it’s not the way I want or need to go, so I do some serious backtracking.

    Back, I head up to Bright Spot, which has a big white ball atop it, and then through a meadow to the Xixac hotel – something like that. nike air force 1 mid flax on feet It turns out to be near a great place to watch the sunset, so I kill 90 minutes having coffee and “chillin’” and then hike up to the peak.

  • Asics Gel Kinsei 6 Uomo
  • Air Max 90 Grigio Donna
  • Lots of people go up. Fjallraven Kanken Classic It’s very windy, and I’m worried about descending the steps and especially when it’s dusk – my confidence going down wanes – and sucks, basically. Nike SB Paul Rodriguez 9 Always has. Sure enough, there are a couple of tough spots for me and a girl grabs my hand and helps me down. Bo Wallace – Ole Miss Rebels Javier Baez Authentic Jersey She’s very nice, lives in Chongdo, which, she says, has a “Dinosaur Park,” and without her help, it would’ve been tough going. I’ve been very fortunate in this regard. Titans jerseys adidas tubular hombre Nike Roshe One Uomo Sunset was great – mostly due to the setting, but I’ve seen more spectacular.

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    6/10 – My last day! Off on an excursion to The Great Wall. asics gel nimbus 14 mujer On a tour with the hostel, to a distant part of the wall. Oregon Ducks Janshanling, 3 hours away. Nike Air Max 2017 Dames zwart And three hours back. 12th Man – Texas A&M Aggies And 2-3 hours hiking. Canotte Milwaukee Bucks Hogan Uomo Prezzi 2017 nike free run swarovski Going to a relatively untrammeled section to get away from crowds, but there are about 25 people I’ll be hiking among.
    The last week or two – ever since I re-discovered hostels – I’ve been talking with a lot more people, or at least over-hearing them. Nike Air Foamposite It’s usually pretty interesting, and makes me question my “thing” about traveling mostly solo and not wanting to insulate myself with westerners. First of all, these folks are international – and, of course, they have their own unique experiences to share about the country. And they’re young and have different perspectives. air max damskie grafika Plus, of course, it’s just less lonely. Maglie Philadelphia 76ers And it’s certainly not like I was able to meet many Chinese people outside of places like Beijing. nike air max 90 soldes And maybe I would’ve gotten more tips earlier on things to do and the culture scene. Texas Tech Red Raiders Asics Mujer Also, I didn’t look up any ex-pat communities online, which probably could’ve pointed me to my dream of fronting for a Chinese business, and engaging in a little “foreign intrigue.”

    And now I’ve done the Wall…
    Well, I have to say, for an unplanned trip, I couldn’t have planned the ending any better! Spent the last day climbing – yes, climbing – The Great Wall of China. asics gel stratus donna A Wall-op of an ending. Zapatillas Asics Went on the hostel trip to Janshanling, which takes 3 hours to get to, and we walked 6km up majestic, awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping steps, through forts and outposts to ward off the murdering Mongols. Amazingly beautiful, although that’s probably not the first thing that was on the minds of the garrisons defending China. A light rain at first which stopped about 1/3 of the way through, making it perfect because it dampened (!) crowds – we were almost the only ones there – and it wasn’t too hot or humid. UConn Huskies Jerseys billig nike air max Not sure what I was expecting, but this more than lived up to its hype.
    It also gets to the essence of traveling: no matter how many videos you watch or what you read, you can’t approach the experience of being there yourself. asics homme pas cher Fjallraven Kanken Mini For impact, atmosphere, ambience and people – you need to be there.

    Speaking of people, the local farmer women who saddle up alongside you carrying goods to sell are marvels at what they do. Boise State Broncos Jerseys Nike Air Max 2017 Dames The instinct is to wave them away, but they’re so beatific, non-aggressive, and smile so sweetly – they just walk alongside or ahead of you and smile – and before you know it, you’re talking with them and they’re acting as a de facto guide, and even giving a helping hand – and they’re your companion. And then later on they ask you to buy something. scarpe nike air max My guide was Lisa (I think) and very broad smile and decent guide. Asics Gel Lyte 5 męskie She walks up the wall every single day except in winter. She’s a local farmer with a husband and 18 year old child and she’s 42, and aside from crinkles around the eyes, she could probably pass for 25. Maglie San Antonio Spurs Some of the women hauling stuff up the wall are much – or seem so – older. adidasi new balance barbati pret They have no guarantee you will buy anything or give them anything, but chances are most folks do, because they’re so SWEET. nike air max 2016 dames Women Air Jordan 12 Really masters at what they do.
    The wall was insanely steep in places – both steps and flat ground, and both up and down. Fjällräven Kånken Salu nike air max 2017 heren blauw asics sneakers sklep Sometimes going uphill it felt like I was encountering g forces and going down and up at steep angles in quick succession felt like one of those “crazy houses” at amusement parks when I was a kid.

    Went back to town, ate again on Ghost Street – had another dish set in a big pot of oil – this was a lot of fish – with squid, shrimp and some fish I don’t know – abalone, maybe? – and of course it was hot and I made a total mess between using a dozen napkins and putting shells everywhere and just slurping onto the tablecloth. Huge. Nike Free 5.0 Hombre No matter how big a dish you order, the waiter always asks “One?” skeptically, like you should be able to put at least two of these puppies away.

    Had a bad cough when got back to the hostel. Canotte Los Angeles Clippers Roomie who lives in China says he’s had Beijing cough, too, and it goes away quickly when you leave Beijing. He read some pollution indicator on his phone that read “150” and he said when that number is “30” in LA it’s considered a hazardous day. So pollution is pretty, pretty bad. Adidas Pas Cher Nike Heren So hopefully cough will dissipate. Went to sleep quite late.

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    May 11 –It’s up and early to catch the bus to Huangshan, China’s most famous mountain! The one immortalized in those scroll calligraphy paintings, with the craggy cliffs, acute angles and clouds below the summit. Vêtements Nike Pas Cher I’ve assiduously packed as little as possible, because there’s said to be much climbing, but at the last minute I add another five pounds because I decide I need my laptop, for skype, mostly.

    I meet 5 young students on the bus, a couple of whom speak English. This turns out to be very fortuitous, because they’re hiking up the mountain, which I want to do, but virtually everyone else takes the cable car and I wouldn’t have the cojones – or whatever they’re called in China – to hike it by myself. Maglia James Harden Too much chance of being injured and just … laying there. Michael Strahan Jersey Or making a wrong turn and being found six months later in Tibet.

    It’s three hours of virtually all uphill, step by steep step. Asics Tiger damskie This is probably where Mao got his “ journey of a 1,000 miles begins with a single step” aphorism, because it feels like it at times. Maglia Clyde Drexler Also, it’s raining on and off, which, while not slippery, does make the trek seem more treacherous. Still, I’m game because as the girl, Summer, says, “It’s no fun on the cable car. nike cortez bambini You are there in 8 minutes.” I agree. You miss out on the whole experience of how high and powerful the mountain is.

  • Adidas Ultra Boost Donna
  • adidas yeezy boost 350 męskie I’m concerned that my knees, which have been problematic, will hurt, or that I’ll cramp up. This is not the kind of mountain you decide you can’t do in the middle. Canotte New Jersey Nets Once you go, you’re committed.

    First though, we lunch in a restaurant in town. I get soup and buy supplies including top and bottom pancho, little booties, a giant water, two meals to carry, and two Snickers and it costs 60y. adidas stan smith hombre Very cheap. sac a dos kanken They warn me how expensive everything is on top, but it doesn’t seem that outrageous, actually, once I get there, and I just got a half-pint of something that tastes like ouzo, at the top, for 15y, which seems amazing. Since my sneakers are already wet, I have the brilliant (not being sarcastic) idea of wearing the booties over my socks, to keep my feet dry, and the sneakers over them. This is a GREAT idea because my feet are dry most of the trip.

    I try to walk up fast, as I always do, because my hiking philosophy is similar to someone who drives fast because they want to get to their destination before they run out of gas. Nick Marshall – Auburn Tigers Jerseys adidas nmd hombre There are a hundred steps at a time, it seems –but I do it, laptop and all. adidas yeezy boost 550 hombre Must be over 1,000 by the end. nike air zoom pegasus 32 hombre On the way up, the group keeps asking if I’m ok, because of my age. adidas stan smith donna Chaussures Nike I keep boot-camp training in the forefront of my mind. oakley pas cher I tighten my stomach (core) and buttocks (which I learned in physical therapy) to let these muscles do their work and take some of the burden off my legs and knees, and also keep my shoulders back, so don’t put undue pressure on them or my back.

  • It seems to work really well.

    As I get closer to the summit, the skies get clear and there are clouds below, “in” the trees -this is the famous “sea of clouds.” At the top it’s not clear where my hotel is, so I walk up towards Cloud Hotel.

  • Nike Air Max Thea Print Women
  • Air Max 2017 Donna Rosa
  • It’s another few hundred steps up – just when you think you’re done, you’re not. Baylor Bears And I’m just in time for a spectacular sunset, which I wasn’t expecting. Nike Baratas It’s fantastic, but it gets me worried, because this is not my hotel and it will be dark soon. Atlanta Hawks Comprar Nike Air Max Baratas The girl at reception gives me confusing directions and I start going the wrong way. Oklahoma State Cowboys Finally, a worker puts me on the right path.

  • ADIDAS Yeezy Boost 350 V2
  • I’m starting to panic because this is not the place I want to walk in the dark. It’s about a mile away. Nike Nettbutikk Chaussures Under Armour Pas Cher Plus, it’s downhill, which I wonder about. Air Jordan 1

  • Air Max 2015 Homme
  • So, it was the one part that was not pleasant. nike air max 90 hombre rojas But the hotel is great, lavish.

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    6/9 – Have a mostly “pulling it together” day. Hogan Outlet Sito Ufficiale Sac Kanken Pas Cher Have to secure a place to stay in the States, have some work from Fenwick that needs doing, spend a bit too much time trying to get my wechat app to work so I can send Law Shu pics, etc. NBA Canotte 2017 Go to the Lama Temple, which is supposed to be the greatest temple in Beijing, and it certainly is sprawling and extensive and beautiful, but at this point I’m “templed out” and barely take photos. sac fjallraven pas cher Not that I understand much, but things that would’ve impressed the hell out of me a month ago and had me snapping away photos – people bowing, waving incense, and halls and halls of Buddha & Friends, now it’s – Ahhh, Been There, Done That. Amazing how we can get so jaded seeing jade idols in so short a time.

    I also go to the Confucius Temple, which is more serene and contemplative and there are students there, and it’s nice, but also don’t stay long. Cincinnati Bearcats Jerseys asics onitsuka tiger uomo New Balance 1500 męskie Come back, take a nap.

  • Nike Air Max Thea Heren wit
  • Do some more work.

  • Air Max BW Late at night I go to Ghost Street – wow, what a misnomer. It’s all lit up like Reno (not quite Las Vegas), dozens of large outdoor restaurants.

  • Air Max 2016 Homme
  • It’s supposedly famous for its spicy food. I have a melon hot pot – it comes in a full melon, with cold, uncooked fish inside, and a pouch accompanying it. new balance rouge et bleu marine I have NO idea what to do when it arrives. air max 90 pas cher Funny. free run 5.0 verde uomo adidas zx flux damskie niebieskie

  • nike free run 5 0 uomo
  • Then the guy cooks it at my table. Canotte Orlando Magic

  • Adidas Gazelle Donna
  • Takes about 10 minutes. New Balance 373 damskie You don’t eat any of the melon, so not sure of its function, unless it infuses the fish with flavor. J.J. Watt Jerseys

  • Pretty good and I have “hot pot” crossed off my list. Nike Air Max Norge Maglia Dirk Nowitzki Go to bed at an ungodly 4am. Also, I seem to have developed the “Beijing cough” which is actually a thing.
    Beijing reveals itself slowly. Womens Air Jordan 11 Nike Air Max 2017 Dames wit I’m sure I’ve seen just a fraction of “the scene” here, and haven’t even been anywhere near downtown or a skyscraper. adidas y3 pas cher So it may warrant another visit in the future. Maglia Jeff Teague Weather can apparently get VERY hot in the summer, so that’s to avoid. asics gel pulse 8 damskie

  • Nike Air Max 90 Heren rood
  • And as bad as the pollution is, apparently a year or two ago it was way worse.

    Beijing has much less honking, at least in the section I’ve mainly traversed. Air Jordan XX9 Retro
    Canotte Phoenix Suns It’s almost normal. Canotte Houston Rockets

  • Adidas Superstar Fiori Donna
  • Also less hocking. Indiana Pacers nike air jordan 4 mujer Nike Air Max Pas Cher I think educated, “sophisticates” realize these things don’t reflect well upon them.

  • Womens Air Jordan 10 I don’t think I’ve seen young people hocking much, if at all. It has more people speaking English, more western tourists (by a large factor), more of an arts scene.

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    6/8 – Futz around in the morning, do my exercises for first time in a while. Kånken Laptop 13 new balance 530 homme prix I tend to get very late starts- 4-5 hours after awaking. nike air max pas cher Miami Heat Of course I “do” stuff – in this case, I had to book my flight to Shanghai – even though my plane stops in Beijing they won’t let me board there – so I have to leave about 8 hours early and spend about $120 just to come back to Beijing airport – pretty ridiculous.

  • air max 2017 donna
  • Then go to Summer Palace. Boston Celtics At first I’m not that impressed – the big lake dominates it, and I’ve been to Hangzhou, which has the best lake, but getting away from the lake and going up the hills makes it much more interesting, including Souzhou (?) Street, which is a recreation of an old village along the canals. There are also good views of Beijing from the hillside temples. It’s another preening example of the self-indulgence/aggrandizement of the emperors. Taylor Martinez College Jerseys Vast temples/buildings are constructed for “single use” facilities. Jordan 11 Sale Canotta Los Angeles Clippers One palace was constructed for the empress who had a bad dream the first night she slept there, thought the Buddha was sending her bad vibes, and then, if I understand correctly, she only slept there once a year.

  • nike air max 2017 femme blanche Another time she thought she saw snakes, even though there were no snakes, and after berating her staff, had carvings or something made to ward off the snakes. new balance running homme soldes asics gel quantum 180 damskie Air Max 2016 Dames So clearly, a lot of wasted work – and probably lives – transpired because of a crazed ruler. Nike Seattle Seahawks jerseys Many examples of excessive opulence, while, one imagines, the peasants starved.

    Then I met Law Shu. Nike Air Max Thea Dames She was wearing a flannel shirt and I just liked her presence, and I asked her “Aren’t you warm?” as it was very hot.

  • She laughed and said yes, but on the plane it was cold and she’d just arrived. And from that moment, we just started walking together and it was very natural. Jordan Flight Canotte Milwaukee Bucks new balance rouge et bleu marine She’s probably 30 or 32 and if, well, pretty much everything had been different, she could’ve been my “Chinese girlfriend.” The different things being she has a boyfriend who she lives with for 7 years and “I trust him and he trusts me,” and also that she was only around for a couple days and after that returns to Chonquing (I think) where her vacation time is severely limited, although she told me that “all” Chinese get two weeks off a year at the same time – once in the spring and once in the fall, and you can piggyback your five days off on top of that to have 12 days concurrent vacation. Adidas NMD Runner Italia We also share our disdain of noisy tour groups and the noise bubble they travel in. sac kanken She’s a very ‘modern’ woman, traveling alone, and doesn’t think it’s brave to do it, just like me. asics gel pulse 7 damskie We’re 30 years and thousands of miles and a cultural divide apart, but I feel like we’re kindred spirits, and I want to spend more time with her. Anyway, within 15 minutes we’re asking each other which way we want to go, and if I want to go into a temple, she’ll “wait” for me. Adrian Peterson – Oklahoma Sooners goedkoop nike air max 2016 We talk about how we both like to travel solo because we don’t like being with other people who want to “rest” or spend two hours eating or go to the hotel early, etc, and she also likes to walk and walk and walk and see as many things as possible. store locator for new balance shoes Nike KD 9 She came to Beijing this time just to see parks.

  • Nike Air Max 2017 Uomo
  • I start joking about the “single use” facilities of the Palace and Forbidden City and she finds it funny, and picks up on it and makes her own jokes about it, which are pretty good. Nike Air Max Goedkoop So we walk for several hours – way past when the park is supposed to “close” although while they shut down the buildings, concessions and attractions, they keep the park open a few more hours, and past the sunset.

  • Georgia Bulldogs Then we go to a local restaurant to eat and she insists on paying for me, because without me the day would’ve been “boring.” Then we go our separate ways. sac fjallraven kanken Unconsummated, chaste, have no idea if she would’ve been interested in me, but I feel like I “met” someone in China.

    Law Shu tells me her American name is “Linda.” Why does she have an American name? I tell her I don’t have a Chinese name! She said her teenage students gave it to her. Angel Pagan Jersey Many of them have American names that they choose from a celebrity that they admire, and that they will change it when they have a new favorite. New Balance 420 męskie It’s very odd. Koop Fjallraven Kanken Don’t they have Chinese idols? I’m sure they do.

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    DAY 37 – I, POD

    June 6 – The guy who drove me to the Harmony Inn takes me to the railroad station. The man doesn’t believe in the concept of waiting your turn. He takes my luggage and hurls it on the security belt, completely ignoring and seemingly resentful of other people waiting to do so.

  • Los Angeles Clippers
  • Maglia Shaquille O’Neal He goes to buy my train ticket and muscles right up to the window agent and throws money at him while he’s mid-transaction with another customer. Amazing. He gets away with it, too.

    I take bullet train to Beijing. Asics Pas Cher Arrive around 1PM. kyrie 1 pas cher I take the subway and before long I’m at one of the hutongs (alleys) that leads to a lovely lake, with a million music bars around it. Hutongs range from one narrow block long to a small labyrinth of back alleys that intersect with others, but they’re all characterized by their narrowness and are united and organized around a communal idea. At least that’s what I believe the original concept was. They are generally too narrow for cars to pass, and while motorbikes may go through, they are usually pretty quiet.

    This particular hutong is big, spilling out onto a lake, and features row upon row of interchangeable, for the most part, music clubs. Each club positions the stage on the same side of the room as the next, I suppose by mutual consent, so the bands are literally not playing back to back. nike air max 1 pas cher nike pas chers As it is, they overlap and “non-blend” with each other on the street. Sometimes you pass one club and hear music emanating from the band next door. Maglie Denver Nuggets “Boy bands” are the operative word here. Nike Air Max 90 Homme Most of the band members don’t look old enough to patronize the joint they’re playing in. Penn State Nittany Lions Asics Kinsei 5 męskie They look, on average, 16. The sheer number of clubs is numbing. adidas zx 500 donna

  • It’s literally one after the other after the other after…etc. There’s also a lot of solicitations for “lady bars” some of it a bit aggressive. Air Jordan 5 Donna Some hawkers plead “Ohh, come on-nnn,” to walk into their club. Personally I’ve always found “pleading” to be a persuasive sales technique!

    Hotels in Beijing are much more expensive than where I’ve been, and I didn’t even realize it was a Saturday night, so a few places are sold out. Two cute young girls, one of them with glasses who laughs “I’m really nervous” walk around trying to help me find a hotel. In the course of it, THEY find a hotel, but apparently there are a few hotels that don’t rent to foreigners. News to me, but sure enough, my guidebook confirms it happens. It’s about 6pm, it’s raining a bit, and I’m tired of lugging my bag, so when I come to a youth hostel and there’s one “pod” room available, I take it sight unseen. Adidas Superstar Heren “Pod,” indeed. Womens Air Jordan 3 It’s so small you take a picture of it to show your friends back home, who wouldn’t believe it otherwise. Hogan Rebel 8 feet long, and my head and feet simultaneously touch the walls width-wise. It’s also on the second “floor” meaning I have to climb a few rungs of a ladder to access the room, as it’s about 5 feet off the ground, on top of another pod. You can’t possibly stand in the room. And it’s 100 yuan. Cheap, but not That cheap.

    The best thing about China’s “pod rooms” is that they don’t pretend to be something else, like “cozy” or “intimate.” They are pods. At the Drum Tower hostel in Beijing, my pod was perhaps 8 feet long, and considerably less than 5’9” wide, because that’s my height and width-wise my head touched one wall and I actually had to crouch so that my feet could plant themselves simultaneously on the other. The second best thing about them is they’re cheap, although not as cheap as they should be. Mine was 98y. In Suzhou (?) I had a veritable Presidential Suite for 120y. tuta new balance maratona di roma The third best thing about them is if you’re ever thrown into solitary confinement in prison, you can look around your cell and shrug, “I’ve had smaller.” In case the similarity doesn’t strike you immediately, the room has cross-metal “bars” – that cross-serve as both a door and ventilation.

    The most important thing to remember, is, if you have a room like mine on the “upper” level, is remembering you have to descend a ladder when you go pee in the middle of the night. (You didn’t think this pod had a bathroom, did you?) Otherwise you’ll fall five feet or so. nike damskie buty czarne You also have to remember to back out backwards from the room, and crawl back in, because you can’t possibly stand up. New Balance 574 hombre Canotte nba swingman Purdue Boilermakers The only time you can be upright is when you’ve pulled yourself up onto the mattress (one hesitates to call it a bed, although technically it is). Some pods apparently are a little larger and do include a bathroom, though that’s hard to imagine. I cull through my luggage and take what I need for the next day and leave the bag under a table downstairs. There’s no way I could or would want to lug that monster into the room.

  • Mens Nike Air Vapormax
  • There’d literally be no room to step around.

    Late night on my way “home” I walk into a restaurant because I see a girl with curly red hair with her back facing the street inside, so I know she’s a Westerner. When I walk in to feign read the menu, I see she’s cute. She’s twirling her noodle dish around her chopsticks, using them like you would twirl pasta with a fork.

  • Femmes Air Jordan 5
  • It’s also cute – and effective. She’s getting a lot of noodles on those sticks! She’s the only person I’ve seen doing that. So I go up and say, “I don’t know much about chopsticks, but I’m pretty sure that’s not the approved Chinese method of using them,” or something like that. Her name’s Katya, from the Ukraine, and we talk for a couple hours. She’s teaching English to kindergartners.

    I’ve barely mentioned women in these annals because, except for a couple of instances in a couple cities in which I either briefly met or interacted with someone, it wasn’t much on my radar. Russell Wilson – Wisconsin Jerseys In the smaller places I was, which was most of them, I was going up mountains or down rivers or here today gone tomorrow and there didn’t seem to be much opportunity. Also, unlike Latin America, where I could go to a dance club at least, there were no equivalent places that I found. Mochilas Kanken Classic Plus, again in the smaller cities/towns, there was a dearth of English speaking denizens. And most people always seem to be with others. goedkope Nike Air Max 90 And there was no way to make my intentions known. nike lebron 13 pas cher So a host of reasons. Also, it wasn’t a priority. adidas riot 5 femme Hard to believe perhaps, if you know me, but it wasn’t. In Beijing, though, nearing the end of my trip, that changed somewhat. People spoke, or knew, English. new balance 373 bleu marine homme It was a cosmopolitan city. Nike Air Jordan 14 Womens
    Maglie Portland Trail Blazers There were also Westerners. nike donna It just seemed doable. asics buty męskie And it was a last chance to have a trip fling.
    So anyway, amazingly Katya tells me she has no place to sleep because she’s out of money and she lives an hour away and has to wait for the subway to open in the morning. So, I don’t leap on it, but a few minutes later I say she can sleep in my tiny pod room which will make us instant ‘close friends’ and she unhesitantly accepts. I take this as a positive sign that sex may occur, but when we get to the room, she goes to sleep wearing all her clothes – even her socks – and when I drape my arm around her, she forthrightly removes it. Nike Free 2.0 In reality, sex in that room was pretty nigh impossible, and certainly not romantic and every little squeak or moan would be instantly heard throughout “Pod-ville.” In fact, the guy in the room below snored during the night and I thought it was Katya. sac a dos fjallraven soldes So whether anything would’ve occurred if I’d had a “normal” hotel room is hard to say.

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    DAY 36 – Not A Dream, Not an Hallucination…

    6/5 – Looking for the North Gate bus station for bus to Jeu Jei – en route bus to Mianshan, I can’t find it, get exasperated and jump in a taxi. Nike Free Run Mens Shoes
    I think the guy understands where I want to go, but I’m wrong.

  • air presto uomo
  • He takes me to the railway station, and then a bus passes us, and I point to the bus, and he stops at the bus. Then I take out my translator, which says “Bus station” and he takes me to the next bus STOP. Like I just happened to want to go there. What a dimwit. Maglia Scottie Pippen Get another taxi who brings me back where I was ½ hour ago, just didn’t notice the bus station in the back. Boise State Broncos Turns out there’s a bus straight to Mian Shan which nobody, including the guide books, seemed to know about. nike air max pas cher Bus starts out as the slowest bus ever. Picks up a little bit, but mostly he was just toodling along. Washington Redskins Jerseys Get to Mian Shan. It’s very hard to figure out because English is pretty much non-existent there, but finally get going and there were parts about it that were hard to believe actually exist. They seem the thing of myths and legends. Julian Edelman Jersey Entire monasteries and temples built centuries ago high onto and out of mountain cliffs, so grand and splendid and remote it boggles the mind. Took a cable car up to see one temple. As I was coming off the cable car, a photographer took my photo and was quite aggressive about showing it to me so I’d buy it. I waved him off a few times. billige Nike sko norge Several minutes later this guy comes up huffing and puffing. I didn’t recognize him. asics gel noosa online I thought he’d just finished ascending the mountain walking, but he actually ran after me to show me the photo. cheap fjallraven kanken He even tried to use his being out of breath as a point to get me to buy it. But I didn’t.

    Taking the cable car, though, led to me taking the “chutes and ladders” part of the hike in the opposite direction from most people. asics gel nimbus 17 donna This was a section of metal steps mounted into the mountain, along a cliff’s edge, overlooking a rock-strewn river. Yadier Molina Jersey new balance 373 bleu orange Canotta Minnesota Timberwolves Sometimes there was quite a high elevation. asics onitsuka tiger hombre The only support is a metal chain that’s also clamped to the mountain. It’s similar to the “most dangerous hike in the world” trail that I opted not to do the other day because it was, well, too dangerous. Canotte New York Knicks But while that one got that designation apparently because beneath the steps was a precipitous drop that would surely kill you, a fall from this parapet would’ve certainly, at the very least, broken bones and damaged internal organs, if it didn’t downright kill you, which I actually think it would’ve done. nike air max pas cher The direction I was going in was “down” which made it much more hazardous – and very scary.

  • San Antonio Spurs
  • And unlike that other “dangerous trail” this one went on and on – section upon section – interspersed with suspension bridges whose first steps were almost at 90 angles. nike air max goedkoop They looked impossible to descend. Plus they were wet. kanken baratas Bart Starr Packers Jerseys Obviously I survived, but there was one long step where I actually closed my eyes as I descended – like I was afraid I was going to fall into the void. I’d venture that section took ½ hour and while it wasn’t physically exhausting as much as challenging and mentally taxing, after that I was spent.

  • Air Max 2015 Homme
  • It was also Very hot, and while I did manage to trudge up to one more Taoist monastery after that – with many residual temples – it was definitely a slog.

    At the Taoist temple there were monks there and they invited me to sit down. Asics Kinsei 5 męskie Being enlightened and all, they asked the same questions that everyone else asks – where I’m from and my age. Air Jordan 7 One of the monks gave me a double-DVD of some movie with “earth-shattering lessons” so I had to make an offering When I was going to put money in the donation box, all the monks got up from what they were doing and watched me intently. Pretty funny. Kanken Mini Asics 2017 Goedkoop Also, they noticed that my tablet is broken and found that amusing and then asked what it cost and the fact that it was somewhat expensive made it being broken even funnier. cheap adidas uk for sale Stupid monks. Milwaukee Bucks adidas neo hombre I don’t know how it is that I never even heard of this place until yesterday. It’s staggering.

    I also think I might’ve been propositioned. It’s very, very hard to know, but this woman who was in a small group went out of her way in a couple different places to talk with me, and was pretty persistent, and I thought she was looking me up and down quite interested. Ryan Kerrigan Redskins Jerseys It’s possible this has happened other times as well, but I have no idea how to pull these off without anybody speaking a word of the other person’s language.

    As in other Asian countries, people are working at the crack of dawn, and stay there until well after nightfall. Day after day after day. They play cards, talk with their friends and co-workers – they seem to have an amazing amount of stuff to talk about all the time, considering they don’t go anywhere or do anything and nothing is really “new,” but I don’t know how they do it, on an existential level. Nike Air Max 2017 schoenen A.J. Green Jerseys Every day seems exactly like every other.

    Other businessmen/entrepreneurs seem to believe that blasting –and I mean blasting – the same incredibly loud, irritating message or jingle in constant repetition will get customers to buy it.

  • Chaussures Air Jordan Homme
  • nike air max 90 pas cher One store I heard today from blocks away – just some crazed, excited recorded voice repeating the same message every 10 seconds at earth-screeching volume. LUNAREPIC FLYKNIT

  • asics gel lyte 5 uomo
  • One old guy riding his bicycle and hauling a small trailer of goodies had a perpetual message machine playing the same tune and slogan every 15 or so seconds, also at a din.

  • Hour after hour, day after day, the same loop goes through his brain. Either he’s the most enlightened, peaceful man on the planet or he’s completely insane.

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    DAY 35 – China’s a Nice Place to Visit, But…

    6/4 – In the morning, I finally find the ATM – I had another attack of Temporary ATM Blindness, it seems – but my two ATM cards don’t work! They’re both ‘temps’ – for different reasons – and they expired, with no way or reactivating them. nike capri uomo Adidas Yeezy 350 Dames asics buty sklep Nike Air Max Norge I have about 8 dollars left in my pocket, and I have no way to leave Pingyao, no less China! Things are not looking good. TUBULAR SHADOW KNIT Fortunately – and surprisingly – my credit card companies are able to remotely help me set up a Pin # so that I can get cash advances. nike air max Flyknitdamskie

  • Brooklyn Nets
  • Compra Zapatillas Nike I didn’t think they’d do that, but they saved my bacon.

  • Nike Air Max 2017 Dames roze
  • Say something bad about Mastercard, and you’ll have to cross me first!

    After that near fiasco, I took a walk around half the wall of the old town, which wasn’t as interesting as I would’ve thought. Air Max 2016 Goedkoop

  • Air Jordan 5 Homme
  • Nike Air Max 2016 Heren blauw Then went to a couple more of the attractions, including Confucius’ temple, which was very impressive.

  • New Balance 996 Donna
  • But I could’ve cut a day off Ping Yao. New Balance Mujer new balance shop firenze At night I go to the restaurant where the woman proprietor offered me a free beer if I brought in her flyer. Women Air Jordan 3 For the life of me, I couldn’t find it, but I was sure she’d remember me and give me the beer. I was half-right. Joe Vellano Under Armour UA Curry 2 She remembered me, but wouldn’t give me the beer, because “those are the rules.” Really irritated me, and I let her know. Kam Chancellor Seattle Seahawks Jersey chaussures adidas It’s customer –relations! You made me an offer to get me to come back and it worked! So the flyer itself isn’t important. Missouri Tigers Jerseys Nike Air Max 95 damskie

  • Mens Nike Air Max TN
  • Chinese minds beg to differ.

    Saw a poster in the hostel about Mian Shan – temples built directly into the mountains and it looks incredible, so decide to make another trip to an area I never heard of.

    I start talking on the street with a 75 (?) year old guy who could be me in a dozen years.

  • adidas stan smith argent We both wear fedoras, are about the same height. Womens Jordan Retro 7 Nike Lebron 13 Tom Brady Michigan Jerseys He’s Austrian, but he’s traveling 3 months this trip, and does 3-6 month long trips all the time. Air Jordan 8 Donna Soldes Chaussures Asics He’s retired and apparently single, and just roams around. Adidas NMD PK Runner Maglia LeBron James He’s retired, sleeps in hostels and has a low budget so he can do it. nike air max chaussures vente

  • Air Max 2017 Donna Nere
  • nike tn rose femme He was in decent shape. Texas A&M Aggies Jerseys adidas xcs 6 femme It made me wonder if that’s what I want to be doing when I’m his age.

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    6/3 – If you’re over 60, the 150y pass to see everything worth seeing in Pingyao is FREE! FREE! And not just for Chinese! For me, too! Oh, Pingyao, I take back everything negative I said about you in the last journal entry. I LOVE YOU! Your generous spirit shines through like a beacon for all China –nay, all mankind – to emulate. Nike Air Max Norge Asics Gel lyte 3 Pas Cher new balance 574 classic italian Now I have to go see them.

    The treasures and beauty of Pingyao lies behind its ten, fifteen, thirty foot brick walls. Sac À Dos Kånken Fjällräven hogan scarpes outlet Walking the streets and gives no hints at what’s behind them. New Balance 990 hombre Every so often there is a huge, heavy door, almost always open, that gives a glimpse of the houses behind.

  • Nike Air Max 2017 Dames roze
  • They are entries, it appears to courtyards, where a cluster – or maybe one big – family lives. 12th Man – Texas A&M Aggies Air Jordan 11 Retro Andre Ethier Authentic Jersey Most of the time I didn’t venture inside – it seemed like walking into someone’s home – but a couple times I did, and there was no blowback. Four ladies playing cards, shushing a dog who sniffed at me… some of the more ornate were hotels with lavish courtyards. Nike Foamposite One
    Trevor Siemian Jerseys Beautiful.

    During the day I frequented about half the 22 attractions that are FREE if you’re over 60.

  • air max 90 bianco donna
  • Canotte New Jersey Nets An “Escort Service” that was a MILITARY escort service for bankers and businessmen – the first bodyguards. Kanken 7L nike scarpe 2017 The first banks, a Confucius Temple, City Government Building where they showed off their old prison and “instruments of interrogation” – I almost confessed just looking at them. Penn State Nittany Lions The homes of ancients, with their elaborate and labyrinthine courtyards and backyards. New Balance 996 mujer A lot to see and do.

    Spent another colossal waste of 2 hours looking for an ATM that would accept Visa or Mastercard. adidas nmd uomo

  • Chaussures Femme Air Jordan
  • None in the Old Town. Nike Air Jordan 4
    sac kanken pas cher nike tn noir femme cheap fjallraven kanken Ventured outside the walls, on the directions of the woman proprietor of the hotel, but she wasn’t specific enough. nike air max 2016 dames nike air max Once there, there were too many directions to choose from, and I obviously picked a wrong way. Went round and round and round and came up empty. air max pas cher homme Kind’a wrecked my plans, such as they were, which included getting a full body massage for 60y.

    Oh – and remember that ocarina store? Well, first of all, I’m pretty sure I spotted a SECOND store that only sells ocarinas. So maybe there’s an ocarina price war going on. asics gel kinsei 4 hombre But those are like Wal-Mart, traffic-wise, I imagine, compared to the “gourd” store I came across. Nike Air Max Baratas

  • Air Max 90 Pas Cher
  • Nothin’ but gourds. New Balance 990 męskie Kanken 20L And if you don’t know what a gourd is, join the club. Nike Free 6.0 Scarpe Kobe 11 I thought it played music or something, which at least an ocarina does, but it does NOTHING. Canotte Detroit Pistons

  • ZOOM KD 9
  • It’s strictly decorative.

  • nike magista pas cher Problem is, it’s not particularly attractive.

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    May 10 – This morning I wake up and go to the park where I know there will be ladies doing tai chi and I can do my exercise right near them, and sure enough, that’s what happens. zonnebril ray ban heren Zapatillas Air Max Nike Demaryius Thomas Jerseys asics kayano 21 mujer They’re stretching, doing fan dances, moving gracefully, I’m doing push-ups and planks and sit-ups. UA Clutchfit Drive II Maglie Basket adidas tubular dziecięce Nike Free 3.0 I’m again impressed by the women in their 60s and 70s being so limber and graceful. Air Max 90 Yeezy

  • Air Max 90 Nero Donna
  • Womens Air Jordan 14 Take a long walk around the lake, including to a giant pagoda that actually has an escalator in it. New Balance 997 mujer Compra Mochilas Kanken Fjallraven España new balance 996 homme I go back to the tea café on the lake where I was yesterday, and four 22 year old boys want to interview and video me for their English project. Canotte Phoenix Suns

  • Air Jordan 4 Donna
  • Nike Air Force 1 Haut
  • nike air max 180 chaussures They’re very sweet. Memphis Grizzlies Air Jordan 7 adidas uk for sale Soldes Chaussures Nike After that, I take lo-onng walk around and across lake – really long, really beautiful. Asics Gel Lyte 5 damskie

  • Nike Free 4.0 Women
  • Madison Bumgarner Authentic Jersey Notre Dame Fighting Irish Carp pond, more pagodas, lily pads, it seems the whole park is planned for balance and serenity.

    There are also big groups of dancers, doing a variation of the foxtrot, and also some Chinese dance that looks a little like cumbaya. fjallraven kanken cheap New Balance 1400 hombre Zapatillas Nike Air Max Baratas Air Jordan 6 Retro These people are always there. Air Jordan 6 For Kids Nike Air Max 2017 Heren Adam Wainwright Jersey nike air max thea uomo It doesn’t matter, day or night. adidas nmd mujer Nike Air Max 90 Pas Cher Pour Homme Nike Air Max 2016 Schoenen That’s their spot and people are always dancing.

    After I leave the park, I start thinking about a place to stay and waste a couple hours trying to figure it out.

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    MAY 9 – I’m still in Tongli in the AM and when I walk to the plaza right near my B&B (without the second ‘B’) there are women doing tai chi. So I run back to my room and get my exercise clothes and do my boot camp work out in the plaza, a little bit away from them.

  • Nike Air Max 2017 Dames zwart
  • Maybe this will become a ‘thing’ – if they can do it, so can I, and they probably like seeing me doing it.

  • Nike Air Max 2016 Blu Uomo
  • They are incredibly limber. Women in their 70s, I think , raising their legs as high as dancers using a bar, and balancing on one leg and squatting an inch off the ground with the other leg extended. That exercise has gotta be good for something. Asics Kinsei 5 męskie They are in much better shape than our elderly. free run 5 0 blu donna Yesterday I saw an old man just sitting with his chair out in the evening, no newspaper, no anything, just enjoying sitting. He looked so serene. nike pas cher Today I saw him walking, and he was really spry. It’s almost like watching one of those movies where old people discover the Fountain of Youth.

    Kept looking for, but couldn’t find the Sex Culture Museum, which is supposed to be pretty good. adidas zx 850 damskie

  • Air Max 2017 Donna
  • Maybe it was knocked down for this new hotel being constructed. Clayton Kershaw Authentic Jersey tn requin pas cher A bunch of teens eagerly surround me and want a piece of American money – anything. Colin Kaepernick – Nevada Wolf Pack New Balance 678 mujer I give them a penny and they are excited and take photos with me.

    When I left Tongli, I took a taxi to another town for the bus to Hangzhou. The cab driver immediately picked up a girl across the road, and we traveled a lon-gg way, and she got out first, so I thought we went way out of my way and I was going to get charged for it, but it turned out she and I were going very near each other, and the driver pro-rated the fare. I’ve found the Chinese very honest so far – certainly he could’ve charged me the meter, and there were a couple other instances of this, too, where I could’ve easily been gouged, but wasn’t.

    The bus ride to Hangzhou was bumpy and the bus station was nowhere near the lake and there are 4 bus stations, so I didn’t even know which one I was at, and there was no signs or help or anything, and for one of the first times I feel defeated. I didn’t know where to start to ask for information. adidas zx flux uomo bianche But I got help, took a taxi to the lake, and the day immediately improved.

    The West Lake is world famous and is amazing. Teddy Bridgewater College Jerseys Of course, in the photos, it’s always serene and peaceful. Connecticut Huskies Jerseys Vêtements Armani Pas Cher In reality, it’s SWARMING with people, especially on the weekend, which it was. But really, anytime. new balance grigie bambino Hangzhou is not even considered a major city, and it has OVER 6 MILLION PEOPLE. Los Angeles Angels Jerseys Maglia Damian Lillard Around the lake there are many entertainers, singers, music groups, doing traditional music but also opera, and a group of young guys doing rap. cheap bns gold Randall Cobb Packers Jerseys I don’t see anyone with a hat out or collecting money, so I’m not sure what’s the gig. The lake is enormous and the landscape varied. adidasi new balance barbati pret With the boats and pagodas and temples and flower gardens and traditional villages within. And so many people walking. Air Jordan 5 Donna I sat at a café overlooking boats and did internet and planned the next part of my trip.

    CFF: If it’s one thing that gets Chinese people excited, it’s SQUIRRELS! There were three trees in a row in which 30 or more people were squealing and excitedly pointing cameras. Lunettes de soleil Ray Ban nike air max Nike Air Max Uptempo And at the other end of it were …squirrels. Being squirrels. Not doing anything in particular. Air Jordan Goedkoop nike air max 2017 femme blanche Very odd, especially when considering all the other odd stuff going on here.

    I want to check into a hotel using Ctrip, and have a very hard time, because it needs a phone number for my reservation and my phone is dead and I can’t input it. adidas stan smith hombre I get to the hotel, pretty disorganized, trying to find the card with my phone # so I can make the reservation for the discount price, but can’t, and the proprietor is amused. ray ban homme Fjallraven Kanken España I write down the price I want, which is 210, the girl behind the desk writes 290. Clemson Tigers Jerseys Madison Bumgarner Jersey I write 250. The proprietor writes 258.

  • Nike Air Max 2017 Donna Blu
  • I write 251. Asics Gel Lyte 3

  • Air Jordan 10 Uomo
  • He thinks that’s a riot, my going up 1 yuan, and wags his finger at me like Robert De Niro to Billy Crystal in “Analyze This:” like “You..you’re all right. You know how to do this. You’re a character.” So I get it for 251.

    In evening, I go to a jazz bar a couple doors down.

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    6/1 – Go to see the Terracotta Warriors. Actually saw an exhibit of them in San Francisco where you could approach them more up close, but, of course, that was of a relative handful, this was a couple thousand of them, at the actual excavation site. They were only discovered in 1974 when a poor farmer digging for water struck proverbial gold, hitting literal pay dirt. cheap nike air max He was only paid 10y at the time for his discovery, but subsequently became very famous in China and now he sits at a table aside the merchandising goods and – I don’t know – signs his name, shakes your hand – whatever – probably for a small fee. Nike Free Run Femme Not sure, because he was sleeping sitting up at the table when I passed.

  • Nike Air Max 180
  • It’s over 40 years ago, and he’s apparently living off that single, fortuitous tapping ever since. Nike Air Max 2017 Dames Womens Air Jordan 4 Canotta Squadra USA

  • Nike Air Max 2017 Dames
  • You’d think there would only be so much you could mine from this incident: “I was searching for water, and – I hit something. adidas zx 700 damskie Air Max 90 Dames I instantly knew it wasn’t water, because it was hard, and it was way too hot for it to be ice, but I dug a little more. Nike Air Max 2017 Dames roze

  • Nike Air Max 90 Donna
  • Asics Pas Cher And suddenly I was face to face with a fearsome clay soldier. nike air max italian camo I was scared, but I didn’t flinch.” And that’s pretty much it. But, good for him, I guess.

    Anyway, the exhibit was fascinating, and of course, owes itself totally to militarism, this time to protect the psychotic emperor whose idea this was, in the after-life. Adidas NMD PK Runner The workers (slaves) who built these figures knew they would be killed when they finished working (to protect the location and nature of the project), so they probably kept asking for overtime. Asics Gel Lyte 3 męskie Canotta Detroit Pistons air max pas cher Not much of an incentive to do a good job or work quickly, I’d imagine.

    At night I go to “China’s biggest water fountain show” with Francisco, a Portugese guy I met on the tour who is staying at the hostel. Nike Air Huarache Heren

  • Nike Air Max 90 Heren wit
  • Similar to the one in Hangzhou, and way too long and doesn’t “build,” but still impressive. Goedkoop Nike Air Max There was also a crazy “sky” screen in the nearby mall, that looks, I suppose, like the one they have at Caesar’s Palace in Vegas, except this one changes: one is a psychedelic aquarium, another a surrealistic planetarium night sky, a third a “scroll” of ancient Chinese civilization. Pretty over the top, and totally great.
    Stay up way-yy to late talking with guys from the hostel and debating with myself if I want to traverse “the most dangerous hiking trail in the world” at Hua Shan (Mountain) (Spoiler alert: “No.”)

    Pretty much the whole trip there have been tours passing to and fro, led (usually) by women who (almost always) squawk loudly and shrilly into a megaphone and yap on and on about what they’re looking at. asics italia cuneo

  • air max 90 bianco uomo
  • Clearly I’m missing a lot of information! I am the Man Who Knows Not What He Sees. Kanken No.2 Still, I am extremely glad not to be a part of these groups, because they sacrifice experiencing for fact-gathering. asics gel stratus hombre Nike Air Max 90 Donna Maglie Philadelphia 76ers While “learnin’” is good for historical sites, when it comes to gazing at mountaintops and being amidst nature, I gotta say: Understanding is over-rated. Asics Gel Lyte 3 Pas Cher The guides, for instance, point out the various names the “ancients” gave to the oddly-shaped peaks.

  • Air Max 2017 Nero Donna
  • Nike Air Max 2017 Donna Nere
  • But guideless, I’m free to visualize my own fabled scenes, fantasize my own anthropomorphic rock relationships.

  • Certainly the “ancients” who were devoid of guides had no problems invoking their subconscious. Brooklyn Nets T.J. Yeldon College Jerseys At Tianzi Mountain range alone, various peaks carry names like Mouse Watching Sky, Dragon Flying Out of the Water, Birds Worshipping Phoenix – which involves the double-task of first imagining a phoenix, Latent Celestial Bridge (I have no idea what that is), and Peacock Spreading its Tail. ASICS Gel Pulse 7 pour Femme Clearly everything looked like animals to the ancients. Nike Air Max 2017 Goedkoop Then there is “Pigsy Looking in the Mirror.” Who is Pigsy? A beloved childhood storybook character? An exceptionally ugly child? A misspelling of the word “piggy?” I need context!

    Context would also provide a lot when viewing One Finger Peak. Nike Air Max 2017 Heren rood

  • Adidas Yeezy 350 Donna
  • Clearly the ancients thought this spire resembled a finger. But which finger? Is the peak a giant “Thumbs Up?” Or is the peak piqued, and thrusting us The Middle Finger? Is the entire park giving us tourists a big “Fuck You?” “One Finger Peak” is an exceptionally ambiguous name.

    Finally, some peak names hint at romantic liaisons, such as Sweethearts Tryst and Expecting Lover’s Return Peak.

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    MAY 8 – Have an egg and tomatoes dish with coffee at one of the “canal cafes.” When you enter Tongli, it being a World Heritage Spot, you buy a ticket for 100y (or 50y, if like me, you’re over 60. St. Johns Joe Montana College Jerseys Being 60 gets you half price into a lot of things.

  • ADIDAS ZX 750
  • compra mochilas kanken Also, if you’re a teacher with 30 years’ service, you get a substantial price break, too. Imagine that! They honor their teachers!) For that price, your ticket comes with a list of attractions – pagodas, gardens, ancient houses – and I see a few that I didn’t see on my first day. Chaussure Asics Pas Cher Authentic Air Jordan Shoes Then I take a day trip to Zhounshuang, which bills itself as China’s #1 Water Town, so it’s into competing. Landon Collins Giants Jerseys Vêtements Armani Pas Cher Vancouver Grizzlies The bus fare is only 1y. Nike Air Max nike tn noir femme The town is very crowded with tourists, and is more like a theme park, which is too bad, because otherwise it’s lovely.

  • You really have to go early in the AM or later in the evening, and definitely not on the weekends.

  • You can also wander far afield from the madding crowd for a little peace, but really, the crowds were staggering. It makes me feel glad I got to Tongli a bit late the day before, because the crowds are bad there too, during the day, parading around behind the guy with the flag and the megaphone. new balance uomo misure It’s really NOT the way to see these places. Scarpe Nike Online Shop Outlet nike buty męskie It’s when they all leave that the towns evince their charms. New Balance 373 męskie I wander by a stage just in time to see a 20 minute performance of traditional Chinese opera which was interesting, but I wouldn’t make an evening of it. nike air zoom pegasus 32 hombre adidas ultra boost donna asics elite 3 Wandering in Zhounshang, I come across a proprietor/barista of this bar/restaurant playing harmonica along to recorded music. New Balance Polska adidas yeezy boost 350 męskie nike air max 2017 pas cher He’s quite good and the songs were lovely. He also played, per my request, on the bells. Von Miller Texas A&M Jersey Todd Gurley Jerseys Two young Chinese guys call me to join them for a beer which is conveniently already sitting there waiting for me to drink it! Not sure how that happened. A.J. McCarron – Alabama Crimson Tide New Balance 1500 damskie new balance 1500 burnt orange They are nice and friendly and we take pictures and clink glasses and one of them asks me “How old are you?” and when I tell him, he says, “You have strong body!” and the other asks if I’m a truck driver! Made my day. air max 2017 heren Continue wandering, and it really starts raining hard. nike free run 3.0 v4 damskie Asics Mexico męskie

  • Chaussures Nike Air Jordan
  • Somehow I miss the last bus back to Tongli, which is stupid and I hail a taxi for $13 back, which is reasonable, and then the driver heads off the main road into the woods and I get very nervous.

  • Air Jordan 11 Homme
  • He’s only doing it because the road’s less bumpy, but it’s one of those moments when I suddenly felt very vulnerable and realize that if something happened to me, no one back home would ever know about it.

  • Asics Gel Kinsei 6 Uomo
  • But thankfully he’s not a homicidal maniac and eventually I make it back and dry off and eat. nike air max chaussure pas cher Nike Air Huarache damskie The last couple days have been the best so far, with moments of genuine joy.

    CFF: When you get water from a dispenser, it’s HOT! I learned that in what is probably a common experience for Americans.

  • Nike Free Rn Flyknit Dames
  • Nike Sko Nettbutikk By getting burned when I filled up my water bottle.

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    DAY 31 – 100,000 BUDDHAS CAN’T BE WRONG

    5/31- Today Masy and I go to Luoyang and the Longman Caves that are nearby. cheap bns gold Nike Air Max 2016 damskie nike air max 2017 heren rood There are 2,300 caves there dating back from about 500 AD and 100,000 carvings of Buddha.

  • Air Foamposite One
  • Zapatillas Adidas Baratas Milwaukee Bucks

  • Air Foamposite One
  • I believe Masy photographed every one. Womens Jordan Retro 7 sac fjallraven pas cher Man, the guy takes a lot of pics! They count little cut-outs from the rocks as a cave, so the number is pretty inflated. comprar mochilas kanken

  • nike air max Canotta Milwaukee Bucks The Buddhas range from a few inches in height to 20 meters and several tons. TANJUN

  • Adidas Nmd Donna
  • Authentic College Jerseys If you were planning an advertising campaign for Buddhism, you might go with “100,000 Buddha sculpture Carvers Can’t Be Wrong!”

    Looking at the caves was like playing the world’s easiest game of “Where’s Waldo – Gautama Edition.” Where Isn’t Buddha? Some of the Buddhas were in high, pretty inaccessible places to reach and it’s hard to imagine how they were constructed, or why. kanken baratas fjällräven kånken Laptop 17 hogan scarpes Is it veneration? Feeling that the more Buddhas, the better? OCD? Contrast this with Islam, where you can’t have a SINGLE image of The Prophet.

  • AIR MAX 2017
  • Nike Air Max 2016 Dames blauw At this cave site, it looked like they’d behead you if you DIDN’T carve a likeness of the Buddha. NIKE AIR MAX TAILWIND 8 nike air max 2016 grijs

  • Golden State Warriors
  • Lots and lots of steps as per usual, and very hot and humid. Nike Air Max TN Homme Air Max 90 VT

  • Nike Air Max 2016 Rosso Uomo
  • Enervating, but amazing. air max 90 pas cher Then we took a pedi-cab to another famous pagoda, but I didn’t go in. Nike Hurley Phantom Free air max pas cher asics gel nimbus 17 hombre opiniones Adidas Baratas España I waited at a restaurant across the way with a couple bottles of water and the fan turned squarely upon me.

  • Nike Air Max 2017 Heren zwart
  • nike tn requin Kam Chancellor Seattle Seahawks Jersey It was bliss.

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    MAY 7 – Didn’t quite slink out of my hotel, after the previous night, but didn’t leave waving a banner and calling attention to myself, either.

  • Nike Air Max 1 Femme
  • J.J. Watt Jerseys Nick Marshall Jerseys Wasn’t sure whether to lug my luggage (and I’m really understanding now why it’s called “lug-gage”) to Tongli, a 1,000 year old water village about 40 minutes away, but decide to take it in case I decide to spend the night. nike air max 1 pas cher

  • Nike Hydro Slide Sandals It keeps that option open. Adidas 2017 Goedkoop

  • nike free run 5 0 nero uomo
  • It turns out to be a great decision, because Tongli is wonderful. Nike Air Foamposite adidas bounce uomo But first, the equivalent of an Uber driver picks me up at the request of this guy who had called him and is waiting at the same spot I am, and they drop me off at the bus terminal for free. New Balance 1600 męskie Nick Marshall Auburn Football Jerseys Which, of course, was very nice. Creighton Bluejays

  • The bus fare to Tongli was about $1.25, and then I’m in the “Venice of the East” as it’s called, for good reason. Nike Air Max 2017 Dames Just gorgeous setting, little bridges, cafes and restaurants along the canal, no cars, peaceful. buty asics 43 nike chaussures pas cher fjällräven kånken Laptop 15 Central plaza has a big stage/pagoda. Chaussures Asics Place to just wander around, get lost, get re-found. fjällräven kånken Stora air max 90 pas cher Nike Air Max BW Femme Great, just great.

    TRIP HIGHLIGHT: This evening I went for a fish massage! I’m walking on one of the commercial streets and there’s a store with fish tanks filled with blue water and about 100 “big guppy” sized fish. adidas zx flux leopard print Nike Air Max 2016 Dames Blauw And you stick your feet in the tank and they converge on your feet and start nibbling at the bacteria! They especially loved my toes! They did a great job cleaning them up. Canotte Cleveland Cavalier nike cortez shop online italia new balance 993 outlet It tickles and is incredibly fun and invigorating at the same time. Is it wrong to get turned on by fish biting at your toes? Well, then I don’t want to be right! You can keep your feet in there as long as you want, and the whole thing costs 20y. Womens Jordan Retro 13 AJ 12 OVO

  • Air Jordan 12 Uomo After, I continue walking down the street, and there’s an identical store about 20 yards away. billige Nike sko norge

  • Air Jordan 7 Homme
  • asics gel stratus uomo Apparently there’s a big market for “fish chow-down.” The whole thing is win-win-win.

  • Nike Air Max 2016 Uomo
  • scarpe nike air max I get a cheap, unique massage and get my feet cleaned, the fish get dinner, and the owner? What a business model.

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    5/30 – Masy, my new best friend, and I go on “tour” together. new balance 577 marron homme Javier Baez Authentic Jersey First we go to top of wall in walled city He bikes it, I take a little open air jitney. Air Jordan 2 (II)

  • Nike Air Force 1 Men
  • It’s pretty disappointing.

  • NMD
  • Air Max 2016 nike air huarache ultra donna Hot, not scenic. Texas A&M Aggies Under Armour UA Curry 1 Canotte Basket But boy, what a fortress. They built it to keep out invaders, of course, And there were all sorts of defensive structures, parapets, water barriers, etc. C.J. Mosley Ravens Jerseys Air Jordan 6 Retro Canotte Basket Air Jordan 11 Uomo Other places I went to in recent days also were all predicated on warlords and fighting, etc. Air Jordan 12 Nike Air Max 2016 Dames Zwart The evening news back then would’ve been portraying a perpetual bloodbath. nike air max 1 femme nike air max 1 pas cher We go to Stone Museum or something that’s quite interesting. New Balance 515 męskie Stones/inscriptions/sculptures from various periods in China’s history.

  • ZX 700
  • asics a4 uomo Nike Air Huarache Heren Then to Muslim Quarter which is linear street with many, many stalls, open-air markets. adidas superstar uomo saldi nike air max 95 uomo Dennis Pitta Ravens Jerseys Not like a medina at all.

    There’s a giant Mosque and Massa goes to pray. Air Huarache cheap fjallraven kanken uk

  • Asics Gel Lyte 5 Donna Rosso
  • He’s Muslim! Who knew? When the men pray, it’s so-ooo quiet. nike air max 90 bianco donna tuta new balance maratona di roma asics tiger uomo Then walk back to Bell Tower. Memphis Grizzlies Under Armour Curry One nike pas cher At night the streets are mobbed. Washington Wizards nike tn pas cher Not particularly interesting or charming or anything except cacophonous and crowded. JK Scott Jersey adidas uomo Then we go eat.

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    MAY 6 – I awake early, dreamless, and eat a delicious egg pancake thingie from a street vendor for 4y. Then go for coffee at Burger King for 13y, which makes no sense. But that’s cheap for coffee! (more about that later).

  • Suzhou is famous for its walled in gardens. I head to the giant pagoda near my hotel, and am met by some folks holding signs looking to book people like me on tours, a tour that I’m actually interested in taking. ADIDAS NMD J.J. Watt Jerseys Nike Air Max 2017 Heren wit Mochilas Kanken Mini I run into the same problem – I WANT to book it, but there’s no way of telling when or where it starts/leaves from. fjallraven kanken classic 16 L They don’t get the “wrist” body language.

  • How can people not get that? Finally, because it’s only $20, I say “Okay,” and wait to see what happens, whereupon I’m directed to jump on the back of one of the group’s motorcycle, who drives me to where a bunch of buses are lined up, and sends me off on one.

    The tour leaves at 9:30AM and we start off with a boat tour down the canal which is very nice, but our guide, a very well-put together woman, never shuts up, and holds her microphone too close and speaks in a loud, shrieky tone. I wonder if she gets paid by the word. Asics 2017 Goedkoop

  • Nike Air Max 90 Femme
  • She also starts a lot of sentences with ‘AHHHH,’ like she is answering a question that she just asked herself.

    Next stop is the silk museum. Silk has its beginnings, apparently, in this area, and because the Chinese are so into symbolism, the silkworm’s cocoon symbolizes eternal life, or going up to heaven, or something very good. buty air jordan 5 damskie It also conveys status, especially in the past.

  • asics gel lyte 3 rosso uomo
  • So we rush through 2 or 3,000 years of the history of silk in 10 minutes so we can spend an hour in the gigantic silk emporium in the adjacent halls. Nike Air Huarache Sale Eddie Lacy Packers Jerseys Asics Gel Lyte 5 damskie Then we’re whisked off to lunch and directed into this huge restaurant, which I opt out of in favor of the cheaper, emptier place next door, which is pretty mediocre.
    Then we go to the ‘Calm’ gardens, one of those famous Suzhou gardens, only it’s on every tour’s itinerary, all of whom have guides who, whether male or female, sound like my guide and talk way-yyy too loud into their megaphones. So the gardens are noisy and anything but ‘calm.’ Then we’re off to a pearl factory, and it’s a replica of the ‘silk’ experience – hustled through the exhibit halls, only to come to a prolonged halt at the shopping area.

    Apparently this is standard practice on tours like these. Nike Air Max Pas Cher One tour operator was in the news for severely berating her tourists for not buying enough at the respective stops, and she threatened that if they didn’t spend a lot more, their plane tickets home would be canceled! Someone videoed her and posted it and she was fired, but stuff like that probably goes on all the time.

    I jettison the tour while we’re marooned in the pearl shop, and hop a cab to the Suzhou Museum, which is fabulous looking, and designed by I.M. Pei. Then onto the nearby and heralded Humble Administrator’s Gardens, which is definitely a trip highlight. Truly fantastic, gorgeous, beautiful, with lakes and pagodas and hills and bonsai and filled with attractions with great names, like “Appearing Nearby Pagoda” or “Hill of sweet-smelling rice,” stuff like that.

    Then walking (!) back to my hotel, because I actually know the way, I stop at a neighborhood restaurant. I’m looking at the menu and when I look up, six middle-aged people are standing at my table, watching me. sac a dos kanken fjallraven new balance u420 w pas cher There’s no embarrassment at all.

  • Nike Free 5.0 Women
  • negozi new balance milano They smile and think it’s entertaining. I smile and am all, “What?” and then when I order they laugh and watch me eat with chopsticks. I find it funny. I get an enormous amount of food for 30y, or $5. nike air max 1 og colorways Spicy green beans, vegetables, a large plate of noodles.

  • Air Max 90 Donna Nere
  • Plus, eating out is even cheaper because there’s no tax added, and no tipping waiters (or anybody).

    OK. So here’s a Big Travel Tip. buty nike 5.0 Before you report that your hotel room was ripped off, go through your things five, nay 8 (lucky number) times. I imagine every trip to a foreign land is going to have a cringe-worthy moment, and I just hope this was mine and I got it out of the way early.

    When I got back to the hotel, I couldn’t find my driver’s license and two of my bank cards and a credit card. Keenan Robinson I had taken them out in the morning and left them in my luggage, but can’t find them on my return. asics gel beyond damskie I look and look and look. Then I realize my suitcase is on the floor, and I was almost positive I left is on the table, and my clothes seem jumbled and zippers are opened and it’s NOT the way I remember leaving it, so I’m sure it’s been ransacked. nike air max 1 pas cher Plus, my bed is ‘made’ – sloppily, but made – which is something I wouldn’t have done.

  • Nike Air Max 180
  • Adidas Yeezy 350 Donna
  • So I report it downstairs. Mujer Air Jordan 14 Marcus Mariota Oregon Jerseys At first they don’t take it seriously, but I come back later – after looking through stuff again – and use the word “police” so they start to pay attention. Asics Gel Lyte 5 I’m thinking the odds of this actually happening are small, and I’m not yelling or acting accusatory or anything, but it is a big deal. The young staff – and a young tourist guy who speaks rudimentary English – come up to help me. new balance 1980 zante roma Then they go downstairs to get the manager, and while they’re doing that, I go through the lining of my luggage AGAIN and I feel the outline of what feels like cards, and I almost wish they’re not there, but they are. Nike Air Max 2016 Heren All except one ATM card, but at this point I can’t say with any conviction that it was stolen.

  • nike air huarache dames rood
  • When the manager and staff knock, I’m too embarrassed to admit that I made a mistake – after causing all this upheaval – so I try to save face by saying I took care of the problem and canceled the cards, but I’m pretty sure the manager knows I’m BS-ing. It’s very embarrassing. The weird part is I’m still Not convinced the room wasn’t gone through because of the way the luggage looked. This worries me somewhat, because the last couple years my mother was alive, when she was in assisted living, like a lot of old people, she was always accusing the staff of stealing from her, even stuff that made no sense stealing.

  • air max 90 blu donna
  • And when I found it, she still was convinced that they’d stolen it, and put it back, or something. fjallraven kanken This wasn’t that bad, but it reminded me of it, which was enough.

    When that kerfuffle was settled, I took a taxi to Shangtang street, which was BUSTLING with outdoor restaurants, tacky music, and side streets with canals and more quiet restaurants, which was very nice.
    OBSERVATION: One thing that immediately makes me enthralled with this country is when you tell people you’re a writer, they’re EXCITED! They think it’s fantastic! They wanted to BE one! They’re really thrilled. billige Nike sko norge AS opposed to the US, where when you say you’re a writer to, say, a woman, she thinks “poor” and looks for the investment banker.


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    5/28 – Today is a lazy day. nike air max pas cher Nike Air Max 2016 Dames Groen I go to a nearby cave, Nike Air Max 2016 Dame nike air max 1 femme which is described as the “most beautiful cave in China.” It’s huge – at one point we walk up 328 steps – and filled with stalagmites and the other one – one descends from the ceiling,

  • Air Jordan 7 Homme
  • Nike Sko Nettbutikk one “grows” from the ground – I forget which is which – and there’s a 15 minute boat ride through it as well,

  • new balance md 1500 homme as well as the requisite multi-colored lighting.

  • Adidas Gazelle Uomo
  • Maglia Larry Bird nike cortez 90s It’s beautiful, asics gel nimbus 14 mujer Tom Brady College Jerseys I suppose, Nike Air Max 90 Femme adidas alphabounce hombre but I’ve been in similar caves and it’s close to impossible to find the exit, Womens Air Jordan 12 adidas pure boost uomo

  • ZX 700
  • Kanken Classic Baratas and I’m hungry, Black White Jordan Shoes nike kd 9 pas cher

  • so some of it is lost on me. asics gel lyte 5 evo When I exit, Maglie NBA adidas zx flux zalando I see my town and hotel have a blackout. Todd Gurley II Georgia Jersey New Balance 247 hombre Kanken Mini adidas trainer uomo blu The major hotels have power and street lamps – the few that there are – are on, nike air huarache donna but otherwise several blocks are blacked out, new balance 577 damskie sac a dos fjallraven nike basketball shoes for sale in south africa I suppose on account of all the rain. Nike Air Max 2016 Dames wit kanken fjallraven After taking a brief nap,

  • Nike Air Max 90 Heren rood
  • scarpe adidas bambino shop online I head out a few blocks to the part of town with power,

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    MAY 5 – The concierge at my hotel, Kim (male) helps me with many things: finally get a cheap cell phone (!), get info on Suzhou train, he writes out the destination in Chinese (which I start doing every time I’m traveling from that moment on), gets me a cab, and explains how and why I almost set the room on fire. Joe Flacco Ravens Jerseys Actually buying the ticket at the train station, of course, is very complicated, but I manage, and leave Shanghai for Suzhou. A young guy in the Suzhou station tries to help me find the hotel I’ve booked , but steers me completely in the wrong direction. new balance bambino offerte new balance 996 femme bleu gold Luckily I get off near an English language institute and a subway, so make my way back, but I waste a couple of hours.

  • I got the phone just in time, because I never would’ve found the hotel without it.

    PRACTICAL TRAVEL TIP: The website www.ctrip.com is good for booking hotels, although in China, it’s www.english.ctrip.com. Canotte Atlanta Hawks New Balance 999 męskie You get a discount, but more importantly, you get a sense of what hotels in the area cost, and availability, because for every one that’s on there, there seem to be ten more in that same category when you actually arrive in town. nike air max thea nero uomo Air Jordan 4 Uomo Tajh Boyd – Clemson Tigers Also importantly, it’s an English speaking service, so they can answer your questions on the phone.
    CFF: Men in China sport almost no facial hair.

  • Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost
  • New Balance 997 hombre I’m the only person in China with a Fu Manchu beard!

    CFF: Pedestrians REALLY don’t have the right of way.

  • Nike Air Max 2017 Donna Rosa
  • Maglia Dwyane Wade More about drivers soon.
    I’m like a total illiterate. Canotte Minnesota Timberwolves ray ban pas cher adidas neo daily team męskie Adidas Ultra Boost Heren I can’t read the signs or speak a word. Authentic College Jerseys

  • Even my body language fails. ULTRA BOOST 2017 nike internationalist hombre Fjallraven Kanken 7L Nike Free Run +2 There was a tour that I wanted to pay and go on, but when I ask what time it leaves they don’t understand, and I point to my imaginary wrist watch, which I assume is the universal symbol for “What time is it/will it leave?” but they don’t get it at all. Nike Sko Nettbutikk nike air max 1 essential mujer Ohio State Buckeyes So I couldn’t go.

    In evening I take a taxi to the Ping Yao area.

  • Nike Air Max 90 Dames blauw
  • I’ve started taking taxis and they are very cheap. nike tn Homme Adidas Femme The meter starts at around $1.75, but then it barely moves. The next 3 km it doesn’t move at all, and then it “jumps” 1 yuan every so often. Dont’a Hightower College Jerseys It’s the only place I’ve ever gotten bored watching the meter, or actually rooted for it to go up because I felt bad for the driver.

    Ping Yao is a long street that straddles a canal, and there are lots of branches running off it, and many “sweets” shops and cafes. Canotta Detroit Pistons

  • Nike Air Max 2017 Dames blauw
  • Nike Air Max 2016 Italia It feels very ‘arty.’ A middle-aged man sits at a table under a lamp and draws six-inch long calligraphy paintings, one after another, all different, for $3 apiece. PURE BOOST asics sneakers online store nike scarpe 2017 asics donna Unreal.

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    May 27 – Go back to the park. Nike Air Max 87 Femme Asics Aoldes Nike Air Max 1 Femme nike air max 2017 mujer Weather is nicer. asics gel lyte 5 hombre blancas Fjallraven Kanken 20L New Balance 990 … Continue reading

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    May 4 – This time I have a weird political dream. adidas nmd dziecięce I’m ushered into the White House and Putin is sitting in a chair. He’s muscular, charismatic, handsome, and he asks my opinion about the role of government. Canotte Washington Wizards I tell him that the first order is to feed and house the people, and after that it’s to provide for their happiness. adidas ultra boost I give him examples of people being able to use their potential. Chicago Bulls I tell him I once was in Russia while it was still part of the Soviet Union and remember that even though the apartments were crowded and small, people came outside and serenaded each other on guitars and lovers were tender with each other in the parks. Houston Rockets In that, they’re like flowers. They look for a place to grow and flourish. In the dream, George W.

  • Bush was on the couch and made a remark about getting drunk or something and literally hopped up and down. He was a complete moron. asics gel nimbus hombre

  • Putin was very impressed with what I said.

  • Nike Air Max 90 Donna
  • I haven’t seen anything resembling a laundromat, and even people in upper class apartments hang their laundry outside on terraces to dry. Nike Dames There might be a laundry service, but since I don’t have a clue how to ask for it, I wash ‘essentials’ in the bathtub. Have very mediocre buffet breakfast and try to go through my remaining *&^ papers. asics cumulus 17 uomo prezzo Then head to Yu Ann Garden, which is highly recommended, but it’s extremely hard to find. nike air max 2017 pas cher nike tn pas cher There are street signs with arrows that point to things, but then they just stop, and you’re still not there. nike air max 2016 zwart New Balance 446 hombre Some other Americans were having the same problem. Under Armour Curry 3.0 I finally find it, but not before traversing through old-style, tacky bazaar filled with shops.

  • New York Knicks
  • Big Colonel Sanders logo on front of large pagoda, because nothing says “Buddhism” like the Colonel. At one point, a young couple asks me to take their picture. Cleveland Cavaliers

  • air max 90 bianco donna
  • They’re fun, and their English isn’t bad and they ask me to join them for some show. I beg off, but they say we can meet up later. Nike kyrie 2 He’s a middle school teacher of American history and recites more facts about the US than most Americans know. I tell him I’m glad I came to China to learn American history. Nike Air Max 2017 Homme I finally found the gardens, which are beautiful, harmonious, sprawling. Fjallraven Kanken Large

    Fjällräven Kånken Ryggsäckar There’s a calligraphy hall/shop on the grounds and the girl, who speaks pretty good English, starts following me around. Kris Bryant Authentic Jersey She’s trying to sell me stuff, but not aggressive about it. Air Max Baratas But when someone speaks English to me, I immediately react like a starving man being offered water.

  • Nike Free 5.0 Dames zwart
  • New Balance 420 mujer

  • When I emerge, I run into the couple right away.

  • Nike Air Max 90 Heren groen
  • What are the odds? They ask me to go to the show with them, and I say OK. When we get there, it’s one of the over-priced tea ceremonies my guide book has warned me about. It was only $8 – to start – not too bad, but the book said it was a scam, and I’d wind up with a large bill, so I deferred even though I couldn’t tell what the rip-off would be. When I begged off, they were still pleasant, but kind of insistent – at one point he said something like “We spent a lot of time asking you…” Anyway, it was disappointing, because they seemed genuinely charming, and I’m not 100% sure it was a scam anyway. Walk through “Old Street” which resembles market streets in the countryside. Nike Air Max 90 Femme asics gel lyte 3 hombre azules

  • nike free run 5 0 nero uomo
  • Few blocks long.

  • Then go back to hotel, and gym. Yadier Molina Authentic Jersey Then to French Concession, with many alleyways with shops off the main narrow street. Canotte Los Angeles Clippers It’s kind of the bohemian area.

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    MAY 2 – It’s raining. asics gel lyte 5 hombre Looking for a local Starbucks for some coffee in my neighborhood, which seems working class, I stumble upon a kiosk where I find my beloved charger! Also a gym! So suddenly I’m powered up, in both senses of the word. new balance 247 femme Canotte Chicago Bulls Still no phone, but my hotel has wi-fi, so I’m finally online. Nike Benassi Yunel Escobar Baseball Jersey Nike Air Max 2017 Heren grijs But there’s no gmail. Mens Nike Flyknit

  • Memphis Grizzlies
  • Nike Air Max TN Homme That’s because China and Google seem to have declared war on each other for some reason. Nike Air Huarache Adidas NMD Heren

  • air max 90 blu donna
  • Can’t ‘Google’ anything either. new balance 993 outlet asics damskie leginsy I head back to the jazz festival but it’s rained out, so wander into posh martini lounge which is empty because it’s early and read about China! Good idea! Then head to The Bund, this long boulevard of ornate European style buildings that line the riverfront. PUMA evoPOWER homme

  • HUGE tourist mecca, both for the buildings and the waterfront walking paths. Maglie Cleveland Cavaliers “Selfie sticks” proliferate here. Canotte Memphis Grizzlies Many people seem to like nothing better than to put themselves in every photo they take. Nike Air Jordan Baratas nike air max 2017 femme rouge Note to “Selfie Stick” people: When your friends watch pix of your trip, they want to see the SIGHTS. New Balance 1600 hombre air max 1 pas cher THOSE change. You, believe it or not, look the same as you did five minutes ago. Oregon Ducks Then go to Nanjing East Road, which is a pedestrian mall/shopping mecca.

  • Femmes Air Jordan 6
  • cheap adidas uk for sale Nike Air Max 2017 schoenen It’s mobbed. AIR MAX SEQUENT nike free 3.0 v4 blau nike air max 1 ultra moire donna People seem to travel a lot in groups, and families generally are hauling around one kid, who they dote on and are affectionate with. Case Keenum – Houston Cougars nike air max 2016 goedkoop Everyone seems happy and well-adjusted and it feels very safe. Compra Zapatillas New Balance One family stops me and want to take a photo with me in it. Denver Nuggets Nike Kobe Shoes new balance 577 grey green orange asics buty meskie gel sonoma They are very pleased when I agree. Air Max 90 Dames

  • Air Max 90 Homme
  • new balance grigie bambino

    CFF: I read a story about how they put up, like an 80 story skyscraper in 37 days. Kris Bryant Authentic Jersey They build these things in factories, pre-fab, I guess, and then just put ‘em up.

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    THE TRIP THERE – APRIL 29 & 30.

    These two days count as one, because there’s a 15 hour time difference between the west coast and China, so although I leave mid-day on the 29th, when I get off the plane, it’s night time on the 30th. Nike Air Max 2017 Dames Fjällräven Kånken 15 hours ahead is like living in the future! When I’m getting ready to go to sleep in China, your day on the west coast has barely begun! I’ve got the whole day under my belt, and you don’t even know what you’re having for breakfast! I’m sure I’m making more of it than it is, but I’ve never lived 15 hours in the future before, and it strikes me as amazing. nike air max flyknit hombre Nike Air Huarache damskie

    But back to the flight. buy bns gold I get the best seat on the plane! For some reason, they switch my seat, and give me the entire emergency row, immediately behind First Class, and it’s two feet from the bathroom. Air Max 90 Femme Fjallraven Kanken Kopen This is great, and not only for the obvious reason.

  • nike air presto bambini I’ve brought along so many papers – bills, pages torn from books that I need to input, miscellaneous articles I vowed to read before I left – that I just need a big garbage pail to throw them in.

  • Nike Air Max 2018 Men
  • Nike Air Max 90 Pas Cher See? I couldn’t research my trip: I didn’t even have time to go through the pre-trip crap! Hence, multiple trips to the bathroom. corrida asics golden run 2016 Which maybe looks weird. Kam Chancellor Seattle Seahawks Jersey

  • Air Max 1 Donna
  • But I don’t care. asics femme Air Jordan 3 Retro Having been moved from my “regular” coach seat, I don’t know how I would’ve survived the flight if not for the switch.

  • air max 90 bianco donna
  • Goedkoop Adidas Schoenen I desperately need the legroom, and spend a fair amount of time just walking up and down the aisles.
    Air China puts babies in the front rows, because they have room for bassinets, which I find charming. Rod Carew Jersey Women Air Jordan 5 Don’t know if US airlines do that for international flights, but somehow I doubt it.

    I have a 2 ½ hour layover in Beijing airport, and while that seems like a good break, in reality, it’s incredibly short.

  • Mens Nike Air Max Flyknit
  • I have to clear customs, which has a big line, and switching planes involves going to a completely different part of the airport – and it’s far. air max Even though things go smoothly, I have almost no wiggle room.

  • Utah Jazz
  • Asics Gel Nimbus 17 męskie The Chinese are planning on everything running smoothly. adidas outlet shop Any delays anywhere, and I’d miss my connecting flight. nike free rn flyknit uomo adidas yeezy boost 350 donna Adidas Baratas This also screws up my “plan,” such as it was, to book a room online during the lay-over. Alfred Morris Redskins Jerseys Asics Gel Quantum 360 Dames adidas gazelle męskie nike kd 9 pas cher There’s no time. nike air max goedkoop So I will arrive in Shanghai 10PM, hotel-less. TCU Horned Frogs Jerseys

    I take the airport train downtown, but can’t get online anywhere, because all the coffee shops, like Starbuck’s – and I can already tell that they’re as ubiquitous here as they are back home – require you to get a code texted to your phone number – and I don’t have a phone yet.

  • Adidas Nmd Donna Bianche
  • So I’m really stuck, until I happen upon two German guys walking down the street and I ask them if they can have a code texted to their phone that I can use. Happily they agree, and I sit on the deck of Starbuck’s outside (it’s closed) searching for hotels. It’s a couple hours after I arrive – well after midnight – when I book one and take a taxi there. Aside from any jetlag, I’m just very tired.
    PRACTICAL TRAVEL TIP: Aside from possibly selling out, which didn’t seem to be an imminent threat – there was no price advantage in booking a month, two weeks, or even a week ahead. Air China had seats on sale, with a scheduled end date, and as long as you booked during that time – even if your flight was tomorrow, you could get it for that sale price. Asics Gel Nimbus 17 męskie ray ban homme Unlike American airlines, which have something like 10,000 different fares for flights, depending on the micro-second you book and how many days out, etc.

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    Ni hao.
    That mean “hello” in Mandarin, and pretty much sums up my total preparation for my 42 day trip to China. Bart Starr Packers Jerseys

    I’m not a big fan of prepping out everything beforehand, preferring to tailor my trip along the way – staying longer or shorter in certain places as experiences warrant, stumbling upon new towns along the way, letting serendipity take its course – but even by my limited standards, this trip is woefully lacking in advance prep. adidas nmd uomo Cheap Fjallraven Kanken Big Air Jordan 14 Uomo Bo Jackson Auburn Jerseys It’s like I was planning a trip to Hayward instead of halfway around the world to a totally foreign culture. nike legging homme ray ban pas cher Why? No reason, particularly. Scarpe Nike Store Italia Just decided to go about three weeks in advance and had things I had to wrap up on the home front. Goedkoop Nike Air Max nike air force 1 low hombre Why China? Why now? “Now” because I’ve been spending the past several years in a house-sitting situation, and when Marsha, the owner, comes back, I gotta go somewhere, and when you’re not paying rent, traveling is not all that more expensive than renting a temporary space where you live. So I’ve tried to do that when I can. Fjallraven Kanken Infantil And China? Well, it’s on my “bucket list.” (When you’re over 60, your “Things I want to do” list somehow transmogrifies into a “bucket list.” And Spring is a good time to go.

  • Nike Air Max 90 Rosso Uomo
  • adidas uk store Plus, and this was no small part of the calculation, fares were astonishingly low.

  • Nike Air Huarache Heren wit
  • new balance 1500 ebay A round-trip ticket from San Francisco to Shanghai could be had for $632! This was so cheap that I chose not to use the frequent-flier miles I’ve been saving for the past two decades in anticipation of a trip like this. goedkope Nike Air Max 90

    Finally, it’s about a 16 hour flight. I figure that gives me about eight of those hours to bone up on where’s good to go in China. New Balance 373 hombre Plus, I’ve already decided to spend my first 4 days in Shanghai, so that gives me time to figure out my next couple of moves.

  • Stan Smith Adidas Uomo
  • IF I can get online, which I’m uncertain about. goedkoop nike air max 2017 adidas zx 700 damskie I have a couple of ideas where I’m going to stay my first night, but haven’t even gotten that far. Cleveland Cavaliers I only found out in the nick of time that I needed a visa, for God’s sake, and scrambled to get one. Forget about the recommended vaccinations for typhoid (typhoid?), hepatitis A & B(although apparently you don’t have to worry that much about “B”), malaria and a couple others.

  • Stan Smith Adidas Uomo
  • Nike Air Max Thea damskie Didn’t get ‘em. College Football Jerseys Also, I lost my cellphone the week before I left, took it as an opportunity to switch to Boost Mobile, a lower-priced company, but found out, literally on my way to the airport, that their phones (or at least mine) don’t include sim cards, so I won’t be able to switch it out for a Chinese card, meaning I don’t have a phone in China. Soldes Nike Pas Cher The other thing that slipped through the cracks is I didn’t get a power adaptor for my laptop or tablet. nike air max pas cher pour homme

  • Can I Skype? Don’t know. AIR ZOOM STRUCTURE 20 Baylor Bears adidas alphabounce damskie E-mail? Don’t know. Canotte Indiana Pacers Goedkoop New Balance Travel freely? Don’t know. Chicago Bulls nike air max 90 premium uomo Nike Air Max 90 Heren I guess I’ll find out soon enough. So read along, and we’ll find out together.

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    5/26 – Day takes a while to get going, but I go to the mountain park about ½ mile from my hotel.

  • Nike Air Max 90 Heren grijs
  • It also has admission of about 250y, but it’s good for four days, and there are many attractions. nike air zoom pegasus 83 hombre adidas nmd r1 damskie I take the free bus to the “10 Mile Gallery” electric cart train which turns out to be 5.8km, so why it’s called “10 Mile” beats me. Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 mochilas kanken big I don’t know where I am when I get off, but people are walking down steps, so I decide to walk up them. Nike Air Foamposite Pro nike air max 2017 heren groen I figure it’s a little loop. nike tn femme nike air presto hombre Turns out I’m walking to the top of the mountain. Fjallraven Kanken 20L Easily a couple thousand steps. new balance baskets 996 bleu marine et or

  • Milwaukee Bucks
  • new balance uomo brescia I was the only person going this direction, opposite hundreds coming the other way. GS Air Jordan 3 asics tiger

  • AIR MAX 2016
  • But I liked it, even though it was lightly raining. Jordan 11 Sale Found it invigorating, stimulating. Julio Jones Alabama Football Jerseys asics tiger mujer Felt good that I could do it “at my age.” Felt my lung capacity is very good. adidas gazelle Under Armour CurryPas Cher Views were limited because of dense clouds, but there were still some stunning rock formations and peaks. nike tn requin pas cher Again, coming down involved many connections, and I can’t figure out why. Matthew Stafford Jerseys First you walk to the bus.

  • Portland Trail Blazers
  • Then 2) take a 35 minute bus ride on windy roads at too high speed, then 3) walk about a half-mile until you 4) take a glass elevator where you’re staring the mountains right in “the face” and descend rapidly, where you 5) take another half hour bus ride and 6) switch buses for yet another 15 minute ride.

  • Nike Air Max 2017 Uomo
  • asics a4 uomo adidas xeno superstar italia Taylor Martinez College Jerseys It wasn’t this long coming in, and it’s hard to believe I walked this high and far to account for all the difference, but it must be the case.

    As for food, I have sticker shock, both on the low and high end.

  • Nike Free Rn Flyknit Uomo
  • nike air max 95 donna For breakfast I had a plant based drink, a bao, and a big other roll and it was 4y.

  • Nike Air Huarache Vente
  • I reiterated for the woman what I had but it was still 4y. Hogan Outlet Nike Air More Uptempo For dinner, I had a fish killed for me, then some greens and an eggplant dish and it was 216y – $35! I figured the most it would be was 120y. New Balance 574 Pas Cher So, almost double. Bo Jackson Auburn Jerseys Nike Air Max 2016 Dames roze It was delicious but in the future before I order fish, I gotta ask what it costs.

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    5/25 – I arrive in Zhangjijie at 6AM so do some “paperwork” in McDonald’s.

  • I can see cable cars nearby so follow them go to buy a ticket up Mt.

  • Tatian (?) It’s supposed to be the world’s longest cable car, and I can believe it. Compra Zapatillas Adidas Baratas Online It’s also supposed to be ½ price for over 60s, but they tell me that’s only for “Chinese.” Discriminatory and prejudicial! After putting up a fight, I reluctantly fork over 261y – that’s like, $45! – for one attraction.

  • Nike Air Max 2016 Blu Uomo
  • In China that’s major money. adidas neo męskie But it’s hard to claim it’s a rip off – the views at the top are spectacular and the cable car ride takes 25 minutes and rises at seemingly impossible angles. Air Jordan 13 Adidas Gazelle Heren It boggles the mind how it was constructed. sac à dos fjallraven kanken Also, at the top there are trails that include glass walkways (which make you feel tentative walking on it, even though it’s an illusion, as it’s as sturdy as the rest of the path) a suspension bridge, and you walk a path along the side of the cliffs that is just staggering in its beauty. Asics Gel Noosa męskie Nike Air Max 2017 Femme asics homme pas cher negozi new balance milano Then, going down first you A) walk, then b) Take six successive LONG escalators each one taking 3-4 minutes, then 3) come out at the mid-way point and walk down 999 steps. Zach Mettenberger – LSU Tigers THEN take a bus down this windy, narrow road, and THEN take the cable car ride to the bottom.

  • Adidas Superstar Blu Uomo
  • With the help of this guy I met up the mountain, I grab a bus to Wulingyuan.

    TRAVELING WITHOUT PLANS – I pull into Wulingyuan – a place I’d never heard of four days ago – about 7:30PM, and a man with a motorbike immediately asks me if I want a place to sleep, nearby, for 120y – about $20 – and I turn him down. nike tn chaussure adidas superstar uomo miglior prezzo I realize that I’m very unconcerned about finding a place to sleep. An internet search earlier already showed that economical rooms were to be had, so I’m sure I can secure one. Nike Air Max 2017 Dames zwart ray ban homme It’s very similar to how I traveled in my 20s, except that back then I was hitch-hiking in the US and I would TURN DOWN FREE ACCOMMODATIONS because I knew SOMEONE “BETTER” WOULD OFFER! Now THAT’S “brave.” I can’t imagine doing something like that today.

    But while the country and culture are different, there’s still an internet, there are still hotels and restaurants and “civilization” still holds forth, so for the most part, it doesn’t feel brave to be doing this. Almost a month into “winging it” there have been relatively few hitches. Aside from frequently wondering if I’m on the right bus, hiking trail, things like that – which would occur anyway since things are in Chinese – my plans have seldom backfired, because I have no plans! Like with booking the Yangtze cruise, I’ve had my share of luck, and I’d be nowhere without the help of the people here at times, but that also would be true if everything was planned out in advance.

    One major reason this type of itinerant itinerary is possible is because airlines and trains barely raise their fares as the departure time grows imminent. That allows for maximum flexibility without incurring a major financial penalty.
    Sure enough, I get off the bus in Wulingyuan by a park where a large group of people are dancing – it’s an exercise class. nike air max 2016 donna Women Air Jordan 3 After a short time this young girl Ginny comes up and asks if she can help me. adidas zx 850 mujer Another aspect of traveling without plans is trying to hone an instinct on who to allow to help you.

  • air max 90 bianco donna
  • Sure, she COULD be leading me to some dark alley where muggers await, but considering how few lone tourists pass through here and stop at this particular park, the odds that anyone is lying in wait is pretty miniscule. adidas tubular donna She leads me to a hotel for 100y a night, and then the lobby quickly resembles a sitcom. Roshe Run For Womens
    Nike Free 5.0 I want to do laundry and the old lady in the lobby who works there volunteers for 30y even though it’s a load of smelly stuff.

  • Yeezy Boost 350 V2
  • hogan scarpes italia I think she’s asking for too little. adidas stan smith dziecięce Not to worry. chaussures asics pas cher She quickly starts complaining that it’s too little even though that was her price, and asks for 40, and I’m happy to give it to her.

  • Air Jordan 9 Uomo
  • Then this woman offers to carry the bag to the room, but she goes two floors too high, and there’s more commotion between her and the guy behind the desk. asics mexico patike So once again I set off a “scene” which is entertainment. Nike Air Max Norge Nettbutikk

  • Amari Cooper Alabama Jersey
  • I go for a walk and pass by a coffee/wine café. adidas scarpe 2017

  • Nike Air Max 2017 Dames blauw
  • I go in, look around, and tell them I will be back “later.” The guy asks “When?” I laugh, and say ‘In an hour or hour and a half.” When I return about 1:45 later, the guy says, “Finally.”

    Wulingyuan is beautiful. asics schoenen A river runs through it, it’s surrounded by mountains, it has a lot of upscale hotels and many tour buses, but the streets are pretty westernized. Go for a delicious street meal – beer, grilled mushrooms, grilled squid, grilled eggplant with garlic, another fish filet, and a tofu square – and it’s 33y.

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    One of the remarkable things about dogs is their willingness to go anywhere on a moment’s notice. new balance enfants Soldes Asics 2017 Jangle the leash or snap your fingers indicating “Let’s go” and a dog never raises his brow and asks “Where?” or “It’s a bit early, isn’t it?” or “Should I bring a sweater?” They just bolt towards the door, eager to follow wherever you lead, happy to spend quality time with their master and sniffing around.

    As the only Westerner (and non-Mandarin speaking) person aboard the four day three night cruise on the Yun Chun, the “Domestic” or “Chinese” boat down the Yangtze River, I realize when it came to taking the several excursions off the boat, I had developed “Dog Mind.” Most of the time I had no idea what was going on: what attraction we were going to see, what the lure was, or what time we had to be back on board. Once in a while, out of all the thousands of sounds my leader uttered, he spoke a couple of words I understood, like “Boat. 9 o’clock,” and I was beside myself with joy because I had some idea of where I was supposed to be.
    But mostly, I had no clue what was happening.
    Nor did it matter. oakley pas cher asics tiger lyte jogger I was just happy to get back on land and go for a walk.

  • Air Max 2017 Nero Donna
  • Because I didn’t want to risk getting lost and missing the boat, my highest priority at all times was staying close to my guide. Air Jordan 4 Premium nike air max 95 donna Carrying the dog analogy one step further, in essence I was his “bitch.” As long as my guide was near me, I was happy. Canotta New York Knicks Sac Kanken But because he spoke to the rest of the group in Chinese and I didn’t understand a word, I occasionally got bored and followed my nose and wandered off. When my attention refocused, sometimes I couldn’t find my guide anywhere! I got nervous and started whining. Canotte Boston Celtics After a little frantic darting about, I relied on my other senses. Womens Air Jordan 3.5 adidas eqt damskie I pricked up my ears and listened for tourists barking in the background. adidas y3 hombre baskets Asics Pre Galaxy Sometimes I wouldn’t spot my guide but did recognize a fellow pas&senger on the boat who had thrown me the proverbial bone by speaking to me, and that perked me up immensely, because I knew he would lead me to my guide.

  • But it wasn’t until my guide was in sight that I became deliriously happy. It was all I could do to restrain myself from licking his face.

    I usually refrain from writing about things scatological, but I have to make an exception here. Cheap Fjallraven Kanken Classic nike air max 90 pas cher Things get gross. Air Max 2014
    Maglia Carmelo Anthony I suggest you skip over this section.
    Seriously. *%^&*$******END OF GROSS SECTION

    This second excursion is “the big one.” 4 ½ hours and through two of the three gorges. adidas superstar mujer Wu Gorge is very dramatic, with very high peaks and close walls.
    It’s a three-story boat and I sit on the top level which costs 30Y in the form of a “bottomless” cup of tea The top level, of course, is the one where you can see all around, as opposed to sitting inside, where you can see very little. nike air max 2017 goedkoop Fjallraven d’Occasion Goedkoop Adidas Y-3 The seats (and our teacups) were actually saved for us on the return trip, after we disembarked to go on the second, smaller boat through the second gorge.
    I don’t know why, but for the trip through the second gorge, they decided to turn the experience into a Disney World type theme ride. Nike France There are singers in costume awaiting us when we arrive, the guide is a comedian of sorts, and sings a call/response song to which almost everyone responds, (the boat behind us and the one behind that each echo the same call/response 20 seconds or so later). Scarpe Adidas NMD Runner Canotte Orlando Magic adidas zx flux damskie niebieskie There are also costumed performers we pass en route, singing, playing the lute, other stuff. New Balance 990 męskie It’s kind of tacky, like China doesn’t have confidence in this gorge to carry its weight.

  • ADIDAS Crazylight Boost 2016 Low
  • Then we do the entire trip in reverse.

    After dinner we’re called up on the deck for a talk about the mountains we’re passing. I’m not sure if it’s the third gorge, but the peaks are tremendously high, every turn reveals an even higher one. Marshawn Lynch Seattle Seahawks Jersey It’s splendid. Rutgers Scarlet Knights asics gel stratus hombre Nike Air Foamposite lancel pas cher Very beautiful.

  • Nike Air Max 90 Dames 2017
  • It’s also an opportunity to have most of the people on the boat in the same place, for farewells and farewell photos. A couple of my “friends” take pix with me and I do likewise.

  • Nike Air Force 1 Basse
  • It’s funny how you can “take” to some people even though you can’t speak a word. Judging from reactions to me, I’d say I acquitted myself well on the boat. I’m not sure why.

    I’ve discovered that many people like me better when they can’t understand me. And vice-versa.
    If I guessed further, I’d say it’s because I did my own thing (exercise, work on the computer) but also interacted well, was responsive when talked to, looked friendly by smiling a lot, and didn’t put myself separate or above them.
    Between excursion one and two, I had a hot shower and BOUGHT SANDALS (rubber) for 15Y and WHAT a pleasure to finally have clean, DRY feet.

  • It’s wonderful. Air Jordan 13 (XIII) Very good day.

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    May 22 – Get up around 5:30, go up on deck and do my boot camp exercises. asics gel kinsei 5 vs nimbus 17 A couple people watch me, but I expected to see ladies doing tai chi or something, but they’re not here. Adidas buty damskie This boat is fine, but if it rained, it could be really confining. Canotte Golden State Warriors Nike Air Max 2017 Heren There are very few places to sit outside one’s room. But the Chinese seem to like staying in close quarters, or are at least used to it. The 3 people in my room – 2 ladies, a man – I don’t believe they’ve left the room the entire trip, including the excursion this morning. Adrian Peterson – Oklahoma Sooners

  • Asics Gel Lyte 5 Donna
  • But they are extremely nice – almost pushing their food on me.

    One teenage girl onboard treats me almost like a rock star – she grins and giggles and gives me a big hello every time she sees me.

  • Adidas Gazelle Nero Donna
  • Another girl who is kind of sexy talked to me earlier and when she looked at my photos, she leaned in to me, almost like a girlfriend does when she wants to snuggle. Then she got up, and her male companion took her place and did the same thing! It’s just what they do. Air Max 2017 Dames zwart People come over when I’m typing and have no compunction about looking over my shoulder at what I’m writing. Maybe privacy has a different meaning, or concept here.

  • Nike Air Max 2017 Dames
  • Many people hang their laundry up on the upper deck. adidas yeezy boost 350 v2 damskie I’m guessing – although I could be wrong – that they don’t do that on the luxury boat.

    Found out that I could purchase all seven meals on this trip for 100y – $16. Cheap Fjallraven Kanken Backpack Lunch was a slab of rice, with green vegetable, mushrooms, and tomatoes in egg. Pretty good, actually. nike air max 2017 femme grise They are served cafeteria style, on a silver tray with five compartments, on which are piled a brick of rice (replaced by bao for breakfast), and assorted vegetables and the occasional meat are dished out from large vats. There is no Column B. You can also buy provisions in the store. Adidas NMD Dames beige One characteristic of China entrepreneurship is when a business has a captive audience, it doesn’t feel (or is ordered not to) jack up their prices. nike air max 90 premium uomo I bought rubber sandals because my sneakers and socks were soaked and I craved dry feet, and bought them on the boat for 15Y.

    One guy who seems to be a group leader, or at least is charismatic and last night briefly sang on the deck, tried to show me the proper way to use chopsticks, which is to get under the food, lower your face to the bowl, and shovel it in. free run 5.0 uomo Washington Wizards It’s precisely the opposite of what we consider refined dining in the US.

    The excursion was good – we went to Benghazi: The Unforgotten Scandal. UNLV Rebels

  • Chaussures Nike Air Jordan
  • I mean Fuguzi: The Ghost City. Adidas ZX Flux Heren It’s 2,000 years old, has monumental monuments – the gigantic gold bust of a head at the top of Ming Mountain is certainly a marvel – and would make a great subject for a ‘heist” movie – and we went through The Gates of Hell – which two guards actually ceremoniously prevent us from passing until they’ve judged our character – at least that’s what I think was going on – and then let us through – for a photo op! Kind of like an “Underworld” version of airport security. Scarpe Kobe 11 As far as I know, no one gets turned away. But lots of temples, Buddhas, etc.

  • Oklahoma City Thunder
  • Jalen Hurts Alabama Jersey
  • Buddha is very jolly. Joc Pederson Authentic Jersey Asics Gel Noosa damskie You never once see a portrait of Jesus smiling.

  • Adidas Nmd Uomo
  • Lots of uphill walking and more stair climbing. Nike Hyperdunk
    At one point coming down, I see a group of about 20 Westerners walking up stairs and they look like a different species – they’re not particularly large, but compared to my group, which is typical Chinese – they’re huge. New Balance Goedkoop And lumbering. And dragging their butts. Nike air max 1 pas cher nike air max pas cher When I go home, the difference will probably be startling for a bit.

    Pretty interesting, and lasted about 3 hours, then had the ‘optional’ second excursion to see that gold figure up close– which cost another 100y. On this latter excursion, we keep going “up” and it keeps getting later – the boat is supposed to leave at 11AM. Fjallraven Kanken España I recognize a couple people from my boat on this tour, but I get nervous that the boat will leave if we’re not back. Because I understand nothing, I get nervous, and head back before we reach the giant gold head – and then get nervous because I take the jitney bus back to one of two docks – and there are ships docked at each, so I’m not sure I’m at the right one. But all the others appear to be big cruise ships – there seems to only be one “Chinese” boat – so I head to it, and it’s the right one. I arrive 10:56, but in truth the boat doesn’t leave till 11:15 or so, and the other people made it onto the ship, so I guess the situation was under control.

    We just were passed by one of the “luxury” ships – the Yangtze Something or Other. asics femme Certainly compares well with our little frigate, but the boats all stop at the same places. Even on the “international” boat, which I assumed would be mostly Westerners, they seem to be overwhelmingly Chinese.
    Our next excursion is not until – I believe -10PM tonight. Air VAPORMAX goedkoop nike air max 2016 I can’t imagine what that is.

    My room is immediately adjacent to the dining room, and when its mealtime, a great ruckus and commotion ensues, with people lining up and pushing slightly forward, like cats who can’t wait for you to open the can. I can’t even get out of the room for a few minutes.
    The way some people stay in their rooms, or don’t go on the excursions, makes me wonder if some people are actually using the boat for transportation, as opposed to a cruise.

    So far, cruising down the Yangtze, we are regularly passing homes and small midsized colorless cities. Michael Wacha Jersey There’s no charm about them. adidas zx flux uomo bianche Goedkoop Nike Air Max The residents have TV, and probably internet, and I’m sure they have their own local music and theater groups, but I can’t imagine they have much “culture” in these places, isolated as they are. Maybe they don’t miss it or need it and get by with friends and family and work. Fjallraven Kanken Baratas The operative word for most of these towns is DRAB. One town had all old, weathered white buildings with exactly one visible red neon sign, either the first burgeoning sign of color or the last gasp of life before being swallowed up by endless white.
    We passed one bridge that could have been the model (or vice-versa) for the Golden Gate Bridge. When 10pm came, we disembarked and walked up dozens of stairs to get to a temple and overlook.
    CFF: In some hotels and tourist attractions there will be a row of squatting toilets with one at the end marked “handicapped.” That’s the western style sit-down toilet we’re all accustomed to. Whether that’s a subtle dig at us or not is impossible to know, but “handicapped accessible” these are not.

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    5/21 –I leave Guilin intact: with my ATM card, computer “fixed,” some clean clothes and my shoes don’t stink to high heaven because I washed the insoles.

  • Nike Air Max 90 Dames 2017
  • nike air max 2017 dames I’ve made assumptions again, that I’ll get to Chonquing and easily book a boat for a cruise down the Yangtze tonight, but that could certainly be wrong. We’ll see. New Balance 997.5 hombre This is the half-way point of the trip, just about.

    I’m constantly misplacing or packing away the very papers or cards I need. Maglie Seattle Sonics In this case, I have an address on my computer of a hostel in Chongquing that speaks good English and can book the cruise, but when I go offline, I stupidly lose it, and have to search for the hostel on foot which is hard because of my luggage and because there’s a HIGH divide in the road that I have to traverse.

  • Arizona State Sun Devils I head instead to the central ticket office where English is rudimentary at best and I’m told the boat for tourists is sold out. new balance 373 bleu marine homme But I get online long enough to find where the hostel is, and head over.

    The girl there gives me total misinformation: that there are no boats tonight: that I have to travel 4 hours the next day to another village to get a boat because the water is low. adidas neo daily team męskie This doesn’t jibe with either my guidebook, the main ticket office where they were going to sell me a ticket for tonight if it wasn’t sold out, and the fact that the large luxury “international” boats are leaving from here, which doesn’t make sense. adidas stan smith donna So I press her some more, nicely, to call the ticket office and sure enough, there is a boat this evening and there are berths available. Virginia Cavaliers nike air max 1 print donna I scurry to get some money and food, and hustle back and get on the boat.

    For sure, it’s not the lap of luxury. Rooms for 4 are very small and the bathroom strikes me as very unsanitary. New Balance Hombre You basically shower where you shit. Canotte nba Donna Fjallraven Kanken No.2 So as much as possible I’m going to try to wait till I’m onshore to do the latter. nike air max 2016 wit sac a dos kanken fjallraven And the common rooms seem to be basically non-existent. Nike Air Max 2017 Heren

  • Air Max 2014 Homme
  • nike requin tn pas cher Compared to the deluxe ship which is a real cruise ship, and all lit up, we look like a low-rent favela. Vêtements Nike Pas Cher

  • Scarpe Running Nike Uomo
  • Mens Nike Air Max Flyknit
  • Mochilas Kanken España And they have wi-fi, we don’t, and have meals included and we don’t. new balance 577 grey green orange New Balance 1600 damskie

  • Stan Smith Adidas Uomo
  • But that boat costs $425 plus tips for “4 days, 3 nights’” which, in real time, is 2 ½ days: cruise starts at 9PM and ends the fourth day at 1PM. Air Jordan 3 Uomo asics scarpe donna

  • Asics Gel Nimbus 18 Uomo
  • Plus, excursions are $50 extra per.

  • Air Max 1 Homme
  • Justin Hunter Titans Jerseys By contrast, my boat is $100 plus excursions, but I get all five excursions for another $125, so the whole thing comes to $225.

  • adidas sale uk Kris Bryant Authentic Jersey The other boat is certainly worth more money, but it’s not worth the equivalent of my airfare here. nike air max 2017 femme grise bestellen schoenen nike air max 2016 goedkoop I thought there would be some American backpackers onboard, but I seem to be the only Westerner among roughly 250 passengers. Womens Air Jordan 4 T.J. Yeldon College Jerseys And outlets are scarce, so I’m typing this standing up in the lobby.

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    5/20 – Pouring rain in the morning. Air Jordan 11 Donna Laptop not working.

  • Or maybe it is. adidas tubular damskie I forget already, its “recovered’ and not booted up so many times.

  • Nike Air Max 2018 Men
  • After a couple of unproductive hours in my room, I venture out for a walk in Eco-Park. Adidas Yeezy 750 Boost Homme Hitch a ride to Li River Trail, because road is covered with water. Goedkoop Nike Air Max 2017

  • Air Max 2017 Uomo
  • Where I get out, two old women have house where they give you peanuts and oranges and show you around – it’s an historical house, and you give them a contribution in return, although they didn’t specifically ask. Fjallraven Kanken Kopen air max homme pas cher Keep walking, go to nice little restaurant/hotel. Marshawn Lynch Seattle Seahawks Jersey Girl Amy with glasses who works there is one of those eerily cheerful, friendly girls who look like somehow they will never be adults. adidas yeezy boost 350 męskie Continue walk, it’s very nice. goedkope nike air max schoenen cheap wow gold

  • Nike Air Max 90 Dames 2017
  • At one point come to the bridge which looks like it has a ‘Danger Do Not Cross’ sign posted, although its in Chinese, along with people just hanging on the side. Canotte Dallas Mavericks Adidas Superstar Dames But a guide leads two people across so I decide to follow. Motorbikes carrying wide loads of shit come across and almost run me into the river. Then a bit of the river starts to overflow onto the bridge, and I run back to the side I was on. air max pas cher asics gel quantum 360 męskie cheap air jordans free shipping I go back to the bank and finally retrieve my ATM card, and my computer seems to start working again. NMD Adidas Dames Under Armour Curry 6 Also the knot in my back is better.

  • Scarpe Nike Air Max So I’m back up to snuff.

    In the evening, in town, where I am right now, it’s the most cacophonous restaurant in the world. PUMA evoTOUCH homme

  • Air Max 1 Pas Cher
  • sac kanken pas cher Music coming from at least three different bars converges here.

  • Yeezy 350 Boost
  • Canotte Los Angeles Lakers I don’t say this in a way to be kindly to karaoke singers, but there really is not much difference in the ability of karaoke and real “performers” to carry a tune here. Baskets Under Armour Nike Pas Cher

  • Asics Gel Lyte 5 Donna
  • In the hotel for which I paid too much ($25), I am eaten alive by mosquitos. nike air huarache femme pas cher

  • NIKE AIR MAX 2017
  • adidas ultra boost damskie Wake up feeling like I have a misshapen head, and all night I am so itchy.

  • Air Huarache Donna Verdi
  • Also in morning there is no hot water – I want to wash the itch off.

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    5/19 – Get on tour bus, but my promised English guide is missing! It’s me and a bunch of Chinese. NIKE FREE RN adidas nmd męskie Air Jordan 12 Go on boat ride on Li river. Tom Brady Michigan Jerseys

  • Asics Gel Lyte 3 Donna
  • Chinese tour guide tries to keep everyone inside the boat for some reason, but it’s crazy for me to sit inside listening to gibberish and with people smoking, so I refuse.

  • Air Jordan 12 (XII) Canotta Milwaukee Bucks She says ‘Money’ like I should pay her to stand outside.

  • Jordan Son Of Mars
  • Adidas Superstar Nero Donna
  • I refuse.

    Gorgeous spot, but we don’t do the second part of the trip we were promised. Canotta NCAA Cheap Nike shoes nike air max 2017 femme noir Half the boat takes their photo with me. new balance damskie Group of ladies are singing and dancing on upper deck when they finally open the deck, and they want to take their photo with me, so I start singing and dancing with them and they love it.

    Then group goes to stupid Totem Park, which is supposed to recreate how people lived in Guilin 12,000 years ago. Nike Air More Uptempo Adidas ZX 10000 Heren

  • Air Jordan 6 Donna
  • “Performance” show features guys who look like they learned the dance yesterday – or later. UA ClutchFit Drive 2

  • Adidas Ultra Boost Donna
  • I split from the tour. fjällräven kånken Laptop 13 Adrian Gonzalez Jersey fjällräven kånken Mini Second time I’ve done that on this trip, and second time it’s paid off. Goedkoop Air Max 2016 Schoenen Flag down 3 wheel taxi for 1 ½ hours and he takes me to tremendously beautiful sights: Moon Hill, small village, rice paddies. Mens Air Jordan 12 Johnny Cueto Jersey Awesomely beautiful. Scarpe Adidas NMD Runner I go to the bank to get my card, but they tell me to come back tomorrow. nike blazer uomo colori new balance shop firenze West Street is around the corner, which is like the Bourbon Street of Yangshuo, and talk to a 26 year old Chinese guy who is traveling and meeting up with his father. Garrett Richards Jersey

  • Nike Air Max 2017 Heren
  • Two groups of impossibly cute young girls approach me and want to ask me questions for their homework. Nike Air Jordan 4 Womens Adidas Superstar Heren Golden State Warriors Everything I say is “Cool.” They guess my age, and when I say I’m 63, they gasp. Colorado Buffaloes “You have very strong body” I hear for the third time on this trip. fjällräven kånken paris It doesn’t get old.

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    5/18 – I’m on a bus to go on a river cruise and the Chinese guide starts talking and the passengers immediately get incredibly animated.

  • Mens Nike Air Max Flyknit
  • asics gel nimbus 17 hombre I’ve never seen that kind of reaction from a guide. At first I think he must be amazingly entertaining, but as time goes on, I sense something is wrong, and we turn around. My tour on a bamboo boat down the Li River has been canceled due to high water. Solde adidas A.J. Green Jerseys I take bus to Yangshuo instead, which is the boat disembarkation point. I sit in the back. new balance 993 denmark Asics Onitsuka tiger męskie

  • Nike Air Max 2017 Donna Nere
  • It is the bumpiest, jarringest ride I have ever been on on a “main” road. Asics Gel Nimbus 17 damskie All my organs wind up in different places from where they started. I feel like a Picasso painting.

    Yangshuo is beautiful, though it’s raining, so there are no tours, no night show, no nuttin.’ I spend a lo-ong time looking for my hotel, which I booked online.

  • Nike Air Max 2017 Donna Bianche
  • Air Max Baratas Fjallraven Kanken Classic At one point I believe I’m standing right in front of the address – the numbers all line up – but the hotel is actually several blocks away. Mike Trout Baseball Jersey No matter how close I ever am to my destination, or how big the hotel, when I ask directions, the person invariably calls the number on the card. Maglie Detroit Pistons No one knows where anything is. fjallraven kanken backpacks Then the two of them have a long conversation! This happens regularly. asics onitsuka tiger hombre I am just standing there doing absolutely nothing, and yet, I’m sweating like I’m in a sauna, no exaggeration. Nike Air Jordan 4
    Michael Wacha Jersey It must be 500 percent humidity. fjallraven kanken rugzakken Add the spicy food in, and … wow.

    When I get to the hotel, I have a conversation with a tour booker using the translator app – I talk, it translates and speaks, she talks, it translates and speaks– it’s absolutely amazing. Nike Air Max 2016 Femme basket adidas homme yeezy

  • Adidas Zx 700 Donna
  • It’s totally reduced my incentive to learn Chinese. Air Jordan Goedkoop That it’s Free, and residing on a flat paneled device makes it so much like a Star Trek futuristic device, it’s astounding. I wander into town, go down a path towards the local Eco-Park and find a hotel for the following evening. nike pas cher

  • Roshe Run Donna Nere
  • I give the woman my very last 98 yuan. Then I look for an ATM – and I can’t find one. For like, 45 minutes. I think maybe this is a town without ATMs or banks.

  • I’m wandering everywhere I can think of. Nike Italia Store I’m suddenly the…
    Poorest Man in Yangshuo. I have two hotel nights and 1 tour booked, but not a yuan to my name, and I have no money to eat or leave town.

  • asics gel lyte 5 uomo
  • new balance 1600 femme Then I notice that I also haven’t passed a McDonald’s, Starbucks, or even the ubiquitous KFC, and I start to believe that maybe this really is a town without banks. nike buty sklep Buty Adidas Dziecięce I’ve started to hallucinate ATMs: I think I’m seeing them in massage parlors, ice cream shops. New Balance 009 mujer I’m thinking there MUST be an ATM in a tourist town like this, or else I’d see Walking-Dead like tourists flailing around groaning “A.T.M. A.T.M.” Or a cemetery compiled of tourists who starved because they couldn’t leave town. sac a dos fjallraven kanken femme Then quite suddenly and in the middle of a non-descript block, I spot an ATM and get money. I touch and re-touch it to make sure it’s not a hallucination.

  • Asics Gel Lyte 3 Donna Rosa
  • Canotta Dallas Mavericks It’s such a relief that I leave my ATM card in the machine. adidas yeezy boost 350 v2 hombre When I go back one minute later, the machine refuses to give me back my card! I call a 24 hour # and press the extension for English, and when I get a person, they say, “I’ll connect you to someone who speaks English,” and the next person does the same. Air Jordan 10 (X) new balance 1500 homme beige This happens 3 subsequent times in the course of calling: I press the extension for “English” and it takes two transfers to get someone who can understand me. When I leave the ATM, there’s another ATM right adjacent, and then I turn the corner and there are two more banks with ATMS! And then another a block or two later. It’s like I was struck with Tempory ATM Blindness (TATMB) or Temporary Bank Blindness (TBB) at the precise time I needed it most. Asics Kinsei 4 męskie

  • Nike Air Max 2017 Dames wit
  • adidas messi astro So, I’m down to one ATM card, and when I come back to my room, my computer is not working, on account, I assume, of the weather: humidity, electrical storms, rain, whatever. Cheap Nike Shoes UK Kind of freaks me out.

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    May 17 – Take tour to rice field paddies. Asics Soldes Sit next to guy from Oman – very nice guy, I know nothing about Oman. Canotta Washington Wizards Adidas Zx 850 Heren It’s a nice small group, only six people.

  • nike free run 5 0 nero uomo
  • Asics Aoldes Air Jordan 1 Our guide Suzy, is cute. air max pas cher Under Armour Curry 3.0 asics gel lyte 5 hombre verdes I like the way she sounds speaking English. Julio Jones Alabama Football Jerseys goedkoop nikes Our first stop is to the Long-Hair Show.

  • Nike Air Max 90 Dames 2017
  • New Balance 1300 męskie It’s a village in the paddy area – this apparently only exists in this area of China – where the women cut their hair once when they’re 18, and then never again. Nike Air Max 2017 Heren blauw LeGarrette Blount Jersey adidas superstar 2 damskie Suzy explains that they either conceal their hair or not depending on whether they’re married, and that men look for big (or little) finger which is conducive to being a good knitter, a big butt because it’s believed they can get pregnant easier, and a strong voice, because they work in the field and don’t have cell phones. Portland Trail Blazers Nike Free 5.0

  • Philadelphia 76ers
  • Also, to show they like a guy, they pinch his butt – I think I understood that – and the harder they pinch, the sexier it is considered. Nike Air HUARACHE Pas Cher Baskets asics pas cher Andrew Heaney Jersey I learn more in those few minutes than my previous couple weeks.

  • Air Jordan 11 Uomo
  • Kobe 11 Scarpe Elite The value of a tour. nike air max homme pas cher Wisconsin Badgers New Balance 515 męskie Their hair truly is astonishing, and the show is actually entertaining.

    Then we take cable car up to the village and walk around (after a lunch) and I walk down by myself and take a wrong turn for a few minutes which gets me into a little panic going back down the stone steps. adidas y3 damskie nike cortez 90s But I make it and then we stop at a tea house, where girl explains rituals, different kinds of teas, what they heal, how to prepare them, etc. Zapatillas Crazylight Boost 2016 Low It’s very nice, we get a variety of teas to taste – and one couple in our group buys something, so we’re not total deadbeats.

    Back in town, get some very spicy squid dish and Guilin noodles, a specialty, which is quite good. Sweat is pouring out of my pores, and there’s not a napkin in sight. Nike Free 4.0 New Balance buty męskie nike air max 2016 goedkoop I don’t get it. asics flamingo sklep adidas zx flux męskie adidas zx flux damskie I’m wiping my hands on the tablecloth.

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    5/16 – Sleep till 11:30! Basically leaves me little option but to take my room another day.

  • Jordan Shoes On Sale scarpe new balance running 2015 I was clearly exhausted, but I don’t think it was from Huangshan or anything “good,” but rather roaming around yesterday with my luggage in the rain looking for the &%^$ room. New York Giants Jerseys adidas tubular hombre Since I have no window, I have zero idea of the weather outside, but assume it’s raining. Ernie Banks Jersey Hogan Rebel It’s not, which means I could’ve gone on one of the tours after all. Nike Air Mag Todd Gurley Jerseys Cheap Fjallraven Kanken No.2 adidas tubular hombre Instead, I will have a third day in a row without much happening. scarpe nike air max bambino scontate

  • This seems amazingly counter-intuitive, but since coming down from Huangshan, my knees actually seem to be feeling somewhat better.

    OBSERVATION: SEX (1) – Many, if not most hotels, seem to rent “hour” rooms, which could be used by businessmen to sleep, but of course they’re mostly used for liaisons – although I don’t the “cheating”/”young people need private place” split. Air Jordan 13 Donna

  • Air Max 1 Pas Cher
  • Air Huarache Donna Rosa
  • The women don’t dress especially provocatively – I have seen very few plunging necklines or cleavage here. Jarrett Lee – LSU Tigers Marcus Mariota Titans Jerseys But an English Chinese publication did a sex survey of its readers – who might be atypical as they speak English to start with – but 1/3 said anonymous one-night stands were fine, with another 25% or so saying they “had to know someone first” before sleeping with them. Fjällräven Kånken Sverige Dallas Mavericks

  • Air Max 90 Hyperfuse
  • Only a tiny percentage held out for marriage. Chaussures Nike Pas Cher Fjällräven Kånken Ryggsäck So something is going on somewhere. Adidas Yeezy 350 Dames adidas yeezy boost 350 donna new balance 574 homme orange But they must have good birth control, although I don’t see condoms for sale, and there’s no porn sites that are viewable – at least not the ones I know, and I doubt there are any. Soldes Chaussures Asics air max 95 damskie allegro

  • Womens Nike Air Vapormax
  • Nike Air Max BW Femme I do get offers for “massage” and “young girl” although not nearly in the quantity as in Vietnam.

    Do my boot camp workout, and download a very good translator app, which understands my English perfectly and translates it into Chinese- and speaks! This could be a game changer. Aaron Murray UGA Jersey Air Jordan 10 Retro Can input my own phrases – “you are very pretty” and it says it in Chinese. Nike Air Max 2017 Heren grijs new balance 577 damskie Baylor Bears Also find a good podcast app, a better camera (called A Better Camera), do some more emails and blogs. Nike Lebron 13 In evening wander around for 7 hours, stumble upon night market and big bar area, and see the giant copper and silver pagodas and walk around lake.

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    5/15 – The airport shuttle bus I’m on to catch my plane is lingering at the railway station and I decide I have to take a taxi, but the driver and baggage guy are very nice and tell me to cough up my ticket and they give it to a passenger getting on and give me his unused ticket and they point me to the ticket office to get my 20y back. Denard Robinson College Jerseys They certainly didn’t have to do that, and it’s hard to imagine people in the US doing that voluntarily for a foreigner.

    Hail a taxi to the airport with a couple other people. Fjallraven Kanken Infantil Driver is very sociable and not driving fast. A couple times when cars were ahead of us, I’m thinking “Why don’t you use your HORN?” The cab driver puts on his seat belt two seconds before coming to a toll booth, whereupon he immediately unbuckles it when we pass through. It’s a miracle I make my flight, but it turns out to be a mixed-blessing. It’s raining hard. Mine was virtually the last flight to make it to Guilin without being delayed/canceled. Air Jordan 3 sac lancel pas cher So there were no airline shuttle buses into town because “they only go when full,” and I was the only one waiting.

  • Nike Air Max 2017 Dames blauw
  • Andrew Luck – Stanford Cardinal I wonder about people who want to make it TO the airport. asics gel noosa mujer What do they do?

    I also realize (not for the first time) that I make bad presumptions sometimes, and am not a close reader. asics gel kayano 21 męskie I assumed that I could arrive in Guilin mid-day and hop on a boat down the Li River anytime. Canotta Houston Rockets Canotte Milwaukee Bucks WRONG! They all go at 9-9:30AM and after that, you are SOL. I make that assumption simply because I didn’t see anything to the contrary. Nike Air Max 2016 Heren blauw Asics 2017 Goedkoop So now, I have to “kill” the day. Todd Gurley College Jerseys I duck into a wifi café without wifi and then another place WITH wifi and book my hotel, but spend an inordinate quantity of time in the rain searching for the place, which makes it a good time for a rant on…

    OBSERVATION: STREET ADDRESSES – These make no sense! One block is 4-18, 4 -16, which leads one to think you’re heading towards the lower numbers, but the next block is 30-12, and you’re nowhere. Nike Air Max 2017 Dames wit Then the next block is 15-4 and WTF? When I ask anyone directions, even if they’re two blocks away from the place, they invariably consult their smart phones. new balance shop firenze One wonders what they did before GPS? Wander the streets endlessly? Maybe this is how China’s great migration started: people helplessly looking for their homes? I go into a a store with 3 girls and they all point me in the direction from which I’ve just come, and say ‘taxi.’ I backtrack and have no idea how far so I go into an electronics store and they point me pretty close to where I’d asked the girls for directions. Canotte Detroit Pistons I take a taxi – it’s a short ride – and the hotel entrance is around the corner, on the side street.
    The room is probably the biggest $20 room in the world. It’s HUGE – no window, but I think it makes its own climate. The only room I’ve seen where the wifi connection works off the TV. Turn on the TV, get a network on your computer. nike air max 2017 rosa donna New Balance 574 Pas Cher

  • I change into dry clothes and wander around and discover I have landed in the world of Seriously Cheap.

    Chonsang’s, a very popular noodle place, sells bowls of noodles with beef or pork (no other options I could ascertain) for 3y-8y. cheap fjallraven kanken New Balance 515 mujer My good sized bowl cost 4y. Danny Amendola Jersey I wander to a side street and it’s so cheap, I get another bowl of noodles, more substantial, with more stuff in it (what, I’m not sure) for 6y. Got a little dried mango and some other chewable substance for 1 ½ y.

  • Phoenix Suns
  • The following morning I get a grilled pastry with greens and some other pancake thing with diced chicken (I think) and other fillings for 6y total. Air Max Pas Cher Canotte nba Bambino Even coffee is cheaper. Emmanuel Sanders Jerseys At KFC the coffee that was 13y in Guilin is 6y, and maybe I’ve been away from “coffee” for too long, but it’s not bad.
    So, here’s a Valuable Travel Tip: CHECK THE WEATHER!!! Maybe you should alter your itinerary for a few days.

    Ok – here’s a test: My e-book says, regarding visiting the rice paddies near Guilin, “the best time to go is after the May rains.” Question: Does this make May a good time to go there? BZZZ! NO! I got that wrong, too. New Balance 515 męskie Scarpe Adidas Online The operative and key words being “May rains” – it RAINS in May, and “after.” After. nike air jordan 10 chicago Not “during.” Like, go in JUNE. Nick Marshall Jerseys Unfortunately, this cogent level of analysis and scrutiny was only applied when I’d already landed in Guilin in a maelstrom of puddles and rain. Ergo…
    I book a tour for the next day to go see the rice paddies, but I get a call a bit later informing me it’s postponed due to numerous accidents on the road that day. I guess it was very muddy.

  • NIKE FREE 5.0
  • nike goedkoop online nike tn femme The river also will be “yellow” so she suggests waiting another day to book a tour. Johnny Manziel – Texas A&M Aggies So I’ve had two pretty boring days in a row, with another to follow, it seems. I suppose we can call it “interlude.”

    NEXT MILLION DOLLAR IDEA: A pedestrian horn – just like the drivers incessantly use, except I’ll use it on the streets as a pedestrian. Asics Pas Cher It would be a great joke, only problem is, it would probably catch on, and I’d be responsible for a whole new level of noise pollution. nike free 5.0 hombre Back in the States, it could be marketed as a Twalker Alert, or Twalker Stopper – to scare the &*^% out of people who are obliviously texting or tweeting while walking down the street. Instead of side-stepping them, just blast them with a honk.

  • Nike Air Max 180
  • Could probably have them made for fifty cents, sell for six or seven bucks with clever packaging, and maybe could contribute to solving the plight.

    OBSERVATION: BEDS – You know that bed company in the US where you can dial the firmness number you want? In China, their settings would be “Rock” and “Hard Place” with one setting in-between. Air Jordan 12 (XII) Every single bed in more than two weeks has caused me to emit an involuntary “Oomph” from the resistance I encounter plopping down.. There’s no “sinking in” to be had. While I think they’re too hard, I must say that I generally sleep well, and don’t wake up with pains in my back from a sagging mattress. So maybe there’s something to it, although if I had the option, I’d dial the setting down a notch or two.

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    Child’ Gun Maker Opens ‘My First Funeral’

    MILTON, asics gel stratus nike cortez shop online italia nike air max 2017 dames Pa.

  • NMD
  • Air Jordan 7 Air Jordan 3 Donna – Keystone Sporting Arms, new balance nike air max 2017 heren grijs

  • Houston Rockets
  • Fjallraven Kanken 20L the manufacturer of the Crickett, ugg australia

  • Womens Air Jordan 5

  • Asics Gel Nimbus 18 Uomo
  • the .22 caliber “children’s gun” marketed as “My First Rifle” which was used by Kristian Sparks, UGG Bailey Bow Boots nike free 3.0 v4 blau Philadelphia 76ers new balance 999 homme noir 5, Nike Air Max BW adidas zx 850 donna in the recent accidental shooting of his 2-year old sister Caroline in Burkesville, nike chaussure Air Jordan 4 Donna Nike Air Max 2015 męskie adidas zx flux mujer Steve Grogan Jersey Kentucky, asics black buty siatkarskie asics allegro nike air max dzieciece adidas uk for sale nike air max 2016 zwart has opened its first “children’s funeral parlor,” called “My First Funeral.”“Keystone clearly sees the opening of a children’s funeral parlor to be a logical extension of its brand,” an attorney for Keystone, Air Jordan 12 (XII) Nike Air Max 2017 Dames wit cheap air jordans uk John Renzulli, Nike Air Griffey Max 1

  • Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost
  • said. asics shoes Jarrett Lee – LSU Tigers Asics Gel Lyte 3

  • Adidas Stan Smith Uomo
  • “It creates a synergy between the gun line and the cemetery. Canotte Portland Trail Blazers It’s almost literally a cradle-to-grave business model.”Keystone has reportedly chosen Newtown, basket adidas Nike Air More Uptempo adidas ultra boost uncaged uomo Demaryius Thomas Jerseys Connecticut—where the Sandy Hook massacre took the lives of 20 children—as the site for the inaugural “My First Funeral” home.“We’re a little late getting into the Newtown market, nike chaussures Texas A&M Aggies New Balance 1400 męskie but since Newtown remains a haven for rampant gun use,

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    Up until a month ago, Nike Air Max 2016 Dame I’d never owned anything “Apple.” Then someone bequeathed me a used IPod and I was immediately flabbergasted to learn that to download any new music to it from my computer, new balance 1500 outlet I’d first have to erase the 400+ songs that were already on it, something I never had to consider with my good ol’ non-iPod mp3 players. nike air max 1 mujer So incredulous was I that I checked with my friend’s “Apple-holic” (or whatever they call themselves) son, who shrugged, “Yep.

  • It’s kind of fascistic,” but wasn’t otherwise bothered by it.
    Oddly enough, Texas A&M Aggies this increased my curiosity as to why 95% of the young, hip kids in my neighborhood coffee house have Macbooks and iPhones and iPads and all things Apple, nike air max tn pas cher so I decided to head to MacWorld, the annual 3-day convention/lovefest at San Francisco’s Moscone Center, to finally see what all the Mac-Fuss was about.
    From what I’d read in the past, adidas yeezy boost 350 v2 damskie when Steve Jobs would attend, asics gel pulse 6 sklep biegacza I expected utter pandemonium and the halls filled with the Apple version of “Trekkies.” So I was pretty disappointed that the crowd looked and acted, more or less, like a normal cross-section of folks. asics gel kinsei 4 cena It was only some hours later, when I overheard a woman say that MacWorld hasn’t been nearly the same since Apple withdrew from it in 2009, Donne Scarpe Air Jordan 4 that I realized I’d missed the cutting-edge by oh, Dexter McCluster Titans Jerseys adidas y3 damskie four years. adidas tubular shadow

  • Nike Free 5.0 Men
  • Macworld without Apple and Jobs was apparently like holding a Beatles’ reunion headed by Peter Best and Julian Lennon.
    Nevertheless, there were thousands of attendees, a couple hundred exhibitors, celebrities including Ashton Kutcher, will.i.am and Fred Armisen expounding on things Apple, Adidas Harden Crazylight indie bands who used iPads to make music and videos, ray ban collection 2013 homme an iPhone Film Festival, Nike Air Max 2016 Heren wit Richard Sherman Seattle Seahawks Jersey and many, many lectures and presentations about how Apple apps and hardware can increase your creativity, artistry, Asics Pas Cher productivity and smugness.
    Back in the Exhibition Hall, ugg mens boots nike air max 1 homme Maglia Jeff Teague where I spent most of my time, there were a shockingly high percentage of booths dedicated to protecting your iPad and/or iPhone from assorted mishaps, including scratches, basket nike Women Air Jordan 7 Brooklyn Nets spills, splashes, nike basket drops, falls, failures, breaches, rips, Terrell Suggs Ravens Jerseys prints and someone looking at it cross-eyed.

  • ZX 700
  • Air Jordan 13 Uomo
  • There were cases, New Balance 1500 hombre covers, shields, adidas nmd screens and skins in a variety of materials, Nike AIr Max Women designed to keep your iPad intact in case you inadvertently decided to take it scuba diving, or in the event of a nuclear explosion.
    This might just be me, but if I spend upwards of several hundred dollars on a tablet or phone, Sac à Dos Kanken Fjallraven I kind of expect it’ll already have a cover,

  • Adidas Yeezy 350 Donna
  • or something to protect it from breaking if someone blows on it hard. cheap uggs Asics 2017 Goedkoop I mean, nike chaussures after I buy a car, the manufacturer doesn’t tell me, nike dunk mid “The body costs $2,000 extra.” This is true for non-Apple products as well, of course, but those rival products generally cost less to begin with.
    Then there were the products designed to secure your data, via organizing, asics onitsuka tiger hombre managing, storing, backing, encrypting, uploading, NIKE AIR MAX THEA Fjallraven Kanken 20L obscuring and password-protecting. Asics Pas Cher I heard the NRA was selling a mini-AR-15 disguised as a mini-cam on your MacBook that shot anyone entering an erroneous password,

  • Houston Rockets
  • but I can’t vouch for it.
    Considering that this past December New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg blamed a rise in crime entirely on the stealing of iPads and iPhones, I’d think there would’ve been less emphasis on the theft of the iPad’s data and more on the theft of the iPad, ugg bailey bow for sale but these devices I didn’t notice.
    There were, Kopen nike air max schoenen however, a number of products that extended the reach of iPhones and iPads including attachable lenses, tripods, an iPole that enables you to dangle your gadget over a cliff or waterfall for photo and video-taking, and a magazine, Legacy, that each issue extended the legacy of Steve Jobs.
    It goes without saying that there were also numerous booths touting new and amazing apps, to go with the hundred thousand or so already on the market.
    All in all, it was an impressive expo, although I never did receive a satisfactory explanation as to why I had to erase those 400+ songs from my iPod.

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    John King Announces He is Leaving CNN For NewsMakeup.com

    WASHINGTON — Days after erroneously reporting that a suspect had been named in the Boston Marathon bombing and embarrassing himself and his network, asics gel pulse 8 damskie adidas xeno superstar italia Miami Heat zonnebrillen kopen ray ban CNN correspondent John King announced on the air yesterday that he was leaving “the most trusted name in news,” and joining NewsMakeup.com,

  • Nike Air Presto Uomo
  • Eddie Lacy Packers Jerseys Nike Air Max 2017 Heren goedkope nike air max schoenen “ the best thing since news.”

    King said, asics gel nimbus 17 mujer

  • ULTRA BOOST Uncaged
  • adidas yeezy boost 350 donna

  • Air Max 2016 Homme
  • “It’s become obvious that my credibility is completely shot, Air Jordan 13 Nike Air Huarache damskie Canotte Portland Trail Blazers Goedkope Nike Air Max schoenen and nothing I report can be taken at face value. nike air max pas cher air max pas cher pour femme Hogan Uomo Prezzi 2017

  • Adidas Nmd Donna Nere
  • It’s for that reason that I’ve decided to join an organization where my playing fast and loose with the facts will be an asset.”

    Twenty minutes later, Jered Weaver Baseball Jersey Jake Arrieta Jersey Brandon Belt Authentic Jersey nike air max 1 femme King issued an on-air retraction.

    “Reports that I plan to leave CNN for newsmakeup.com are wrong. asics onitsuka tiger hombre Maglie Houston Rockets Fjallraven Kanken No.2 Adidas NMD Goedkoop We made a mistake.

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    I Won A MAGGIE For “Best Profile In a Trade Publication”

    013 MAGGIE Press Release Western Publishing Association RecognizesTop Trade, TUBULAR SHADOW KNIT New Balance 574 Pas Cher fjallraven kanken mochilas nike air max Consumer and Student Publications,Mobile Apps and WebsitesApril 26, new balance 1980 zante roma Jordan 11 Pre-School asics gel pulse 7 męskie nike air max 1 essential uomo 2013 Los Angeles,

  • Nike Free Run 5.0 Blu Uomo
  • C.J. Wilson Jersey

  • Nike Air Max 87 Femme
  • New Balance 420 hombre CA The Western Publishing Association WPA announced its 2013 MAGGIE® winners in 90 editorial and design categories at the 62nd Annual MAGGIE® Awards, Roshe Run Femme Pas Cher Richard Sherman Seattle Seahawks Jersey adidas X 16.4 mochilas kanken April 26th at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel at Los Angeles International Airport.More than 300 people from all areas of publishing were on hand to honor the “West’s Best” in both print and electronic publishing. Fjällräven Kånken Sverige Utah Jazz nike chaussures pas cher nike roshe flyknit hombre An enthusiastic audience cheered as winners accepted their awards and later watched the MAGGIE® trademark “Montage of Winners” video at the close of the banquet.Considered to be the most prestigious award in the publishing industry,

  • Los Angeles Lakers
  • nike air max 2016 dames Air Jordan 7

  • Nike Air Max 90 Donna Bianche
  • the 2013 MAGGIES drew more than 1,200 entries from 24 states west of the Mississippi River.

    There’s a long list of winners.

  • Nike Air Force 1 Haut
  • Nike Air Max 2016 Dames Rood Asics Heren chaussures asics homme pas cher Authors’ names aren’t mentioned (Why not,

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    Tea Party Stunned to Discover It Was Right About Something – News Makeup

    WASHINGTON — When members of Tea Party-affiliated groups learned that it was among the groups targeted by the IRS to be audited, Bo Scarbrough Jersey Yunel Escobar Jersey Authentic UGA Jersey

  • Air Max 87 Homme
  • they were flabbergasted.

    “We’ve been saying for years that the government was intrusive, Cal Bears Jerseys Cheap Nike Air Max Shoes UK Nike Air Max 2017 Heren blauw Cheap Nike Air Max Trainers UK overstepping its boundaries and wielding too much power,” said Sandra Well,

  • Jalen Hurts Alabama Jersey
  • nike air max 2016 wit kyrie 2 pas cher Kanken Big Baratas a spokeswoman for one of the groups. Canotte Portland Blazers Nike Air Max Italia New Balance 1500 męskie Nike Air Huarache Heren “We had no idea we had any idea what we were talking about.” Well said that the group was guided by the “splatter philosophy”: “You know, adidas nmd męskie new balance 373 uomo prezzo New Balance 446 mujer nike air max 2017 goedkoop throw any old nutty stuff against the wall and see what sticks,” but that this was the first time anything had actually stuck.

    “We couldn’t believe it.

  • Air Max 90 Donna Rosa
  • nike air max 90 oreo damskie asics cumulus 17 uomo prezzo

  • Womens Nike Air Vapormax
  • After years of birtherism, Nike Air Max 2017 Heren blauw College Jerseys

  • Nike Air Max 90 Rosso Uomo
  • nike air max 1 ultra essential femme baseless claims that ‘Obama is a terrorist,’ ‘Obamacare sets up death panels’ yada yada yada, new balance grigie bambino New Balance Niño fjallraven kanken soldes

  • O.J. Howard Alabama Jersey
  • we finally got something right.

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    GOP Embraces Science – To Bring Back ‘Extinct Voters’ – News Makeup

    WASHINGTON — Spurred by recent scientific advances in genetics that are getting close to being able to revive long-extinct species like the dodo bird and raptor dinosaurs, Fjallraven Kanken Big UK new balance 993 outlet new balance 1500 bordeaux femme House Republicans today called for emergency funding for the National Science Institute for a “priority program” to bring back “extinct and near-extinct Republican voting groups,” including John Birchers, nike air max 2016 zwart Ole Miss Rebels new balance 996 femme bleu gold Nike Air Max 90 Heren “traditional women,” and their largest base, air max pas cher homme negozio asics italia Clemson Tigers “old, Goedkoop Nike Air Max 2016 Nike Air Max 2016 Heren wit Mochilas Fjallraven Kanken Air Jordan 7 Retro grumpy white men.”

    “If scientists can bring back dodos, Nick Chubb Georgia Football Jerseys Nike Air Max 90 męskie they can bring back Republican voters,” declared Rep. All Star 2016

  • Nike Air Max 2015 Uomo
  • nike air max 2016 goedkoop Paul Broun,

  • a member of the House Committee on Science, nike air max dzieciece

  • Space and Technology, Air Jordan 10 Retro asics gel quantum 180 donna Atlanta Hawks who last year memorably declared at a church picnic that evolution and the Big Bang theory “are lies straight from the pit of Hell.”

    MSNBC host Rachel Maddow countered on her show that the putting “dodos” and “Republicans” in the same sentence was “redundant.”

    The announcement caught many political observers by surprise because in recent years the GOP has become known as the “anti-science” party, Nike Air Max 2017 blanche Homme Air Jordan 2 Retro

  • Nike Air Max 2017 Grigio Uomo
  • largely due to its opposition to teaching evolution in schools,

  • Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Nike Air Max TN Femme Air Jordan 13 Donna goedkope Nike Air Max 90 its refusal to acknowledge the age of the Earth or fund stem cell research,

  • Nike Free 5.0 Dames blauw
  • New Balance 1300 damskie and its insistence that climate change is not a real phenomenon.

    But Lamar Smith, Marcus Mariota Titans Jerseys Aaron Murray Jerseys new balance 574 homme orange

  • AIR MAX 2017
  • the current chair of the House Science Committee,

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    GOP Declares Itself Party of “New, Inclusive Intolerance” – News Makeup

    WASHINGTON — Republican National Chairman Reince Priebus today announced that his party, Peyton Manning – Tennessee Volunteers

  • Fjallraven Kanken Big Miami Heat after weeks of internal bickering over how it can broaden its base and reach more voters, Syracuse Orange Jerseys Oklahoma City Thunder nike pas cher Canotte All-Star has agreed to adopt a “bigot tent” philosophy, Bo Jackson Jerseys Maglie Cleveland Cavaliers Solde Adidas nike air max bambini which embraces “a new, Maglia Chris Paul new balance enfants Adidas Ultra Boost Dames air max pas cher inclusive intolerance.”

    “We cannot remain the party of intolerant old white men,” Priebus announced. NIKE ZOOM KD 9 asics gel quantum 360 uomo new balance 577 grey green orange

  • Air Max 2015 Homme
  • “For our party to have a chance at winning future elections, Boutique Nike Paris Magasin

  • asics gel lyte 3 rosso uomo
  • Nike Air Max 2017 Uomo
  • adidas tubular hombre we have to reach out to prejudiced, Ohio State Buckeyes Jerseys Nike Air Max 2017 Heren nike air max Canotte New York Knicks racist and sexist people of all persuasions–regardless of color, Air Jordan 4 Retro
    nike air max 1 ultra moire femme Connor Shaw – South Carolina Gamecocks

  • creed or denomination.”

    Since the November 2012 elections, Terrell Davis Jerseys Asics Mexico męskie mochilas fjallraven kanken baratas chaussure new balance femme 2016 in which the GOP took a drubbing at the polls,

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    Anthony Weiner Weighs New Mayoral Run, Dick Jokes – News Makeup

    NEW YORK — Former congressman and one-time New York City mayoral favorite Anthony Weiner, FREE RN Chicago Cubs World Series Champions Jersey Nike Heren asics gel pulse 8 męskie who resigned from office after tweeting photos of his bulging underwear to women not his wife,

  • Air Max 90 Pas Cher
  • New Balance 997.5 hombre Air Jordan 7 Retro sac fjallraven kanken adidas Stan Smith Italia is reportedly considering returning to electoral politics and being the butt of a million dick jokes.

    The surprise announcement came just a couple of weeks after photos of actor John Hamm’s prominent “package” made the rounds of the internet.

    Speaking at a press conference,

  • Fjallraven Kanken 20L Kansas State Wildcats Compra Mochilas Kanken Baratas Cheap Nike Trainers UK Weiner said, nike air max 2017 dames sac fjallraven kanken new balance 996 femme bleu gold Womens Air Jordan 12

  • Orlando Magic
  • “The publicity surrounding Hamm made me realize how much I missed having my penis in the public arena, adidas tubular dziecięce Air Max TN Chicago Bulls

  • Asics Pas Cher and what a contribution the combination of that penis and my name could add to the public discourse of dick jokes.”

    Weiner then added,

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    Millions of Americans File for Extension to Cheat on Their Taxes – News Makeup

    WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service reported that an estimated 75 million Americans applied to extend the deadline for filing their 2012 income tax return,

  • Chaussures Nike Pas Cher Fjallraven Kanken Infantil Asics Pas Cher up 20% from last year. soldes adidas chaussures sport nautique homme nike mercurial junior buy ffxiv gil nike roshe two hombre nike air max 1 mujer Tax experts attributed the increase to “more Americans needing extra time to figure out how to maximally cheat on their returns.”Said Max Ingress, air max 2017 heren

  • AIR MAX 2017
  • Running Asics Sneakers a Washington, nike scarpe italia fjallraven kanken outlet asics gel lyte 5 uomo Reggie Jackson Jersey DC-based CPA: “As the economy started to come back this year, Nike Air Max Tavas asics gel kinsei 5 peso

  • Nike Air Huarache Dames
  • adidas uk for sale millions of newly employed Americans who had been on the dole for some time filled out their 1040 returns and were shocked to discover that they owed taxes for the first time in years. Asics Gel Nimbus 14 męskie Joey Bosa Ohio State Jerseys Herschel Walker UGA Jersey Air Jordan 4 Retro asics gel lyte 5 uomo Their reaction was ‘Nuh-uh.

  • Adidas Superstar Rosso Donna
  • new balance 420 foot locker nike requin pas cher Maglie Los Angeles Lakers Baskets Under Armour Pas Cher I finally made some money.

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    Obama Announces 34,000 Troops Leaving Afghanistan, Looking for New “Host” Country – News Makeup

    WASHINGTON – Announcing that he is keeping his pledge to pull American forces out of Afghanistan, cheap jordans uk

  • Air Jordan 7 Homme
  • nike air max 2017 grijs Brandon Crawford Jersey President Obama said today that he is looking for a new “host” country in which to to put them.

    The President said, Nike Air zoom Pegasus 31 damskie new balance 1600 femme Asics Gel Lyte 3 Pas Cher Nike Air Max 1 Femme “With our troops leaving Afghanistan, Jarrett Lee – LSU Tigers Angel Pagan Jersey nike damskie buty czarne asics gel lyte 5 mujer negras Fjallraven Kanken Kinderen we now have the opportunity to find another, Air Jordan 9 Retro nike homme kaki adidas pure boost online sale Vêtements Armani Pas Cher Nike Air Max 2016 Dames new country on which we can impose our will.”

    Obama laid out several conditions that the new host country needs to have, nike air max 90 pas cher Asics Gel Lyte 3 Pas Cher

  • Nike Italia Store including a weak central government, New Balance 373 damskie nike air max 2017 heren blauw Nike Air Max 2017 schoenen

  • natural resources that we crave, Huston Street Baseball Jersey Jordan 13 Sale fjallraven kanken outlet kanken fjallraven Maglia Larry Bird an apathetic populace and indoor plumbing.

    “The troops have told me that under no circumstances will they go to another country without flush toilets,” the President added.

    Critics complained that they were led to believe that when the troops left Afghanistan,

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    Niger, Burundi Send Aid to Carnival Cruise Line Passengers – News Makeup

    MOBILE, adidasi new balance barbati pret Ala. nike tn noir femme

  • Nike Air Max 90 Donna Verdi
  • nike air max pas cher Kanken Mini Baratas – Citizens of Niger and Burundi, the second and third poorest countries in the world have banded together to send CARE packages and relief assistance to passengers stranded on the Carnival Cruise ship that lost power and was stuck at sea due to an engine fire.

    Said Allawa Mondono, Odell Beckham Jr Jersey a farmer in Niger who earns roughly $1.10 a day, “We know how it is to live without power,

  • Stan Smith Adidas Uomo
  • Nike Free 5.0 Dames blauw
  • running water,

  • sanitary bathrooms and Off- Broadway revues. adidas superstar 80s grise

  • What’s ours is theirs.

  • Jordan Vente Spizike
  • Women Air Jordan 5 Our hearts go out to the victims of the luxury cruise ship.”

    Then he added, “By the way. Jameis Winston – Florida State Seminoles Nike Air Max 90 Dames adidas nmd r1 męskie Normally I make $1.20 a day. Nike Air Max Flyknit Heren Dexter McCluster Titans Jerseys new balance enfants But things are a little slow now.”

    Usuela Balinga, Detroit Pistons a nurse’s assistant in Burundi, nike air max 2017 wit who was donating a goat’s head and oxtails, said her husband was mad at her for assisting the passengers.

    “My husband said,

  • Women Air Jordan 3 ‘Usuela, why are you helping them? They are much richer than we are.’ I told him,

  • NIKE KOBE 11
  • ‘No, Jon Lester Jersey husband. Florida Gulf Coast Eagles Jerseys Detroit Pistons

  • It cannot be true.

  • AIR MAX 2016
  • nike air max 2017 zwart billige Nike sko norge CNN, the world leader in news, asics gel noosa hombre devoted hours of programming to the horrible conditions on the Carnival Cruise ship story, Fjallraven Kanken Backpack Outlet and has never run a story about poverty in Burundi.

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    When Pope Benedict XVI shocked the world and announced that he’d be the first pope in six centuries to retire, primarily due to declining health and increasing infirmities, tens, if not hundreds of millions of people around the world (mostly Catholics) prayed for the pope’s well-being. nike air max pas cher oakley pas cher Canotta Boston Celtics adidas pure boost hombre At which point the pontiff slapped himself on the head and said, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

    That’s a joke.

  • nike air max 2017 femme rouge Cheap Fjallraven Kanken Kids nike air force 1 low hombre The Pope didn’t say that. Garrett Richards Baseball Jersey adidas nmd donna Adidas Shop van Nederland (At least I don’t think so). Cincinnati Bearcats Jerseys Asics Pas Cher Site Officiel new balance 997 on sale Scarpe Air Jordan In fact, the odds are pretty good that he’d been praying about his health for quite some time.

  • Nike Air Max 2017 Uomo Nere
  • Air Max 90 Floreale
  • asics gel quantum 360 uomo Fjallraven Kanken Classic Which made me wonder what those tens of millions of others thought they were accomplishing by praying for him. Nike Air Max asics gel lyte 3 uomo Sacramento Kings Boston Celtics I mean, the pope’s one of a handful of beings on the planet who is supposedly on God’s speed-dial. nike free run 3.0 homme

  • Nike Air Max 90 Bianco Uomo
  • Adidas Scarpe Donna

  • New Balance 574 Uomo
  • If the Almighty hadn’t interceded to boost Benedict’s immune systems by now, even with all the cardinals joining the choir, why would He intervene because some shoemaker in Poland suddenly beseeches Him? Or is the mentality that it’s like those White House online petitions, where if enough people sign on, the President himself responds? That Jim Morrison was wrong, and you can “petition the Lord with prayer?”

    Personally, I think prayer has gotten a free ride for way too long. Dallas Mavericks Maglia Anthony Davis Air Max 2017 Dames

  • Nike Air Max Thea Heren
  • (milleniums, actually). College Football Jerseys Air Jordan 11 Donna Goedkope Nike Air Max 90 Nike Air Max 2017 Dames blauw I’ve had folks pray for me, usually to change my ways…

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    Mayor Bloomberg to Appoint Cannibal Cop to “Look at Fat People Funny” – News Makeup

    NEW YORK – An irate Mayor Bloomberg, VCU Rams Jerseys New Balance 997 męskie NBA Canotte 2017

  • stung by the last-minute blockage of his much-touted ban on the sale of large sugary drinks, New Balance 515 męskie Adidas ZX Flux Heren

  • ULTRA BOOST Uncaged
  • Houston Rockets threatened to appoint convicted “cannibal cop” Gilberto Valle to roam the streets of New York and “look at fat people funny” if his law doesn’t go through.

    Bloomberg also said that Valle would mosey into restaurants that would’ve been prevented from selling super-size sodas and give customers ordering these drinks “the evil eye.”

    At a hastily convened press conference, Nike Air Max 2016 Heren

  • Nike Air Max 1
  • Nike Air Max Norge Nettbutikk Mayor Bloomberg announced,

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    Michelle Obama Vows To Take Down Hecklers in Cage Match – Newslo

    WASHINGTON — Emboldened by her recent take-down of a rare heckler, Nike Air Max 2016 Dames Zwart Fjallraven Kanken Occasion

  • Free Rn Flyknit Donna
  • Michelle Obama today announced that anyone who interrupts her in the future will be “dealt with” in a cage match.Unlike her husband, Marcus Mariota Oregon Football Jerseys asics kinsei 4 gel who is known to listen to hecklers and even engage them, Fjallraven Kanken Sale Kids

  • Atlanta Hawks
  • Fjallraven Kanken No.2

    Julio Jones Alabama Football Jerseys the First Lady recently stepped off the podium at a private Democratic National Committee fundraiser when a woman in the crowd began heckling her, cheap jordans uk Womens Air Jordan 11

  • Air Jordan 10 Homme
  • calling for an executive order on lesbian, Adidas Harden Crazylight chaussure Asics Gel-Lyte III nike air max 2016 zwart gay, Canotte Los Angeles Clippers asics gel noosa tri opinioni

  • Air Jordan 5 Uomo
  • bisexual and transgender rights. nike schoenen nederland Air Jordan 12 Uomo Cheap Nike Air Max Shoes UK The First Lady confronted the woman, saying “You can take the mic. nike air max thea donna Canotta Toronto Raptors But I’m leaving. nike air max pas cher You all decide. Tennis Nike Nike Air Max Norge

  • Nike Air Max 90 Dames wit
  • You have one choice.” The crowd roared its approval for Mrs. New Balance buty męskie new balance 247 damskie Scarpe Adidas Italia Obama to continue speaking.After her speech,

  • Womens Nike Air Max Flyknit
  • Asics Pas Cher according to sources,

  • Roshe Run Donna Verdi
  • Air Max 2017 Donna Bianche
  • nike air max 90 hombre Mrs. David Wilson Jersey asics buty kup Los Angeles Angels Jerseys Obama was “pumped” and was overheard mumbling,

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    Hands off! Why Self-Flushing Toilets Will Be the End of Us All

    We are well on the road (so to speak) to having driverless cars, Pittsburgh Panthers Jerseys Canotte Memphis Grizzlies

  • Femmes Air Jordan 5
  • new balance 998 black teal but while we are waiting, Asics Gel Lyte 3 Femme Blanche Asics Gel lyte 3 Dames asics sneakers online store

  • Air Jordan Pas cher
  • Ford has already put plans into motion to produce cars with steering wheel and other biometric sensors that monitor our stress levels, nike air zoom pegasus 31 hombre hogan scarpes outlet Asics Gel Lyte 5 męskie nike air max 2016 dames shut off our cell phones,

  • Nike Air Max 95 Femme
  • nike air max 2017 dames wit Air Jordan 10 nike tn rose femme tablets and can even prevent us from driving altogether if the car decides that we’re too agitated.

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    “Women in Combat” Supported by 95% of Divorced Men – News Makeup

    Women in Combat” Supported by 95% of Divorced Men

    Written by Stan Sinberg 29th January 2013

    (Photo Credit: Shutterstock)

    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA — A new survey reveals that the recent decision by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta allowing women in the military to be sent into combat has the support of 95% of recently divorced men.

    “Hell, air max 90 pas cher Detroit Pistons

  • Air Max 90 Donna
  • yeah,” Greg Jarslag nodded, asics homme between knocking back brewskis at The Stool, Georgetown Hoyas Nike Air Max 1 Heren groen

  • Air Jordan 4 Homme
  • a hole-in-the-wall bar in Toledo, new balance 1400 femme

  • Nike Air Max 1 Femme
  • Ohio. nike scarpe 2017 Under Armour Shoes “Definitely.

  • asics scarpe bimbo Asics Gel Lyte 5 Pas Cher Send ‘em all over there.”

    According to Gallup poll, AIR MAX 2017 MUJER

  • Nike Flyknit Racer
  • Colt McCoy – Texas Longhorns 78% percent of recently divorced men favored putting women on the frontlines “tomorrow,” even if the U.S. asics onitsuka tiger mujer wasn’t currently engaged in a military conflict.

    “Not having anything to argue about never stopped my wife from fighting before,” chimed in Hank Paisley, Rod Carew Baseball Jersey nike basketball shoes for sale in south africa divorced six months.

  • Nike Air Presto Dames
  • “Just send her to some country we get along with fine but want their oil or something,

  • Yeezy Boost 350 V2
  • and my ex will get a war started between us and them in fifteen minutes. air max pas cher Los Angeles Lakers Guaranteed.”

    When it was pointed out that the United States has a volunteer army, Fjällräven Kånken Väska Mario Manningham Jersey Canotte Golden State Warriors Nike Air Max 90 męskie Paisley nodded. adidas uk for sale “That’s fine. Tajh Boyd – Clemson Tigers nike air max 2017 heren grijs Nike Air Max 2016 Heren wit New Balance męskie Can I volunteer her?”

    Support for the decision among happily married men or those who recently got engaged was much lower.

    In the poll, Cleveland Cavaliers Fjällräven Kånken Classic most respondents who favored putting women into combat cited “fairness,” or “equal rights.” Divorced men were the only group whose main reason for supporting the decision was “payback.”

    Paul Guglio,

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    Obama, Google Team Up to Do Brain-Mapping

    WASHINGTON — Following up on his proposed $100 million plan to map the human brain, Nike Air Max 2016 Dames blauw adidas zx 500 donna nike air max President Obama today revealed that that the firm slated to do the mapping will be Google.At a press conference, NIKE Air VAPORMAX Air Jordan 3 Retro New Balance 678 męskie President Obama announced, South Carolina Gamecocks Fjallraven Kanken Sale Mini “Millions of Americans depend on Google Maps every day to get them to where they want to go. adidas pas cher femme Chaussure Adidas asics gel quantum 360 damskie I can think of no better company to help us map our ‘inner workings,’ and by using Google Brain Maps in the process, air max pas cher the hope is that this will help people ‘find themselves.’ ”Along with mapping out the locations of millions of neurons,

  • College Football Jerseys adidas stan smith camo Obama said Google Brain Maps could help Americans find their house keys, Rod Carew Jersey Nike Air Max 2017 Femme proceed logically from Point A to Point B, New Balance 373 męskie Cam Newton Auburn Football Jerseys New Balance 990 hombre develop a career path, Nike Air Max 2016 Heren adidas zx flux femme noir et or prix find direction in their lives, Villanova Wildcats Jerseys

  • Air Max 2017 Rosso Uomo
  • and “get a clue.”But some Republicans sounded the alarm at the announcement. fjallraven kanken goedkoop Canotta Denver Nuggets Air Max Pas Cher Michele Bachmann R-MN held an urgent press conference at which she said, Canotta Golden State Warriors

  • “I read an unsourced email or tweet or maybe a fortune cookie that warned that President Obama has ordered Google to direct all ‘right-thinking’ Americans to ‘make an immediate sharp left-turn’ in their thinking and become socialists like the President.”As an example, NIKE AIR PEGASUS 92-16 nike air jordan 12 mujer Bachmann said that the email, Nike Air Max Tavas damskie Tom Brady College Jerseys

  • Nike Free 5.0 Dames grijs
  • or message in a bottle, Canotta Orlando Magic or Ouija board prediction,

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    Tell Twitter You’re Thirsty and It’ll Tell You What to Drink

    I may open a Twitter account just so I can send Nihal Mehta nasty tweets.

    Mehta is one of several hot young social media “mavens” or “hotshots” or some might say, fjällräven kånken Barn

  • Air Max 90 Donna Nere
  • Cheap Nike Air Max Shoes UK Canotte Milwaukee Bucks “parasites” spotlighted in a recent issue of Entrepreneur magazine. asics gel kinsei 5 vs nimbus 17 Bo Wallace – Ole Miss Rebels Inne Buty Adidas The item about him was not more than a couple hundred words long, Asics Kinsei 4 damskie NCAA

  • Nike Free Rn Flyknit Dames
  • Maglia Stephen Curry
  • but long enough to make you put down the magazine and say to yourself, Kyle Arrington nike air max 2017 dames

  • Nike Flyknit Racer
  • “That, AIR MAX 2016 nike air max 1 pas cher adidas femme dentelle right there, Nike Air Max 2016 Heren wit billige Nike sko norge

  • Adidas Nmd Uomo
  • is everything that’s wrong with social media.”

    Mehta is the youngish CEO and co-founder of Local Response, Portland Trail Blazers Adidas Schoenen Verkoop Canotte Dallas Mavericks Air Max Goedkoop a New York based firm that is described as “levera(ging) social media signals to run intent-targeted ads.” It’s truly astounding how much a tech writer can mangle English in nine short words.

    But what this means in English English, Nike Air Max 2017 damskie nike free 3.0 v4 blau Air Max 90 Femme

  • Nike Air Max 90 Pour Pas Cher
  • according to Entrepreneur, Goedkoop Nike Air Max Boutique Nike Asics Gel Lyte 5 Pas Cher Maglia Isaiah Thomas is that if you tweet, free rn flyknit donna nike free run 5.0 damskie adidas donna Nike Air Max 1 Heren wit say,

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    Republicans Pass “Passive-Aggressive Violence Against Women” Act – News Makeup

    Jarrett Lee – LSU Tigers Helvetica,

  • sans-serif; font-size: 14.44444465637207px; line-height: 20px; vertical-align: baseline; color: #333333;”>WASHINGTON — House Republicans, gloomy in the wake of the passage of the Violence Against Women Act, quickly regained their mojo and overwhelmingly passed the “Passive-Aggressive Act Against Women Act.”

    nike air max 2016 goedkoop new balance homme u420 bleu vert Helvetica, Air Jordan 1 Retro Fjällräven Kånken Ryggsäckar

  • Asics Gel Kinsei 6 Uomo
  • sans-serif; font-size: 14.44444465637207px; line-height: 20px; vertical-align: baseline; color: #333333;”>“This is an historic day for the Republican Party,” House Majority Leader Eric Cantor proclaimed. Baskets Under Armour Pas Cher

  • air max 2017 verde donna
  • “Today, adidas superstar mujer by reluctantly declaring that rape, buty asics 43

  • Nike Air Max 2016 Blu Uomo
  • Nike Air Max 90 Donna Bianche
  • murder, Sac À Dos Fjallraven Kanken Nike Air Max 90 Femme disfigurement and senseless beatings against women have no place in today’s GOP,

  • Womens Nike Air Max Flyknit
  • we no longer will be confused with the Taliban. chaussure new balance femme 2016 But by passing the Passive-Aggressive Violence Against Women Act,

  • Nike Air Max 2017 Donna Verdi
  • nike air max 2017 goedkoop we reaffirm the sentiments of Soul Brother Number One, Canotta Oklahoma City Thunder

  • Nike Air Max 90 Donna Nere
  • James Brown, Air Jordan 11 Kids Reggie Jackson Baseball Jersey that it’s still ‘A Man’s World.’”

    Scarpe Nike Helvetica, adidas ultra boost uomo Kam Chancellor Seattle Seahawks Jersey sans-serif; font-size: 14.44444465637207px; line-height: 20px; vertical-align: baseline; color: #333333;”>Republicans were forced to abandon their support of more overt violence against women in the wake of highly-publicized and embarrassing remarks by representatives like Todd Aiken who coined the phrase “legitimate rape,” and others who said that “date rape” didn’t really count.

    Maglie Boston Celtics Helvetica, nike air max 180 chaussures nike air max chaussure pas cher sans-serif; font-size: 14.44444465637207px; line-height: 20px; vertical-align: baseline; color: #333333;”>PAVAWA codifies that it’s still okay, and perhaps even encouraged, kanken adidas zx flux uomo prezzi Nike Air Max 2016 Heren for men to express hostility towards women by: withholding child support; placing onerous restrictions on obtaining an abortion; paying 70% of what men make for the same job; denying promotions; making it harder for women to get credit; sleeping with her friend; insulting her intelligence and looks; calling women who sleep with you ‘whores;’ staying out all night without explanation; and a host of other oafish, asics gel nimbus 14 hombre offensive behaviors.

    New Balance 1500 mujer Odell Beckham Jr Giants Jerseys Helvetica, Matt Holliday Womens Jersey sans-serif; font-size: 14.44444465637207px; line-height: 20px; vertical-align: baseline; color: #333333;”>Cantor continued, “I’m proud to say that in regards to women’s rights, Asics Hombre this squarely places the GOP all the way up to ‘1965’ sensibility,

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    Nate Silver
    You are my rock
    During this turbulent presidential election season
    When the race has appeared so close
    And Apocalyptic Predictions persist that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan
    Might actually occupy the White House come January
    Your daily fivethirtyeight.com blog
    Has been my anchor
    Assuring me that Barack Obama remains the favorite
    To carry the Electoral College on November 6.
    Your reporting and analyzing virtually every political poll
    In the Swing States using micro, adidas superstar New England Patriots Jerseys adidas messi astro Canotta NBA adidas superstar hombre and
    Frankly often incomprehensible methodology
    Has given me Hope and Solace throughout the campaign
    Even if I often did not understand
    What the heck you were talking about.
    In the Darkest of Dark Days
    Otherwise known as “After the First Debate”
    When Mitt Romney seemed ascendant and
    The President went into free-fall
    And amongst Democrats there was a
    Great Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth
    You were there with your Statistics
    Your unemotional, uggs buy uk Washington Redskins Jerseys

  • Air Max 2017 Donna Blu
  • adidas nmd hombre goedkope nike air max non-hysterical numbers
    To grant us Perspective.
    To show us that while Obama’s odds of victory
    Had fallen from over 80 percent
    To around 60 percent
    He still remained the Favorite
    And that Romney’s “bounce” might well soon fade.
    Which it did.
    And during these Final Days
    When Wolf Blitzer and his ilk declare the race a “Dead Heat”
    And the pundits call it a “Toss-Up”
    And “Neck and Neck”
    You steadfastly insist that it’s Not So.
    That Obama has an 80 percent chance of carrying Ohio.
    And an 85 percent chance of being re-elected.
    Bless you, nike chaussures nike air max 1 essential uomo scarpe adidas calcio

  • Adidas Superstar Verde Uomo
  • Adidas Stan Smith Uomo
  • Nate Silver
    You are the rock I cling to when I am buffeted about
    By waves of a rising Red tide
    The website I return to for comfort
    When I hear the race is “tightening”
    The nebbishy statistician that I embrace
    Amidst reports that Romney is cresting
    In Colorado or Florida.
    And come Judgment Day
    This Tuesday
    If election results start to pour in that look ominous
    I will keep you in mind
    When Obama supporters around me begin to succumb to panic and despair.
    I will soothe them by saying
    “Don’t worry. air max 2016 Womens Air Jordan 3

  • Nike Air Max 2017 Dames wit
  • nike air max pas cher Nike Roshe Run Heren Nate Silver has accounted for this, chaussures new balance Texas Longhorns Canotta NCAA Scarpe Kobe 11 air max 90 pas cher I think.”
    So bless you, ugg ansley sale Nike Air Presto negozi new balance milano

  • Nike Free 4.0 Women
  • Johnny Cueto Jersey Nate Silver, chaussures nike air max fjällräven kånken Laptop 17 Kanken Rugzak Uitverkoop Fjallraven Kanken

  • Air Max 90 Donna Nere
  • for giving me succor and
    Keeping me sane these past weeks.
    But there is one caveat.
    If on Wednesday morning we wake up
    To President-Elect Mitt Romney
    There is a 100 percent chance, nike air max thea

  • Nike Air Huarache Vente
  • Under Armour Shoes Fjallraven Kanken España new balance 373 bleu orange Nate Silver
    That your credibility is shot
    And an 85 percent chance
    That you will be blamed
    For making us Obama supporters over-confident and complacent.
    So bless you,

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    After we’ve finished sputtering, splaying and spasmodically displaying our outrages and anxieties about the upcoming presidential election, every conversation I’ve had in the past couple months about it comes to a point where somebody forlornly shakes their head and says, “How can anybody vote for Mitt Romney?”

    This isn’t a hyperbolic question, meaning “How can Texas vote for Romney?” or “How can Romney be tied in the national polls with Romney?” but literal. new balance 501

  • Air Jordan 8 Homme
  • Matthew Stafford UGA Jersey Russell Wilson – Wisconsin Badgers Nike Air Max 2016 Dames Rood “How can anybody – anybody! – vote for him.” It’s not based on the governor’s position on any particular issue – nobody knows what his positions are, for the most part, most likely including Mitt himself. ray ban clubmaster glasses

  • Nike Air Max 2017 Dames groen
  • Nike Air Max 2016 Heren wit asics gel lyte 3 mujer Rather, the incredulity is that anyone can be taken in by what is Romney’s prevaricating, pandering, two-faced, shameless, flip-flopping, tax-hiding, detail-free entire candidacy. Nike Air Max 97 nike air huarache ultra donna New Balance 996 hombre asics onitsuka tiger mujer Reggie Jackson Jersey

    You hear Romney supporters on TV say, “Romney’s got a plan to get the economy back on track,” and you want to shout at them, “Really? Do you know what it is, other than Romney saying ‘I have a plan?’”

    You hear them say how Romney is going to balance the budget by cutting programs, and you want to scream, “Which programs? Aside from Planned Parenthood and NPR, he hasn’t mentioned one.”

    You listen to them rail about how bad Obama is, and you just want to rail back, “If Obama’s so bad, why does Romney have to constantly LIE and distort the president’s positions on Medicare and the auto bail-out and take his ‘You didn’t build that’ comment out of context? Why can’t he present Obama’s record honestly and run against that?”

    And you hear them talk about how Romney’s a “leader,” and you want to tear your hair out and cry, “A leader doesn’t change his positions based on what he thinks each particular audience wants to hear!”

    Or how Romney will be able to “cross party lines” and work with Democrats and it’s all you can do not to rage “Really? You think after all the lying and pandering and chameleon-like position changing that is the only constant thing about Mitt Romney,that Democrats are honestly going to think, “I can work with him, because he’s someone I can trust to keep his word?”

    So after all this knocking your head against the wall, you’re left with the fact that the national vote is neck-and-neck and there’s a chance that we’ll wake up Wednesday morning with a Prevaricator-In-Chief, someone who nobody – from fervid Tea Party supporters to Move On enthusiasts – will be able to predict which Mitt Romney will show up for work on January 20. penny hardaway nike air max 1 pas cher Nike New York Giants jerseys Nike Air Max Flyknit Dames Zach Mettenberger – LSU Tigers

    Which brings you back to the question “How can anybody vote for this guy?”

    This invariably brings you around to remembering how half the country doesn’t believe in evolution or is convinced that Judgment Day will occur during their lifetime, or that a high percentage of Republicans still believe Obama is a Muslim or born abroad, and you get to the point where you just wonder “Is half the country really that stupid?”

    I prefer to think that they’re ignorant, which in some ways is worse than being stupid, but at least is curable. nike soldes New Balance Tienda nike air max pas cher Air Max 2017 Dames wit

  • After all, if the first time you ever paid attention to Romney was during the first presidential debate, then you might indeed find yourself thinking he wasn’t so bad, since he disavowed many of the positions he’d been espousing the past 18 months, to sound more moderate, a pattern he accelerated during the ensuing two debates, to the point that he was basically regurgitating Obama’s positions in the final one. adidas superstar 2 soldes Matthew Stafford UGA Jersey tn nike pas cher Canotta Indiana Pacers Avec Asics In fact, whether you’re conservative or moderate, you might find yourself agreeing with Romney if you only closely listened to him once – the time he was addressing – and pandering to – your particular demographic. new balance red Asics Gel Lyte 5

  • Indiana Pacers
  • Chicago Bulls Soldes Nike Pas Cher Because you think you know where he stands. new balance trainers Adidas sklep Nike Air Max 2016 damskie Air Jordan Uomo 9 Canotta NCAA Romney’s motto might be, “The less you know, the better I appear.”

    Sure, there are a few outliers who will vote for anybody who will let them pay less taxes, or deregulate everything, hang the consequences to the country and environment, so they’ll have more money in their pockets.

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    Florida, The Rodney Dangerfield of Swing States

    Considering that swing state Florida has 29 electoral votes, new balance enfants greater than 50% more than runner-up swing Ohio, Adrian Peterson – Oklahoma Sooners Kanken No.2 with 18, it doesn’t seem that the Sunshine State is getting the love it deserves.

    All the pundits talk about is Ohio, Adidas ZX 10000 Heren and Romney and Obama visit the state so often that it – not Wisconsin – should be dubbed the “Badger” state, Jordan 11 Pre-School since that’s what they’re doing to the voters – badgering. Nick Chubb – Georgia Bulldogs Jerseys Virginia, Air Max Pas Cher Kenley Jansen Authentic Jersey with its 15 votes is being dissected up the wazoo, nike air force 1 mid flax on feet pitting its coal country conservatives versus its suburban progressives, and even Colorado with its puny 9 votes – more than an Ohio-ful fewer votes than Florida,

  • Nike Air Max Vente is being called by some the “next Ohio” – as the locale that under a certain set of circumstances might pick the winner on November 6. Canotte Toronto Raptors It pains me to mention that New Hampshire – with its 4 – 4! –measly electorals is also being trotted out as a state that could – if balloting in the rest of the nation breaks a certain way – be the “decider” as to whether there’s a winner or a 269-269 tie.

    If all this ignominy wasn’t enough, Nate Silver, Nike Sko Nettbutikk

  • Air Jordan 6 Homme
  • of the NY Times fivethirtyeight.com,

  • NMD
  • Roshe Run Femme Pas Cher Canotte Phoenix Suns the site that Obama supporters obsessively turn to, Canotte Sacramento Kings treating Silver like a psychic able to read electoral tea leaves who can predict the outcome, calls Florida the ninth most influential state this time around, Todd Gurley Georgia Football Jerseys behind even ones that Florida could hide in the Everglades and no one would ever notice.

    With most polls showing Obama behind less than he is ahead in Ohio, Saint Louis Billikens Jerseys Nike Air Max 2016 Heren and that if he wins Florida he almost certainly doesn’t even need to win Ohio, nike air max 1 og colorways Virginia, Colorado, etc., you’d think that the President and Romney would be stopping cars at intersections and begging Floridians for their votes,

  • Femmes Air Jordan 7
  • but no. NIKE AIR MAX 2017 PAS CHER New York Knicks The candidates apparently have better things to do than spend their time with us.

    So why is that? Maybe both sides view Florida as a “crazy uncle,” a hopeless eccentric who will do whatever the heck he wants on Election Day and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. New Balance 515 męskie Goedkoop Nike Air Max Maybe, Boise State Broncos Jerseys Asics Soldes Canotte Houston Rockets still haunted by nightmare visions of 2000, nike air jordan 10 chicago Canotte NCAA the powers-that-be just assume Uncle Florida will screw up the ballot and it’ll turn out that half the Jews vote for Mussolini. Or perhaps it’ll be determined they did indeed vote for Obama, Under Armour Pas Cher but it was 2008 Obama and not 2012 Obama and so it doesn’t count.

  • Adidas Gazelle Donna
  • Something.

    The one thing we’re pretty sure of: Florida is not going to go smoothly, Maglie New York Knicks so perhaps the candidates are throwing up their hands and saying, “Let’s put our energy into things we can control,” and venture off to lands where the voting is close, but comprehensible.

    Despite Florida receiving “no respect, no respect at all,” no one seemed to tell the state’s voters, Air Jordan 4 nike air max pas cher many of whom were lined up around the block at many polling places at 7AM Saturday, when early voting commenced. Florida may be turning into this election’s “sleeping giant,” but if the state turns blue on election night,

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    Obama LIVE! – Florida Swing-State Blog Day 2

    Day 2 of “Stan’s Swing State Saga,” which has taken me from California, a presidential electoral non-entity except as far as candidates dropping in to plunder our pockets so they can go buy media coverage in “important” states, to Florida, one of the swingiest of swing states, actually began Monday night, with the 3rd presidential debate, which took place just down the road a bit from my cousin’s house, and over-spilled into Tuesday, when Obama appeared live at a “victory” rally to rally 8,000 or so troops to vote, canvas, call and convince over the next two weeks, on his behalf. Tom Brady Michigan Jerseys (I’ve re-read this sentence several times, and there MUST be something that makes it “not a sentence” but I can’t figure out what). Soldes Asics 2017 Nike Free 5.0

    Although I was proximate to the debate, except for being momentarily inconvenienced by a motorcade traffic snarl-up, local newscasters hyper-ventilating on the airwaves about how the debate is HERE, in OUR city and “Morning Joe” broadcasting from Mizner shopping center the morning of the event, there wasn’t too much “advantage” to being close.

  • Asics Gel Lyte 3 Donna Rosse
  • Security roped off a VERY large area – blocks long – preventing anyone without an invite or proper creds from getting anywhere close. Fjallraven Kanken Mini UK Maglie Los Angeles Lakers (This was much more extensive than security for either candidate appearing alone. adidas superstar 2 mujer Perhaps the thinking was if they Both get taken out at the same time, we’ll be left without anyone to vote for except “Roseanne” who IS on the ballot as a candidate.

  • Yeezy 350 Boost
  • nike air max 1 og colorways )

    Still, the very nature of the debate taking place within (theoretical) walking distance did contribute to an air of immediacy. Asics Soldes air max

    By the way, shoudn’t there be a group “Undecideds for Romney” since HE can never make up his mind where he stands EITHER!
    The much-more-exciting event took place Tuesday morning, when the President himself appeared at a rally in an 8,000 seat stadium in downtown Delray.

  • Jonathan Allen Alabama Jersey
  • Doors for the ticketed (but free) event opened at 7AM, but by the time we got there at 6:10, the line spilled around 3 blocks.

  • Nike Free 5.0 Dames grijs
  • Apparently, 12,000 tickets were distributed, to insure that “no-shows” wouldn’t leave empty seats, leaving potentially 4,000 disappointed supporters locked out, or as Romney’s people might characterize it, “the 33% of people Obama just didn’t care about.”)

    For a presidential appearance, the logistics were amazingly smooth.

  • ULTRA BOOST 2017
  • Air Jordan 2 Homme
  • Canotte Cleveland Cavaliers nike blazer uomo colori I’ve had more trouble passing through security at a rock concert (of course, we weren’t allowed to bring in anything larger than a pocketbook, so that expedited things), and the atmosphere was anxious, but festive. scarpe nike air bambini

    Some up-tempo rock, with a smattering of hip-hop kept us juiced while the crowd streamed in, and then a few speakers made their way up to the stage, including organizers, the local congressman running for re-election, and once-Republican-turned-Democrat former Governor Charlie Crist, wearing a polo shirt and resembling more a member of today’s Beach Boys than the ex-guv.

    But the guy who personally got to introduce the President was Scott Van Duzer, the pizza guy who bear-hugged Obama a couple months back and whose pizza emporium lies about an hour or so north. nike tn 2017 homme It seemed “cool” that he was picked, and, being a pizza guy, naturally he “delivered.” He was garrulous, charming, enthusiastic and even funny, while declaring that while he was still a Republican, he’d be voting for Obama for the second time, and we should to. Danny Amendola Jersey Hogan Rebel Considering the flack he got from some Republicans in his area (who called for a boycott of his store), it was heartening to see that he embraced the fray. Canotte Cleveland Cavalier

  • nike air max 90 femme pas cher

    And then Obama finally emerged, speaking for 20 or so minutes. Cleveland Cavaliers Nike Free 5.0 Heren Fjallraven Kanken Sale NO.2 He’s getting good at this, as you might expect, after delivering the same version of the speech a zillion times over the past couple months, and as they say in comic-book land, if he ever decided to “use his powers for evil,” it was easy to see how he could make a good demagogue. nike free 4.0 flyknit allegro adidas tubular uomo new balance 1500 homme beige He really relished the “Romnesia” jokes and refrain (whoever thought that term up must have gotten a raise and promotion). polska biega asics Canotte Boston Celtics If Obama’s worried (which he must be, given his frenetic, whirlwind schedule till November 6), he hid it well. bestellen schoenen nike air max 2016 goedkoop

  • ADIDAS ZX 700
  • Whoever loses Election Night will have to be completely devastated – after thousands of rallies and phone calls and speeches and appeals for support – and then, in one night, it’s all over and you go home. At least Obama would still go back to the White House for a couple months, but Romney… I don’t know, I’d watch him when he got into his car-elevator…

    The only “bad” part was I can sense “creeping swing-state envy” setting in. Canotta Denver Nuggets Virginia got a free Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band concert.

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    Wayne LaPierre Calls for Giving Guns The Right to Vote – News Makeup

    WASHINGTON – Sensing that his recent comments about putting an armed guard in every school had backfired, JK Scott Jersey Soldes Nike Pour Homme

  • All Star 2015 New Balance 998 męskie and that gun control advocates were gaining ground, Landon Collins Giants Jerseys adidas ultra boost damskie C.J. Wilson Baseball Jersey

  • Nike Free 5.0 Men
  • Brandon Crawford Jersey NRA vice-president Wayne LaPierre issued a new proclamation Sunday.“Some irresponsible members of society are calling for an end to guns. Air Jordan 7 (VII) Nike Air Max 1 męskie białe

  • new balance 998 homme noir Scarpe Nike Online Shop Outlet But we live in a democracy where guns outnumber people. Soldes Asics 2017 adidas cloudfoam uomo Solde yeezy boost Asics Gel Nimbus 18 Dames Air Jordan 1 Retro In a democracy you don’t disenfranchise a group without letting them have a say in the matter. ADIDAS TUBULAR SHADOW KNIT nike air max pas cher Air Flight 89

  • Nike Air Max 2016 Dames Zwart That’s unconstitutional. Asics authentique Scarpe Nike Tom Brady Michigan Jerseys new balance shop firenze Fjällräven Kånken No.2 That’s why I call for a constitutional amendment giving guns the right to vote.”LaPierre then was seen emitting a smug, North Texas Mean Green new balance 420 damskie szare Fjallraven Kanken Sale Classic

  • Air Max 90 Pas Cher
  • Nick Marshall Jerseys self-satisfied smile and muttering, Womens Air Jordan 11 Nike Air Max 2016 Dames blauw Miami Heat cheap adidas uk Cheap Nike Shoes Sale UK “boy.

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    Holy Moley! There’s a Place Where Votes Count!!!

    Literally overnight I have been thrust into the thicket of the presidential election.

  • Nike Roshe Run Dames grijs
  • Adidas Zx 500 Heren

    The mere act of emerging from a red-eye flight from San Francisco to Florida has transported me from a land where the citizens worry about how “they” will vote out yonder in the hinterlands, to a fervent hotbed of activity where every single vote- the vote of people we pass in the street!- counts and the candidates not only hold debates (President Obama and Mitt Romney, tonight, right down the road in Boca Raton), but linger on afterwards to rally us, not just for our money, but for our actual votes! Our votes! They are not taken for granted.

  • Adidas Superstar Rosso Donna
  • Ray Ban nederland Nike Air Max 1 Heren zwart They are not “gestures.” They matter! We matter!

    This is not a theoretical epicenter, either. Mens Air Jordan 5 adidas stan smith dziecięce Julio Jones Alabama Football Jerseys This is Boca Raton – home of 2000’s infamous “Butterfly Ballot,” the vastly confusing, ill-conceived monstrosity that caused thousands of elderly Jews to inadvertently and tragically cast their vote for Pat Buchanan rather than Al Gore – hence costing Gore the Presidency. Nike Air Max 2016 Heren wit asics gel lyte 3 mujer negras nike air max 2016 goedkoop

  • Air Huarache Donna
  • The first sign I was somewhere different was – signs! They’re everywhere – lawns, windows, along the side of the highway. Asics Gel lyte 3 Heren Air Max 2016 Goedkoop Many of them say, “Romney,” but who cares? Who has ever been persuaded to vote by a “sign?” But that’s beside the point. Soldes Nike Pour Homme New Balance 247 męskie In the Bay Area virtually the only signs one sees are for down-ticket offices: comptroller, councilman – and for propositions. adidas gazelle uomo rosse

  • Air Max 2017 Donna Rosa
  • No one bothers to post an “Obama/Biden” sign, because it’s assumed that’s who you’re voting for, and a “Romney” side would only invite derision and perhaps mild vandalism. Canotte Milwaukee Bucks Not to mention it being an act of futility. nike air maxschoenen ray ban homme pas cher

    But here, in Florida, there are endless ugly signs besmirching the landscape – and they’re beautiful! Reminders that there is a very real war, beyond the pundits on Fox and MSNBC – for the hearts and minds of flesh and blood Americans, who will help chart the future course of our nation.

  • ZX 750
  • New Balance 446 damskie

    Here, in Florida, one’s participation naturally goes beyond checking fivethirtyeight.com hourly. adidas y3 damskie A mere few hours after arriving, I found myself in a coffee shop, eavesdropping on a middle-aged honest-to-God “undecided voter,” recounting to his friend on the phone how he didn’t like Romney, but Obamacare calls for the mandatory implanting of computer chips in children to keep track of their medical histories, and I engaged him! Told him that what he was talking about was nonsense, the latest scare version of “death panels.” He assured me I was mistaken and referred me to the Affordable Care Act – it’s buried in the fine print, he insisted. goedkope Nike Air Max 90 cheap adidas uk for sale Even if I turned out to be wrong, it wouldn’t matter, of course. new balance 247 femme Goedkoop Nike Air Max Romney’s too flawed – no matter which Romney showed up January 20 to run the country if elected, to ever win my vote. Nike Air Icarus new balance uomo trovaprezzi Canotte Minnesota Timberwolves

  • Air Jordan 3 Donna
  • So I continued to engage him – because it mattered! – and who knows? – maybe I helped push him in Obama’s direction. adidas nmd schoenen new balance 993 outlet That’s two votes I’d be responsible for – one less for Mitt and one more for Barack – and it’s only my first day here!

    I could now be engaged in a 16 day campaign whereby I single-handedly change the world. air max 2017 goedkoop The next two weeks will tell.

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    NFL to Replace Kickoffs with “Moments of Silence – News Makeup

    In the wake of the tragic shootings in Connecticut and the recent murder-suicide of Kasandra M. Jordan CP3 New Balance 009 hombre Chaussure Asics Gel Noosa Tri 11

  • Nike Air Max 2017 Dames roze
  • Perkins by Kansas City linebacker Jovan Belcher, Compra Zapatillas Nike Online Terrelle Pryor – Ohio State Buckeyes Asics Baratas

  • NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced plans to permanently replace all “kick-offs” with “moments-of-silence.”The NFL has been campaigning to show its sensitive side for several years. Scott Kazmir Jersey

  • Roshe Run Donna Verdi
  • nike blazer czarne Toronto Raptors This October marked the fourth year in a row that players wore pink add-ons to their uniforms to show support for breast cancer research.In a press conference,

  • Adidas Gazelle Donna
  • nike air max 1 87 essential New Balance 998 damskie Commissioner Goodell announced, Nike Air Trainer 3 Maglie Oklahoma City Thunder Maglia Dirk Nowitzki

  • AIR MAX 2016
  • “We’ve already been starting more and more games with heads bowed, Nike Air Max 2016 damskie mochilas kanken mini

  • Sacramento Kings
  • Tennis Nike France remembering victims of some unspeakable tragedy.

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    The War on Christmas Music

    sEvery year Fox News and other conservative media types get their Christmas stockings all balled up over the “War on Christmas” that liberals are supposedly waging — evidenced by sporadic protests and objections to displays of “manger” scenes and the like on government-owned properties, Womens Air Jordan 5 Nike air max 1 pas cher

  • Nike Free Rn Flyknit Dames
  • Nike Air Max 1 męskie Człrne violating the principle of separation of church and state.Yet somehow Christmas endures. nike air max 2017 pas cher Los Angeles Lakers

  • Air Max 2017 Uomo
  • I think that’s probably because there isn’t, adidas zx flux femme noir et or prix Fjallraven Kanken Kids UK Adidas Scarpe Uomo New Balance 997.5 hombre hasn’t been, nike nike mercurial junior and never will be, Denver Pioneers nike air max 1 pas cher asics gel lyte 5 mujer beige a “war on Christmas;” not even by the protesters who just don’t want government publicly favoring one religion over another with taxpayer dollars.However, nike air max 2016 goedkope adidas zx flux mujer Nike Air Huarache Uomo I think there would be a lot more support if we could declare a war on Christmas music.Each year, new balance 373 bleu marine et bordeaux adidas zx 850 mujer the day after Thanksgiving is the start of a veritable non-stop blitz-Kringle of Christmas music in malls, Goedkope Nike Air Max 90

  • Nike Air Max 90 Dames grijs
  • Air Jordan 4 shopping centers and retail stores around the country. hogan scarpes outlet asics running asics gel nimbus 14 donna It’s like the Christmas music army invaded and jazz, Jered Weaver Jersey Air Max TN rap, nike air max 2017 femme beige Fjallraven Kanken Sale Classic adidas messi astro Canotta Squadra USA rock, Utah Utes nike air max schoenen Manti Te’o College Jerseys r&b,

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    CNN Viewers Hurling Selves Over Actual Cliffs to Avoid Listening to Network’s Coverage – News Makeup

    CNN Viewers Hurling Selves Over Actual Cliffs to Avoid Listening to Network’s Coverage

    NEW YORK — Tormented by almost around-the-clock coverage regarding the impending fiscal cliff, nike air max 2016 goedkope Marcus Mariota – Oregon Ducks

  • Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost
  • Zapatillas Asics scores of CNN viewers have begun throwing themselves off actual cliffs.

    From the instant that Obama won reelection, Zapatillas ZX 750 Nike Max UK asics gel lyte 5 donna nike air max pas cher CNN began pushing stories about the fiscal cliff,

  • Nike Free 3.0 basket nike ete College Jerseys a potentially cataclysmic situation the United States will face January 1 if Congress doesn’t come to a budget agreement before then.

    “Twenty-four hour news networks, Nike Air Max 120 Nike Air Max 2016 Dames blauw asics scarpe 2017 Hollister Soldes like nature, asics gel lyte 5 mujer negras

  • Jordan Fusion
  • Air Huarache Donna
  • adidas scarpe bianche abhor a vacuum,” said noted media analyst Wilfred Bunting. nike air max 90 pas cher nike air force 1 mid flax on feet Fjallraven Kanken Baratas asics gel nimbus 17 uomo “And after Obama won, Scarpe Air Jordan Xxx NMD Adidas Dames adidas outlet shop Canotta San Antonio Spurs CNN needed to fill that void with another big story,

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    SNAP Provisions (formerly food stamps) are a Little Hard to Stomach | Article 3

    SNAP Provisions (formerly food stamps) are a Little Hard to Stomach

    By Stan Sinberg | December 11, Under Armour Pas Cher Asics Kinsei 4 damskie 2012

    Which of these things doesn’t belong?

    A) The U.S. nike air max 90 hombre

  • Air Max 90 Donna 2017
  • ULTRA BOOST 2017
  • Nike Air Max 2017 Heren blauw poverty rate has increased to 15%.

    B) The number of folks receiving food stamps has hit 47 million, adidas gazelle

  • Nike Air Max 2017 Dames wit
  • asics homme pas cher almost doubling in four years.

    C) The unemployment rate still hovers around 8.0%,

  • air max 2017 nero uomo
  • Canotte Selección de USA adidas zx 500 damskie Joey Bosa Ohio State Jerseys with many others “under-employed.”

    D) Obesity in the U.S.

  • air max 2017 bianco donna
  • Air Jordan 5 Uomo
  • sac lancel pas cher

  • now affects a record 36% of the population, Joe Montana

  • Yeezy 350 Boost
  • Dallas Mavericks
  • and is going (where else?) up, Scarpe Nike Italia adidas tubular uomo up, Nike Air Max Norge Nettbutikk billig nike air norge air max pas cher up!

    Trick question! Actually they all belong together.

  • asics buty męskie Joe Montana – Notre Dame Fighting Irish You’d think the answer would be D), ROSHE LD-1000 QS Nike Air Max Flyknit Heren since logically people without enough food and money shouldn’t have a problem with eating too much,

  • Air Max 90 Donna 2017
  • fjällräven kånken Klassiska nike blazer pas cher but it’s a long known truism that poorer people tend to eat their weight (so to speak) in highly-processed nutritionally- meager artery-clogging fried and sugar-saturated foods,

  • adidas superstar 360 dziecięce Nike Air Huarache and that they also disproportionately frequent fast-food establishments that heavily promote ginormous portions for a little more $$.

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    Dick Morris Sues Fox News for Letting Him Make Election Predictions – News Makeup

    Photo Credit: R. Adidas ZX 700 Heren

  • Gino Santa Maria / Shutterstock)

    NEW YORK — Dick Morris, the Fox News analyst who has received widespread ridicule for his recent – and extremely wrong – prediction that Mitt Romney would win the recent presidential election “in a landslide,” accumulating well over 300 Electoral College votes, has sued the network for employing him as an analyst.

    “By giving me air-time, they’ve completely ruined my credibility,” Morris complained. Nike Air Force 180 Mid New Balance 993 damskie adidas yeezy boost 350 męskie asics gel quantum 180 uomo “Look, I’ve been wrong about virtually every single thing for the past few years.

  • Air Max 1 Donna
  • I predicted that the 2008 presidential contest would be between Hilary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice, for God’s sake. Nike Air Max 2016 Heren grijs Penn State Nittany Lions baskets running asics How could anyone take me seriously after that?”

    Morris continued, “After Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, I wrote, and I quote, ‘Responding to disasters is a source of presidential strength and popularity, and Bush is about to show how it is done.’ Do you understand what I’m saying? I said that President Bush would be acclaimed for how he responded to the hurricane!’ If that wasn’t a cry for help telling Fox that they should save me from myself, I don’t know what is!”

    “Recently Dick prognosticated that Bill Clinton would vote for Mitt Romney!” said Morris’ legal counsel Rachael Doyle. Air Jordan 8 New Balance 373 mujer Air Jordan 10 Uomo nike air max 1 ultra essential femme “He’s obviously insane. kyrie 2 pas cher adidas uomo asics gel kinsei 5 peso But Fox keeps putting him on the TV. Nike Air Mag nike air max 1 ultra moire femme nike air max femme pas cher Why? It can’t be because he has any idea what he’s talking about. baskets noires Asics Lyte Jogger asics gel lyte 3 hombre azules

  • Adidas Yeezy 350 Donna
  • nike air jordan 1 mujer The only other plausible reason is for the entertainment value my client provides by being the worst pundit in America.”

    On hearing about Morris’ lawsuit, neo-conservative commentator Bill Kristol piped in. adidas yeezy boost nike air max nike air presto bambini Nike Air Max 2016 Dames grijs “I’m as wrong at least as often as Dick Morris,” he said, citing his calling for John McCain to nominate Sarah Palin as his running mate months before McCain even had heard of the Alaska governor. nike air max 2017 goedkoop “I think that alone qualifies me as the worst pundit in America,” Kristol said, proudly. adidas stan smith uomo

  • Nike Air Max 90 Blu Uomo
  • “But I haven’t rested on my laurels. Titans jerseys Cheap Nike Shoes UK air max damskie grafika nike tn pas cher I make crazy predictions almost every week!”

    Kristol then announced that he would see if he could join Morris in a class-action suit against Fox.

    Morris, once a friend and advisor to Bill Clinton, had a falling out with the former president after Morris was caught in a scandal in which he tried to “pump himself up” with a prostitute by letting her listen in on a phone call he was having with Clinton while he was still in office.

    “Fox News should’ve known right then that my judgment wasn’t very good,” Morris noted in his lawsuit. Under Armour Pas Cher Adidas ZX 10000 Heren “The signs were all there.”

    There are indications, though, that Morris has learned something from his almost one-hundred percent wrong track record.

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    Pope Scalia

    “The death penalty? Give me a break. Maglie Los Angeles Lakers It’s easy. nike air max 2016 blauw Abortion? Absolutely easy. asics gel lyte 5 mujer beige Nobody ever thought the Constitution prevented restrictions on abortion. Homosexual sodomy? Come on. For 200 years, it was criminal in every state.” – Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, explaining why being a “textualist” makes short shrift of complex issues, to the American Enterprise Institute.
    Last month, when the Catholic Church shocked the world – but especially the eight other U.S. Houston Rockets Supreme Court justices – by announcing that it had elected Antonin Scalia to be the new pope, the Holy See issued a statement that read, in part, “We chose Judge Scalia to be pope because after over 2000 years of doctrines piled upon doctrines and Vatican Councils impulsively issuing new proclamations every century or so, we wanted to go back to the text. Maglia DeMar DeRozan asics tiger pas cher Nike Air Max 90 Pas Cher To the words of Jesus! As a ‘textualist,’ Justice Scalia believed in interpreting the United States Constitution strictly by what the Founding Fathers said.

  • Nike Air Max 1
  • If Justice Scalia can set the United States back 240 years, we can only look forward to how far Pope Scalia can set back the Catholic Church.” The spokesman then added, “Plus, he’s Italian!”

    Upon being named pope, the former justice was asked why he broke tradition by not naming himself after a previous pontiff. Pope Scalia I shrugged, “I’m an originalist.

  • NIKE AIR PRESTO Flyknit Ultra
  • There’s never been a Pope Scalia. nike air max 2017 heren grijs asics france Plus, I didn’t want to be bound by what my predecessors had ruled.”

    The new pontiff wasted no time putting his indelible imprint on the office with his first official act: ordering the church to stop celebrating Christmas on December 25. Canotte Memphis Grizzlies Cliff Pennington Jersey

    “Jesus never said he was born December 25. There are no references to apostles throwing him a party around this time of year, or Mary and Joseph baking him a birthday cake,” Pope Scalia I said, adding, “Doing away with this birthday date, no pun intended, was a piece of cake.”

    Pope Scalia’s next act was almost as startling: eliminating the Eucharist. Sebastian Vollmer Nike Air Max Dames fjällräven kånken mini “It’s hardly plausible that while Jesus was alive he would’ve encouraged people to eat him. fjallraven kanken rugzakken Jesus wasn’t a cannibal. Especially of himself!” Plus, the pontiff added, while Jesus was recorded multiplying fish and turning water into wine, “Nowhere is there any evidence that he ever transformed wafers and wine into his body.”

    Nor, according to the pope, did Jesus ever mention “original sin.” “Look through the New Testament. Nike Air Max 2016 Norge Nettbutikk It’s not there. adidas gazelle femme haute adidas stan smith mid uomo That entire concept stems from interpretations of the Old Testament that came centuries after Jesus died,” pontiff Scalia noted. zonnebrillen kopen ray ban Maglia Chris Paul New Balance 998 mujer “Ergo, since Jesus didn’t say it, we have dispensed with ‘original sin.’” Added Scalia, “That was a cinch. adidas superstar 360 dziecięce Soldes Chaussures Asics A no-brainer.”

    If that wasn’t shocking enough, in a statement that many would have regarded as unimaginable when he served on the High Court, Pope Scalia I lifted the Church’s ban on homosexuality.

  • “Believe me, I looked very hard,” the pontiff explained. ADIDAS NMD Boutique Nike “But in the Scriptures, Jesus doesn’t say one word condemning it. Greyson Lambert Jerseys Therefore, I have no choice but to conclude that man-on-man action was okay with him.”

    It also turns out that Jesus never specifically condemned pedophilia, rape, threesomes, gambling, computer internet scams, intellectual property crimes, or point-shaving. Kyrie 2 Scarpe Air Jordan 12 (XII)

    “It’s all good,” Pope Scalia I said, throwing up his hands in a “What can I do?” gesture. Nike Seattle Seahawks jerseys

    In his first news conference, Pope Scalia I was asked whether, as a textualist, he had any problems with the Vatican’s vast wealth, considering that Jesus railed against money-changers and preached that it was easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter Heaven. Los Angeles Angels Jersey The pontiff shook his head vigorously, snapping curtly, “The Vatican is not a person, my friend.”

    But the pope was caught off-guard when a reporter questioned his very validity, pointing out that Jesus never said anything about bishops, cardinals, a church, or, for that matter, a pope.

  • Nike Air Force 1 Men
  • Nike Air Max 90 Uomo nike scarpe 2017 By Scalia’s own standards, the reporter argued, he should therefore abdicate his position. Pope Scalia I disagreed, citing Bush V. Gore.

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    Stan’s News

    I’ll be adding news and commentary through my blog.

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    Dear GOP, The # 1 Thing You Did That GUARANTEED You Lost Is…

    Dear GOP,
    It’s already begun: the hand-wringing, asics gel lyte 3 mujer azules gnashing of teeth, goedkope Nike Air Max 90 and much ruminations, fulminations but little illuminations amongst you regarding why Mitt Romney lost the election to Barack Obama.

  • Scarpe Jordan
  • Andrew Luck Stanford Football Jerseys Especially since you thought it should’ve been a “gimme.”

    After all, Obama had to run on his record of presiding over a stagnant economy, huge rise in debt, instituting the hated Obamacare, and a never-before-has-an-incumbent-president-been-re-elected-at-a 7.9% unemployment rate. Wisconsin Badgers asics gel kinsei donna new balance 574 pop damskie Plus he was still black, and according to large numbers of you, a Muslim and not even an American-born one at that.
    How could you lose?
    And yet you did, and somewhat resoundingly at that.

    Noted Republicans even went on record saying that if you couldn’t beat Obama, you should dissolve the party and start from scratch.

    I don’t think that’s quite necessary. New Balance Furon homme

  • asics gel kinsei 6 uomo
  • Maglie Cleveland Cavaliers In fact, I’m going to give you one piece of “secret” advice you won’t hear from anyone in your party how to, Peyton Manning Jerseys if not ensure that you win next time, Nike Trainers UK at least not “guarantee” that you’ll lose.

  • Air Max 90 Homme
  • Running Asics Sneakers Pour Femme Huston Street Jersey

    But first,

  • Nike Air Max 2017 Donna Rosa
  • let’s review some of your party’s own internal theories:

    The Tea Partiers amongst cry that you should’ve nominated a “true conservative.” But Romney was clearly way more conservative than Obama, so it’s hard to see how veering further right would’ve pulled in non-Republican votes.

    Others say the opposite: that the Party has veered off into the extreme reeds of the political landscape and needs to GPS its way back to the center. Air Foamposite Pro nike air max pas cher adidas tubular mujer While alienating women, blacks, Latinos, gays and other groups that collectively constitute roughly 80% of the population isn’t instinctively a winning strategy, the fact remains that you still do well in Congress employing this stratagem. Auburn Tigers Jerseys baskets noires Asics Lyte Jogger

  • FREE 5.0
  • Nike Air zoom Pegasus 33 damskie Besides, “moderate: Mitt didn’t do much better than “severely conservative Mitt” and anyway going “moderate” at this point just muddies the “brand.”

    Still others vent that you have to weed out the obvious “loonies” – the Bachmanns, Akins, Nike Pas Cher Mourdocks, Wests – the ones who excuse rape, Scarpe Air Jordan consider it “God’s plan,” or make fantastical claims about issues unhinged from science and reality. Air Jordan 3 Retro nike air max 2017 wit adidas chaussure femme But while being associated as “the party of crazy” isn’t great, new balance 373 classic how would it look for the “pro-life” party to “abort” some of its own by casting them off? Not good, is the answer.

    Other “suspects” are the “lame-stream media,” class-warfare, Chris Christie, Sandy, “the 47 percent,” and virtually everything that isn’t “people just don’t like our ideas.”

    Personally, I don’t care what you do – even if it’s something as totally “out there” as appealing to women and minorities (!) I’m about as interested in giving you my advice as you are in taking in.

    However, because I believe in retaining a vibrant two-party system that offers an honest choice between two competing visions of America, I proffer one wisp of wisdom as to how your party can offer us that choice in 2016. asics gel lyte 5 hombre negras Los Angeles Angels Jersey nike air max 2017 mujer asics donna You may not win with it, but at least you’ll have a chance:

    Next time, don’t nominate a lying sack of shit as your candidate.

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    The Great Presidential “Failure” Debate of 2012


    If the first Presidential debate was based upon the TV ads ….

  • Nike Air Max 1
  • Jim Lehrer: Welcome to tonight’s first Presidential Debate. As anyone who’s watched the negative TV ads or listened to campaign spokespersons from either side the past couple months knows, this year’s presidential election offers voters a stark choice: between continuing the failed policies of the Obama Administration, or returning to the failed policies of the Bush Administration. Tonight’s topic: “Whose Failed Policies Should Americans Vote For?” We begin with opening statements. Victor Cruz Jersey Mr. Romney, as the challenger, you go first.

    Romney: As the only candidate standing on this stage who hasn’t failed yet, I’d like to say: President Obama’s policies have failed. Alabama Championship Shirts asics femme Why continue them? Thank you.

    Lehrer: Mr. President. Your opening statement.

    Obama: We tried the Republicans’ failed policies for eight years. nike air max 1 ultra flyknit femme They didn’t work.

  • Air Jordan 14 Homme
  • Devin Gardner – Michigan Wolverines That’s why they failed. Nike Air Max 2017 Heren

  • Utah Jazz
  • Why return to them? Thank you.

    Lehrer: It sounds like the central question is whose failed policies are better. Or worse. Fjallraven Kanken New Balance 1600 męskie I’m a little confused. Nike Air Max 2017 Heren blauw Mr. Romney: Why should voters return to Bush’s failed policies?

    Romney: Because Bush’s policies haven’t failed for almost four years.

  • Nike Air Huarache Men
  • The President’s policies are failing right now.

    Obama: Our policies are only failing because Bush’s policies failed so-ooo miserably that our successes still statistically measure as “failures.”

    Romney: President Obama can’t keep blaming all his failures on Bush.

    Obama: Can to.

    Romney: Can not!

    Obama: Can to!

    Romney: Not!

    Obama: Anyway, Bush’s policies failed for eight years. Maglie Dallas Mavericks Our policies have only failed half that long! They could still work!

    Romney: But Bush’s policies didn’t clearly fail until his second term. Your policies have already tanked. adidas yeezy boost 350 v2 damskie Justin Forsett Ravens Jerseys . nike air max 2017 goedkoop By that measure, your next four years will really blow.

    Obama: Our policies distribute the failure equally.

  • Nike Free 5.0 Dames grijs
  • Fjallraven d’Occasion Governor Romney’s policies heap the failure on the middle and lower classes.

    Romney: Excuse me for believing that it’s better to fail upwards.

    Lehrer: Excuse me. cheap air jordans free shipping Air Max 90 VT nike air max flyknit hombre With all the negativity coming from both sides, it seems the American people don’t believe politicians can succeed. New Balance Dames

  • Air Jordan 5 Uomo
  • Mr. Romney, what did you think of Governor Chris Christie recently introducing you at a rally as “America’s next failed president?”

    Romney: Well, I spoke with Governor Christie after, and he attributed it to a sugar high.

    Lehrer: President Obama, how do you respond to Republican charges that all your policies failed?

    Obama: Well, Jim, as you know, Republicans declared Obamacare a failure even before it took effect! And son my very first day in office, House Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that his highest priority was that my policies failed. Nike Air Max 90 Pas Cher Pour Homme Marcus Mariota – Oregon Ducks vendita on line new balance 1500 So if I did what they wanted, you’d think that they would support me!

    Lehrer: Gentlemen, you both make compelling cases for your failed policies. Oakley pas cher Let’s turn to the topic of Health Care, where some say you both actually can claim success. new balance 1980 zante roma Maglie Milwaukee Bucks President Obama?

    Obama: Governor Romney is running away from his only success: his health care plan.

    Romney: My health care plan was expressly designed to only succeed on a state level, and to monumentally fail when promulgated nationwide, a la Obamacare.

    Obama: In 2009, the governor said that Romneycare should be the model for national health care. Adidas NMD Runner Italia

  • Adidas Ultra Boost Donna
  • And, incidentally, who says “a la” in a presidential debate?

    Romney: The President’s made many disgraceful attacks against me, but insisting I inspired the model for a successful national health care plan is the most vile one yet. Have you no shame, Mr. Cheap Nike Air Max Trainers 2017 President?

    Obama: Your plan was the blueprint for Obamacare.

    Romney: Jim, make him stop saying that!

    Lehrer: Gentlemen, we’re almost out of time. kopen nike air max 2017

  • Each of you may give your closing statement.

  • Utah Jazz
  • Governor Romney?

    Romney: I’d like to close by saying I love America. And I brought my birth certificate. Connor Shaw – South Carolina Gamecocks Something that I bet the President failed to do.

    Obama: Well, I brought my last ten years’ worth of tax returns. nike air force 1 mid flax on feet The governor failed to do that!.

    Romney: You failed to produce your college transcripts!

    Obama: You failed to prove when you left Bain!

    Romney: You failed in two attempts to produce a boy!

    Obama: Wha-? You failed five times to produce a girl!

    Lehrer: That’s all the time we have. I’m glad we were able to elevate the level of discourse in this presidential campaign.

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    Vote Against Your Interests!

    Every election cycle, we Democrats in the “blue” states look at the big swath of Southern and Midwestern states blocked out in “red,” shake our heads, and grumble about how that populace “votes against their own interests.” Thomas Frank even expressed it in book form, in “What’s the Matter With Kansas?” Much of this grousing concludes that the folks who vote “red” have been fooled, tricked, hoodwinked, cajoled, lied to, and otherwise duped into buying a bill of goods because, the reasoning goes, there’s no other possible explanation for why they would cast their ballots for Republicans who throw in their lot with the rich.

    While it’s certainly true that there’s an enormous amount of chicanery going on, especially in political ads, it strikes me as too facile to attribute vast stretches of the country voting Republican over decades to sheer “gullibility.”

    Be that as it may, what I really take exception with is the basic premise that people should vote their interests. nike air max tn hombre Nolan Ryan Baseball Jersey Asics Gel Nimbus 17 męskie In fact, I’d argue the reverse: that the problem we face is that too many people vote strictly in favor of their narrow interests.

    Let’s start with simple math: automatically voting for whoever favors your self-interest is incredibly selfish. nike air max 1 ultra moire donna New England Patriots Jerseys scarpe nike air max bambino scontate Canotta Caratteristiche As a matter of “numbers” alone, it means that you’re putting your own self-interest above the good of 300 million other Americans.

    The very concept of “society” depends upon us voting beyond, and in many cases, contrary to, our personal interests. Jake Arrieta Authentic Jersey

  • Asics Gel Lyte 5 Donna Bianche
  • nike air max 1 essential donna We vote to tax ourselves to build schools and roads, even though we may not have children or live near that road; we elect to provide a safety net for the needy, even though we may be well-off; we intervene in stopping slaughters abroad despite its cost and endangerment of American lives. goedkoop nike air max 2016

  • Roshe Run Donna Bianche
  • Nike Air Max 2017 Dames Bo Wallace – Ole Miss Rebels A majority of Americans now support gay marriage even though, for at least some of those supporters, it goes against their personal or religious beliefs.

  • Air Max 90 Donna Bianche
  • nike air max 2017 goedkoop Nike Air Max 90 Fleur Homme The same is true for abortion rights. Kenley Jansen Authentic Jersey adidas riot 5 femme Canotte Memphis Grizzlies One could argue that most social progress in this country would’ve been impossible without members of the “privileged” class at the time being willing to cede some of that privilege and extend it to include others.

    Contrary to the “Frank” outlook above, I’d say the real problem progressives have with many conservatives is the perception that these voters only cast ballots based on their self-interest.

    Because they are against abortion, they don’t want it allowed for anyone.

  • Womens Nike Roshe One Because they are opposed to gay marriage, they want it denied to others. kanken fjallraven soldes nike air max 2017 pas cher homme nike tn noir femme ASICS PAS CHER FR Because they have an ideological or economic interest in denying climate change, they’re willing to put the entire planet at risk.

    This argument certainly extends to economic self-interest. fjallraven kanken nike air max 2017 pas cher femme

  • Indiana Pacers
  • To many on the left, the very essence of villainy is embodied in the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson, billionaires who are literally trying to buy the election solely to advance their own economic self-interests, or in the case of Adelson, to reportedly also stave off possible criminal charges.

  • Nike Air Huarache Donna
  • Air Max 90 Donna Nere
  • For many years, and today still, to a lesser extent, tobacco companies were judged the epitome of evil because they acted solely to protect their economic self-interest, the greater good and health of the public be damned.

    It’s true that progressives tend to perceive that their personal interests often align with “the greater good.” Hence Occupy’s “We are the 99%,” and Obama’s appealing for middle-class votes by promising to keep their taxes down while raising them on the rich. New Balance 530 męskie Nike Air Max 2016 Dames Wit But on issues where they don’t align, or simply don’t intersect at all, a central tenet for progressives, libertarians and even a certain strain of conservatives is the willingness to recognize the legitimacy of society’s interests beyond our own.

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    May 14 – OK.

  • Boston Celtics
  • Odell Beckham Jr Jersey Nike New York Giants jerseys In the NFL, Eli Apple Air Jordan 8 Retro not every play makes the “highlights reel” and today is the equivalent of one of those plays. ASICS Gel Pulse 7 pour Femme Mochilas Kanken No.2 This day was mainly spent looking for a laundromat.

  • Nike Air Max 2017 Uomo Nere
  • Air Max Flyknit Homme
  • cheap nike trainers asics gel kinsei 4 cena They are few and far between and most people seem to wash clothes themselves and hang them out to dry. adidas yeezy boost 350 v2 hombre chaussures de foot Nike acquisto on line scarpe new balance Kole Calhoun Baseball Jersey Finally found one in a hostel almost at day’s end.

    The only thing worth mentioning is eating at Grandma’s, soldes adidas pas cher the incredibly popular 3 story restaurant and I order A LOT of food to justify my existence there. Air Jordan 7 Donna adidas yeezy boost 350 v2 damskie new balance 993 outlet Seafood soup – mostly clams but some fish and a couple small shrimp, adidasi new balance barbati pret tofu stuffed with vegetables, Los Angeles Angels Jerseys and a spicy vegetable dish – all for less than $9. C.J. Mosley Ravens Jerseys Nike Air Max 2017 Heren wit

  • Nike Free Run 5.0 Blu Uomo
  • 53y.

    At the hostel I book a dorm room for 70y because I’ve given up on the idea of leaving town tonight. Adidas Yeezy 350 Homme

  • air max 2017 donna
  • mochilas kanken classic

  • ULTRA BOOST Uncaged
  • When I take my room, Womens Air Jordan 5

  • the girl writes down my passport number and a guy I met tells me she has “one chance” to get it right because if she makes a mistake, the government fines her 200y, Maglia Clyde Drexler Maglia James Harden which is an enormous amount of money.

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